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1, 2, 3, Here We Go AgainFriends In The Can2003
2000 Reasons (Y2K Blues)Boogie 20001999
24 HoursInternal Combustion1994
50.000 BoogiesThe Ties That Bind1997
Alimonia BluesHooker 'N Heat1970
Amphetamine AnnieBoogie With Canned Heat1968
Amphetamine AnnieUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
An Owl SongBoogie With Canned Heat1968
Bad TroubleFriends In The Can2003
Bagful Of BoogieOne More River To Cross1973
BeggarThe Ties That Bind1997
Big Fat (The Fat Man)Hallelujah1969
Big Fat (The Fat Man)Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Big Road BluesCanned Heat1967
Big Road BluesVintage1970
Black Cat Cross My TrailMemphis Heat1974
Black CoffeeFriends In The Can2003
Boogie And BluesThe Ties That Bind1997
Boogie At ChristmasChristmas Album2007
Boogie BoyChristmas Album2007
Boogie Chillen No. 2Hooker 'N Heat1970
Boogie DuoMemphis Heat1974
Boogie MusicLiving The Blues1968
Boogie MusicBlues Band1996
Bottle Up And GoHooker 'N Heat1970
Bright Times Are Comin'One More River To Cross1973
Bring It On Home (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
Built For ComfortReheated1988
Bullfrog BluesCanned Heat1967
Bullfrog BluesReheated1988
Bullfrog BluesUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Burnin' HellHooker 'N Heat1970
Can I Come HomeBoogie 20001999
Can't Hold On Much LongerVintage1970
Canned HeatHallelujah1969
Catfish BluesCanned Heat1967
Change My WaysHallelujah1969
Cherokee DanceHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
Chicken ShackKings Of The Boogie1981
Choking To DeathThe Ties That Bind1997
Christmas BluesChristmas Album2007
Christmas Blues (Alternate Take)Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Christmas Blues (feat. Dr. John)Christmas Album2007
Christmas Blues (feat. Eric Clapton)Christmas Album2007
Christmas Boogie (+ The Chipmunks)Christmas Album2007
Come And Get ItInternal Combustion1994
Creole QueenBlues Band1996
Dark CloudsBoogie 20001999
Dear Mother EarthInternal Combustion1994
Deck The HallsChristmas Album2007
Do Not EnterHallelujah1969
Dog House BluesKings Of The Boogie1981
Don't Deceive MeThe New Age1973
Down In The Gutter, But FreeHallelujah1969
Down That Big RoadMemphis Heat1974
Driftin' BluesHooker 'N Heat1970
DrunkThe Ties That Bind1997
Dust My BroomCanned Heat1967
Dust My BroomUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Election BluesThe New Age1973
EvilUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Evil Is Going OnCanned Heat1967
Evil WomanBoogie With Canned Heat1968
Evil WomanUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Fannie MaeUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Five Long YearsMemphis Heat1974
Five Long YearsMemphis Heat1974
FramedThe New Age1973
Fried Hockey BoogieBoogie With Canned Heat1968
Future BluesFuture Blues1970
Future BluesUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Gamblin' WomanInternal Combustion1994
Gamblin' Woman (live)Burnin' Live1991
Get Off My BackHallelujah1969
GetawayFriends In The Can2003
Getaway (Edited Single Version)Friends In The Can2003
Goin' Down SlowCanned Heat1967
Goin' Down SlowUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Going Up The CountryLiving The Blues1968
Going Up The CountryUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Going Up The CountryBlues Band1996
Goodbye For Now (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
Gorgo BoogieBlues Band1996
Got My Mojo WorkingVintage1970
Gotta Boogie (The World Boogie)Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Gunstreet GirlReheated1988
Gunstreet Girl (live)Burnin' Live1991
Harley Davidson BluesThe New Age1973
Harley Davidson BluesUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Harry's Open Pit And Bar B QueThe Ties That Bind1997
Hell's Just Down The LineKings Of The Boogie1981
Help MeCanned Heat1967
Help MeUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Highway 401One More River To Cross1973
Hill's StompHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
Hill's StompUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Home To YouFriends In The Can2003
Hot MoneyHuman Condition1978
House Of Blue LightsHuman Condition1978
Hucklebuck (live)Burnin' Live1991
Human ConditionHuman Condition1978
Human ConditionUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
HunterUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
I Don't Care What You Tell MeHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
I Got LoadedBoogie 20001999
I Got My Eyes On YouHooker 'N Heat1970
I Hear You Knockin'The Ties That Bind1997
I Idolize YouThe Ties That Bind1997
I Love To Rock And RollReheated1988
I Might Be TemptedInternal Combustion1994
I Need SomeoneOne More River To Cross1973
I Used To Be BadInternal Combustion1994
I Was WrongKings Of The Boogie1981
I Won't Be Home For ChristmasChristmas Album2007
I'm A Hog For You BabyOne More River To Cross1973
I'm Her ManHallelujah1969
I'm So TiredBoogie 20001999
I'm Watching YouReheated1988
Iron HorseBlues Band1996
It Don't MatterFriends In The Can2003
It's All RightUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
It's HotInternal Combustion1994
J.J. Jump (live)Burnin' Live1991
Jingle BellsChristmas Album2007
John Lee Hooker BoogieInternal Combustion1994
Jr's ShuffleBlues Band1996
Just Got To Be ThereHuman Condition1978
Just You And MeHooker 'N Heat1970
Keep It CleanThe New Age1973
Keep It To YourselfBlues Band1996
Kings Of The BoogieKings Of The Boogie1981
L.A. TownOne More River To Cross1973
Last ManBoogie 20001999
Let's Make ItHooker 'N Heat1970
Let's Work TogetherFuture Blues1970
Let's Work TogetherUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Let's Work TogetherFriends In The Can2003
Let's Work TogetherFriends In The Can2003
Let's Work Together (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
Let's Work Together (live)Burnin' Live1991
Little CrystalKings Of The Boogie1981
Little WheelFriends In The Can2003
London BluesFuture Blues1970
London Blues (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
Long Way From L.A.Historical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
Long Way From L.A.Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Long Way From L.A. (Single Version)Historical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
Lookin' For My RainbowThe New Age1973
Looking For The PartyReheated1988
Low Down (And High Up)Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Marie LaveauBoogie With Canned Heat1968
Mean Old WorldUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Medley: Back Out On The Road - On The Road Again (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
Meet Me In The BottomHooker 'N Heat1970
Memphis HeatMemphis Heat1974
Mercury BluesReheated1988
Mercury Blues (live)Burnin' Live1991
Messin' With The HookHooker 'N Heat1970
Mother EarthMemphis Heat1974
Mr. LongfingersMemphis Heat1974
My CrimeBoogie With Canned Heat1968
My CrimeUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
My MistakeLiving The Blues1968
My Time Ain't LongFuture Blues1970
Never Get Out Of These Blues AliveFriends In The Can2003
Nine Below ZeroUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Nitwit (live)Burnin' Live1991
Nothing At AllInternal Combustion1994
Oh BabyBlues Band1996
On The Road AgainBoogie With Canned Heat1968
On The Road AgainUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
On The Road Again (Alternate Take)Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
One Kind FavorLiving The Blues1968
One Kind FavorBlues Band1996
One More River To CrossOne More River To Cross1973
One ThingThe Ties That Bind1997
One Way Out (live)Burnin' Live1991
Open Up Your Back DoorHuman Condition1978
Owl SongUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
ParisMemphis Heat1974
Parthenogenesis (Medley)Living The Blues1968
PeavineHooker 'N Heat1970
Pony BluesLiving The Blues1968
Poor MoonUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Pretty ThingVintage1970
Pulling Hair Blues (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
Quiet WomanBlues Band1996
Red Headed WomanReheated1988
Reefer BluesThe Ties That Bind1997
Refride BoogieLiving The Blues1968
Rich WomanCanned Heat1967
Road To RioBoogie 20001999
Rock And Roll MusicThe New Age1973
Rock And Roll MusicUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Rockin' With The KingHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
Rockin' With The KingUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Rollin' And Tumblin'Canned Heat1967
Rollin' And Tumblin'Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Rollin' And Tumblin' (live)Burnin' Live1991
Rollin' And Tumblin', Pt. 1Vintage1970
Rollin' And Tumblin', Pt. 2Vintage1970
Sad Ol' Mountain SorrowThe Ties That Bind1997
Same All OverHallelujah1969
Same All OverUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Sandy's BluesLiving The Blues1968
Santa Claus Is Back In TownChristmas Album2007
Santa Claus Is Coming To TownChristmas Album2007
Saturday Night Fish FryThe Ties That Bind1997
Searchin' For My BabyBoogie 20001999
See These TearsBlues Band1996
Send Me Your PillowHooker 'N Heat1970
Shake It And Break ItFuture Blues1970
Shake It And Break ItUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Shake, Rattle And RollUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Shake, Rattle, And RollOne More River To Cross1973
She SplitBoogie 20001999
She's Lookin' GoodHuman Condition1978
Sic 'Em PigsHallelujah1969
Sittin' Here Thinkin'Hooker 'N Heat1970
SkatFuture Blues1970
Sleepy Hollow BabyKings Of The Boogie1981
Sneakin' AroundHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
So FineKings Of The Boogie1981
So Fine (Betty Jean)Reheated1988
So Long WrongThe New Age1973
So Sad (The World's In A Tangle)Future Blues1970
Some Old GamesFriends In The Can2003
Something's Gotta GoThe Ties That Bind1997
Stoned Bad Street Fighting ManKings Of The Boogie1981
Story Of My LifeUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Straight AheadVintage1970
StrangerBlues Band1996
Strut My StuffHuman Condition1978
Sugar BeeFuture Blues1970
Sugar BeeUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Sunnyland (live)Burnin' Live1991
Take Me To The RiverReheated1988
Terraplane BluesUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
That Fat CatFriends In The Can2003
That's All RightHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
That's All Right (Mama)Future Blues1970
That's All Right Mama (live)Canned Heat '70 Concert1970
The Feelin' Is GoneHooker 'N Heat1970
The Heat In Me Is UpInternal Combustion1994
The Road SongCanned Heat1967
The Story Of My LifeCanned Heat1967
The World TodayHooker 'N Heat1970
Time WasHallelujah1969
Time WasUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Too Much GiddyupBoogie 20001999
Trouble Everywhere I GoMemphis Heat1974
Turpentine MoanBoogie With Canned Heat1968
TV MamaUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
UtahHistorical Figures And Ancient Heads1972
Vision Of YouInternal Combustion1994
Wait And SeeBoogie 20001999
Walking By MyselfLiving The Blues1968
We Remember FatsOne More River To Cross1973
When I Were YoungMemphis Heat1974
Whiskey And Wimmen'Hooker 'N Heat1970
Whiskey And Wimmen'Uncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
Whiskey Headed Woman, No. 2Boogie With Canned Heat1968
Whizzle WhamMemphis Heat1974
Wooly BullyUncanned - The Best Of Canned Heat1994
World In A JugBoogie With Canned Heat1968
World Of Make BelieveBoogie 20001999
Wrapped UpHuman Condition1978
You Am What You AmOne More River To Cross1973
You Can Run, But You Sure Can't HideThe New Age1973
You Can't Get Close To MeKings Of The Boogie1981
You Don't Know My MindMemphis Heat1974
You Just Got To RockHuman Condition1978
You Talk Too MuchHooker 'N Heat1970
You Tease MeThe Ties That Bind1997

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