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Anti-SocialSo What?2019
Back Of My MindSo What?2019
BelieveThis Is The Six2012
Call Of The Void (+ Sleeps Society)Sleeps Society2021
Civil IsolationYou Are We2017
CrowsThe North Stands For Nothing2010
Dead Behind The EyesThis Is The Six2012
Division StreetSleeps Society2021
DN3 3HTSleeps Society2021
DopesickSelf Hell2024
DownSelf Hell2024
ElephantSo What?2019
Empire Of SilenceYou Are We2017
Enemy MentalitySelf Hell2024
EnlightenmentSleeps Society2021
False FreedomThis Is The Six2012
FeelYou Are We2017
Four WallsBrainwashed2015
Gates Of ParadiseSo What?2019
Good GriefSo What?2019
Haunt MeSo What?2019
Hearts Aside Our HorsesThe North Stands For Nothing2010
HurricaneYou Are We2017
I've Seen It AllSo What?2019
In Another NowYou Are We2017
InspireSo What?2019
Kangaezu NiBrainwashed2015
Know Your Worth (Somebody)Sleeps Society2021
Leave Me AloneSelf Hell2024
Life In TensionBrainwashed2015
Lost Above The ArchesThe North Stands For Nothing2010
Love At WarThis Is The Six2012
Method In MadnessBrainwashed2015
Modern MindsBrainwashed2015
My Conscience, Your FreedomThe North Stands For Nothing2010
Nervous (+ Simon Neil)Sleeps Society2021
New World TortureBrainwashed2015
No Defeat For The Brave (+ Deryck Whibley)Sleeps Society2021
No Feelings Is FinalSelf Hell2024
No Sides, No EnemiesBrainwashed2015
Our Courage, Our CancerThis Is The Six2012
Our LegacyBrainwashed2015
Out Of The BlueSelf Hell2024
Peace Of MindSelf Hell2024
Proud Of The Demon In MeThe North Stands For Nothing2010
PyaiSleeps Society2021
Radical Hatred - Radical LoveSelf Hell2024
RainbowsSelf Hell2024
ReuniteThis Is The Six2012
RevoltYou Are We2017
Satisfied In SufferingThis Is The Six2012
Self HellSelf Hell2024
Set You FreeSo What?2019
Settle Down SocietyYou Are We2017
Seven HillsThis Is The Six2012
Silence Speaks (+ Oli Sykes)You Are We2017
Sleeps SocietySleeps Society2021
So WhatSo What?2019
Steal The SunYou Are We2017
SystematicSleeps Society2021
The ChapelThis Is The Six2012
The DivideBrainwashed2015
The Guilty PartySo What?2019
The North Stands For NothingThe North Stands For Nothing2010
The Plague Of A New AgeThis Is The Six2012
The TruthThe North Stands For Nothing2010
The WoodsBrainwashed2015
This Is The SixThis Is The Six2012
To The FlowersSelf Hell2024
TrophiesThe North Stands For Nothing2010
Trophies Of ViolenceBrainwashed2015
Until The DeathThis Is The Six2012
We Are Alive At NightBrainwashed2015
Wide AwakeYou Are We2017
WildfireSelf Hell2024
You Are All You NeedSleeps Society2021
You Are WeYou Are We2017
Your EvolutionBrainwashed2015

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