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1000 Miles AwayCase-Lang-Veirs2016
A Case Of YouHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
A Kiss To Build A Dream OnA Wonderful World2002
A Sleep With No DreamingSing It Loud2011
AcquiesceAll You Can Eat1995
After The Gold RushHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Angel With A LariatAngel With A Lariat1987
Angel With A LariatReintarnation2006
ApogeeEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Atomic NumberCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Barefoot (live)Live By Request2001
Beautifully CombinedRecollection2010
Behind The ArmoryCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Best Kept SecretCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Big Big LoveAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Big Big LoveReintarnation2006
Big Boned GalAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Big Boned GalReintarnation2006
Big Boned Gal (live)Live By Request2001
Bird On A WireHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Black CoffeeShadowland1988
Black Coffee (live)Live By Request2001
Blue FiresCase-Lang-Veirs2016
BopalenaA Truly Western Experience1984
Busy Being BlueA Truly Western Experience1984
Busy Being BlueShadowland1988
Calling All Angels (+ Jane Siberry)Recollection2010
Changed My MindReintarnation2006
Close Your EyesWatershed2008
Coming HomeWatershed2008
Consequences Of FallingInvincible Summer2000
Constant CravingIngenue1992
Constant CravingRecollection2010
Constant Craving (live)Live By Request2001
Cowgirl PrideEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Cowgirl PrideReintarnation2006
Crying (+ Roy Orbison)Recollection2010
Crying (live)Live By Request2001
CuriosityInvincible Summer2000
Curious Soul AstrayEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Curious Soul AstrayReintarnation2006
Didn't IAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Diet Of Strange PlacesAngel With A Lariat1987
Diet Of Strange PlacesReintarnation2006
Don't Be A Lemming PolkaEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Don't Be A Lemming PolkaReintarnation2006
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your EyesShadowland1988
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your EyesReintarnation2006
Don't Smoke In BedDrag1997
Don't Smoke In Bed (live)Live By Request2001
Dream A Little Dream Of MeA Wonderful World2002
Exactly Like YouA Wonderful World2002
Extraordinary ThingInvincible Summer2000
FallenHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Flame Of The UninspiredWatershed2008
Friday Dance PromenadeReintarnation2006
Full Moon Full Of LoveAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Georgia StarsCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Get SomeAll You Can Eat1995
Golden SlumbersRecollection2010
Got The Bull By The HornsAngel With A Lariat1987
Got The Bull By The HornsReintarnation2006
Greens Of JuneCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Habit Of MindSing It Loud2011
Hain't It FunnyDrag1997
HallelujahHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Hallelujah (New Bersion)Recollection2010
Hanky PankyA Truly Western Experience1984
Hanky PankyReintarnation2006
HeavenSing It Loud2011
Help MeRecollection2010
HelplessHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
High Time For A DetourAngel With A Lariat1987
Honey And SmokeCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Honky Tonk Angel's MedleyShadowland1988
Hooked On JunkA Truly Western Experience1984
Hush Sweet LoverEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Hush Sweet LoverRecollection2010
I ConfessSing It Loud2011
I Dream Of SpringWatershed2008
I Dream Of SpringRecollection2010
I Want It AllAll You Can Eat1995
I Want To Be HereCase-Lang-Veirs2016
I Wish I Didn't Love You SoShadowland1988
I WonderA Wonderful World2002
I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)A Wonderful World2002
I'm Down To My Last CigaretteShadowland1988
If I Were YouAll You Can Eat1995
If I Were You (Close To The Groove Edit)Makeover2021
If I Were You (Main Mix)Makeover2021
If We Never Meet AgainA Wonderful World2002
In Perfect DreamsEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Infinite And UnforeseenAll You Can Eat1995
InglewoodSing It Loud2011
It's Happening With YouInvincible Summer2000
It's MeAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
It's MeReintarnation2006
Je fais la plancheWatershed2008
Jealous DogWatershed2008
JerichoHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Just Keep Me Moving (Movin' Mix)Makeover2021
Just Keep Me Moving (Remix)Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Just Keep Me Moving (Wild Planet Mix)Makeover2021
Kundalini Yoga WaltzEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
La vie en roseA Wonderful World2002
Lifted By LoveEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Lifted By Love (Club Xanax Mix)Makeover2021
Lifted By Love (Elevate Your Love Mix)Makeover2021
Lock, Stock And TeardropsShadowland1988
Love For SaleRecollection2010
Love Is EverythingHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Love Is Like A CigaretteDrag1997
Love's Great OceanInvincible Summer2000
Luck In My EyesAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Luck In My EyesReintarnation2006
MaybeAll You Can Eat1995
Miss ChatelaineIngenue1992
Miss ChatelaineRecollection2010
Miss Chatelaine (live)Live By Request2001
Miss Chatelaine (St. Tropez Mix)Makeover2021
Moonglow (+ Tony Bennett)Recollection2010
Much Finer PlaceEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
My Last CigaretteDrag1997
My Old AddictionDrag1997
MythEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Nowhere To StandAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Nowhere To StandReintarnation2006
Once Again Around The Dance FloorShadowland1988
Once In A WhileWatershed2008
One Day I WalkHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Only LoveInvincible Summer2000
Or Was IEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Outside MyselfIngenue1992
OvertureEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Pay DirtAngel With A Lariat1987
Pay DirtReintarnation2006
Perfect WordSing It Loud2011
Pine And StewA Truly Western Experience1984
Pine And StewReintarnation2006
Pullin' Back The ReinsAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Pullin' Back The ReinsReintarnation2006
Pullin' Back The Reins (live)Live By Request2001
Ride Of Bonanza JellybeanEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Rose GardenAngel With A Lariat1987
Save MeIngenue1992
Season Of Hollow SoulIngenue1992
SexualityAll You Can Eat1995
Sexuality (DJ Krush Full Mix)Makeover2021
Sexuality (Tony Maserati Final Radio Remix)Makeover2021
Shadow And The FrameWatershed2008
SimpleInvincible Summer2000
SimpleHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
Simple (live)Live By Request2001
Sing It LoudSing It Loud2011
Smoke DreamsDrag1997
Smoke RingsDrag1997
So In LoveRecollection2010
So It Shall BeIngenue1992
Song For JudeeCase-Lang-Veirs2016
Sorrow NevermoreSing It Loud2011
Still Thrives This LoveIngenue1992
Stop, Look And ListenA Truly Western Experience1984
SuddenlyInvincible Summer2000
Sugar BuzzSing It Loud2011
Sugar MoonShadowland1988
SummerflingInvincible Summer2000
Summerfling (Ananda's Sweet Bird Of Summer Extended Mix)Makeover2021
Summerfling (live)Live By Request2001
Summerfling (New Intro Edit)Recollection2010
Summerfling (Wamdue's Makin' Me High Dub)Makeover2021
Sweet Little CherokeeEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Tears Don't Care Who Cries ThemShadowland1988
Tears Of Love's RecallIngenue1992
That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)A Wonderful World2002
That's My HomeA Wonderful World2002
The Air That I BreatheDrag1997
The Air That I BreatheRecollection2010
The Consequences Of Falling (live)Live By Request2001
The Consequences Of Falling (Love To Infinity Funk Mix)Makeover2021
The Consequences Of Falling (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)Makeover2021
The JokerDrag1997
The Mind Of LoveIngenue1992
The ValleyHymns Of The 49th Parallel2004
The ValleyRecollection2010
The Water's EdgeSing It Loud2011
Theme From The Valley Of The DollsDrag1997
Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls (Jr. Vasquez 7'' Mix)Makeover2021
There You GoA Truly Western Experience1984
ThisAll You Can Eat1995
Three Cigarettes In An AshtrayAngel With A Lariat1987
Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray (live)Live By Request2001
Three DaysAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Tickled PinkA Truly Western Experience1984
Till The Heart Caves InDrag1997
Trail Of Broken HeartsAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Trail Of Broken HeartsReintarnation2006
Trail of Broken HeartsRecollection2010
Trail Of Broken Hearts (live)Live By Request2001
Tune Into My WaveAngel With A Lariat1987
Turn Me RoundAngel With A Lariat1987
Turn Me RoundReintarnation2006
Up To MeA Truly Western Experience1984
Virtual VortexEven Cowgirls Get The Blues (Soundtrack)1993
Walkin' In And Out Of Your ArmsAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Wallflower WaltzAbsolute Torch And Twang1989
Wash Me CleanIngenue1992
Wash Me Clean (live)Live By Request2001
Watch Your Step PolkaAngel With A Lariat1987
Western StarsShadowland1988
Western StarsRecollection2010
What A Wonderful WorldA Wonderful World2002
What Better SaidInvincible Summer2000
When We CollideInvincible Summer2000
Why Do We FightCase-Lang-Veirs2016
World Of LoveAll You Can Eat1995
You Can Depend On MeA Wonderful World2002
You Can't Lose A Broken HeartA Wonderful World2002
You're OkAll You Can Eat1995
You're OKRecollection2010
Your Smoke ScreenDrag1997

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