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All The Little LightsAll The Little Lights2012
And I Love HerThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
AnywhereYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
Beautiful Birds (+ Birdy)Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
Blind LoveWide Eyes Blind Love2009
Bloodstains (feat. Katie Noonan)Flight Of The Crow2010
Brick WallsDivers And Submarines2010
CaravanWide Eyes Blind Love2009
CirclesAll The Little Lights2012
Coins In A FountainWhispers2014
Community CentreDivers And Submarines2010
Crows In SnowDivers And Submarines2010
Diamonds (feat. Simon R. Beckleman)Flight Of The Crow2010
Divers And SubmarinesDivers And Submarines2010
Do What You LikeWicked Man's Rest2007
Eagle Bear BuffaloRunaway2018
EverythingYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
FacebookDivers And Submarines2010
Fairytales And FiresidesDivers And Submarines2010
Feather On The ClydeAll The Little Lights2012
Flight Of The Crow (feat. Josh Pyke, Lior, Katie Noonan, Boy And Bear + Jess Chalker)Flight Of The Crow2010
Fool's GoldYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
For YouWicked Man's Rest2007
Four HorsesWicked Man's Rest2007
Ghost TownRunaway2018
Golden LeavesWhispers2014
Golden Thread (feat. Matt Corby)Flight Of The Crow2010
He Leaves You ColdRunaway2018
Heart To LoveRunaway2018
Heart's On FireWhispers2014
Hell Or High WaterRunaway2018
HolesAll The Little Lights2012
HomeYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
House On A HillDivers And Submarines2010
I Hate (live)All The Little Lights2012
I See LoveWide Eyes Blind Love2009
If You GoYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
In The EndThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
IntactoDivers And Submarines2010
Keep On WalkingAll The Little Lights2012
LanternsThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
Let Her GoAll The Little Lights2012
Let's GoRunaway2018
Life's For The LivingAll The Little Lights2012
Month Of Sundays (feat. Brian Campeau + Elana Stone)Flight Of The Crow2010
Needle In The DarkWicked Man's Rest2007
Patient LoveAll The Little Lights2012
RainbowsWide Eyes Blind Love2009
Riding To New YorkWhispers2014
Rivers (feat. Lior)Flight Of The Crow2010
Rolling StoneWhispers2014
Scare Away The DarkWhispers2014
Setting SunsThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
Shape Of Love (feat. Boy + Bear)Flight Of The Crow2010
Simple SongThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
SnowflakesWide Eyes Blind Love2009
SnowflakesDivers And Submarines2010
Somebody's LoveYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
SomedayThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
Staring At The StarsAll The Little Lights2012
StarlingsWide Eyes Blind Love2009
Start A FireWhispers2014
Stray DogWicked Man's Rest2007
Sweet LouiseThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
Table For OneWicked Man's Rest2007
The Boy Who Cried WolfThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
The Girl Running (feat. Jess Chalker)Flight Of The Crow2010
The Last UnicornWide Eyes Blind Love2009
The Long RoadYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
The One You love (feat. Kate Miller Heidke)Flight Of The Crow2010
The Wrong DirectionAll The Little Lights2012
Things That Stop You DreamingAll The Little Lights2012
Things You've Never DoneWicked Man's Rest2007
Thunder And LightningThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
To Be FreeRunaway2018
Travelling Song (feat. Gabrielle Huber + Cameron Potts)Flight Of The Crow2010
Two TalesDivers And Submarines2010
Underwater BrideWide Eyes Blind Love2009
Walk In The RainWicked Man's Rest2007
Walk You HomeWicked Man's Rest2007
WallsThe Boy Who Cried Wolf2017
What Will Become of UsWide Eyes Blind Love2009
What You're Thinking (feat. Josh Pyke)Flight Of The Crow2010
When We Were YoungYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016
Why Can't I ChangeRunaway2018
Wicked Man's RestWicked Man's Rest2007
Wide EyesWide Eyes Blind Love2009
Young As The Morning, Old As The SeaYoung As The Morning, Old As The Sea2016

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