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Al Garimasu (There Is Love)Red Octopus1975
AlienModern Times1981
All Fly AwayDragon Fly1974
All Nite LongEarth1978
AssassinNuclear Furniture1984
AwakeningFreedom At Point Zero1979
BabylonNo Protection1987
Be My LadyWinds Of Change1982
Be Young YouDragon Fly1974
Beat PatrolNo Protection1987
Before I GoKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
Big CitySpitfire1976
Black WidowWinds Of Change1982
Blaze Of LoveLove Among The Cannibals1989
BlessingsWindows Of Heaven1998
BorderlandsWindows Of Heaven1998
Bringing Me Down (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Can't Find LoveWinds Of Change1982
CarolineDragon Fly1974
Caroline (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
ChampionNuclear Furniture1984
Chimes Of FreedomJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Come To LifeDragon Fly1974
Commandante Carlos FonsecaJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
ConnectionNuclear Furniture1984
Count On MeEarth1978
Count On MeGold1979
Count On MeDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Cowboy On The RunJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Crazy Feelin'Earth1978
Crown Of CreationDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
D.C.B.A. - 25 (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Dance With The DragonSpitfire1976
Dark AgesDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Desperate HeartKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
Devils DenDragon Fly1974
Don't Lose Any SleepGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Dream SequenceLove Among The Cannibals1989
Eskimo Blue Day (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Fading Lady NightFreedom At Point Zero1979
Fast Buck FreddieRed Octopus1975
Fast Buck FreddieGold1979
Find Your Way BackModern Times1981
Find Your Way BackGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Follow The Drinking GourdJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
FreeModern Times1981
Freedom At Point ZeroFreedom At Point Zero1979
FrenarioJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Ganja Of LoveDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Genesis HallJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Girl With The Hungry EyesFreedom At Point Zero1979
Girls Like YouNo Protection1987
Git FiddlerRed Octopus1975
GoddessWindows Of Heaven1998
GoldDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Good HeartGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Good Shepherd (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Have You Seen The Stars Tonite (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Healing WatersLove Among The Cannibals1989
Hearts (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Hearts Of The WorldKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
Hey Frederick (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Hot WaterSpitfire1976
How Do You Feel (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
HyperdriveDragon Fly1974
Hyperdrive (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
I Ain't Marching AnymoreJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
I Came Back From The Jaws Of The DragonWinds Of Change1982
I Didn't Mean To Stay All NightLove Among The Cannibals1989
I Don't Know WhyNo Protection1987
I Want To See Another WorldRed Octopus1975
I Will StayWinds Of Change1982
I'll Be ThereLove Among The Cannibals1989
I'm On FireDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
ImagineJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
In A CrisisJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Intro To Law ManDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
It's Not EnoughLove Among The Cannibals1989
It's Not EnoughGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
It's Not Over ('til It's Over)No Protection1987
It's Not Over ('til It's Over)Greatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
JaneFreedom At Point Zero1979
JaneGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Just The SameFreedom At Point Zero1979
Keep On Dreamin'Winds Of Change1982
Kisses Sweeter Than WineJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Later OnWindows Of Heaven1998
Law ManDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Layin' It On The LineNuclear Furniture1984
Layin' It On The LineGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Let It LiveWindows Of Heaven1998
Let Me FlyWindows Of Heaven1998
Lightning RoseFreedom At Point Zero1979
Live And Let LiveNuclear Furniture1984
Love Among The CannibalsLove Among The Cannibals1989
Love Lovely LoveSpitfire1976
Love RustsKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
Love Too GoodEarth1978
Love Too GoodGold1979
MagicianNuclear Furniture1984
MaryModern Times1981
Maybe For YouWindows Of Heaven1998
Maybe For YouJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Mexico (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Millennium Beyond (Frontera Luminosa)Windows Of Heaven1998
MiraclesRed Octopus1975
MiraclesDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Miracles (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Modern TimesModern Times1981
No Way OutNuclear Furniture1984
No Way OutGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowNo Protection1987
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
On The Threshold Of FireJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Out Of ControlWinds Of Change1982
Out Of The RainWindows Of Heaven1998
Papa JohnDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Pastures Of PlentyJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Play On LoveRed Octopus1975
Play On LoveGold1979
Private RoomKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
Quit Wasting TimeWinds Of Change1982
Ride The TigerDragon Fly1974
Ride The TigerGold1979
Rising Of The MoonJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Rock MusicFreedom At Point Zero1979
Rock Myself To SleepKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
Rose Goes To YaleNuclear Furniture1984
Royal CanalJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
SandalphonRed Octopus1975
Santy AnnoJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
SaraKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
SaraGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Save Your LoveModern Times1981
Say WhenNo Protection1987
See The LightWindows Of Heaven1998
Send A MessageLove Among The Cannibals1989
Set The Night To MusicNo Protection1987
ShadowlandsDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
ShadowlandsWindows Of Heaven1998
She Has Funny Cars (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Shining In The MoonlightNuclear Furniture1984
Show YourselfEarth1978
ShowdownNuclear Furniture1984
Somebody To LoveDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Somebody To Love (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Song To The Sun - a) OzymandiasSpitfire1976
Song To The Sun - b) Don't Let It RainSpitfire1976
Sorry Me, Sorry YouNuclear Furniture1984
St. CharlesSpitfire1976
St. CharlesGold1979
Stairway To ClevelandModern Times1981
Starship (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
StrangerModern Times1981
StrangerGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
Surprise (Hidden Track)Jefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Sweeter Than HoneyRed Octopus1975
Take Your TimeEarth1978
That's For SureDragon Fly1974
The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
The BurnLove Among The Cannibals1989
The ChildrenNo Protection1987
The LightDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
The Light (Ginger And Metaphysics)Windows Of Heaven1998
The Quiet Joys Of BrotherhoodJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
The Windows Of Heaven (Futr)Windows Of Heaven1998
There Will Be LoveRed Octopus1975
There Will Be Love (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Things To ComeFreedom At Point Zero1979
Today (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Tomorrow Doesn't Matter TonightKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
TransatlanticNo Protection1987
Trouble In MindLove Among The Cannibals1989
TumblinRed Octopus1975
Wasn't That A TimeJefferson's Tree Of Liberty2008
Ways Of LoveWindows Of Heaven1998
We Built This CityKnee Deep In The Hoopla1985
We Built This CityGreatest Hits - Ten Years And Change 1979 - 19911991
When I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
When The Earth Moves Again (live)Across The Sea Of Suns2001
Which Side Are You On (Futr2 Remembered)Windows Of Heaven1998
White RabbitDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Wild AgainLove Among The Cannibals1989
Wild EyesModern Times1981
Winds Of ChangeWinds Of Change1982
Wings Of A LieNo Protection1987
With Your LoveSpitfire1976
With Your LoveGold1979
Women Who FlyDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995
Wooden ShipsDeep Space-Virgin Sky1995

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