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1911 StrutBlue Lightning2019
Air On A ThemeFacing The Animal1997
All I Want Is EverythingFire And Ice1992
Alone In ParadiseFacing The Animal1997
AmberdawnMagnum Opus1995
Anguish And FearMarching Out1985
Another TimeFacing The Animal1997
As Above, So BelowRising Force1984
Bad BloodThe Seventh Sign1994
Bad ReputationWar To End All Wars2000
Baroque 'n RollAttack!!2002
Be Careful What You Wish ForPerpetual Flame2008
Beat ItHigh Impact2009
Beauty And A BeastUnleash The Fury2005
Bedroom EyesEclipse1990
Birth Of The SunThe Genesis2002
Bite The BulletOdyssey1988
Black Magic SuiteThe Genesis2002
Black StarRising Force1984
Black StarThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Black Star (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
BlitzkriegHigh Impact2009
BlueHigh Impact2009
Blue Jean BluesBlue Lightning2019
Blue LightningBlue Lightning2019
BraveheartFacing The Animal1997
BrothersThe Seventh Sign1994
BrothersHigh Impact2009
Brothers (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
C'est La VieFire And Ice1992
CantabileHigh Impact2009
Caprici Di DiabloPerpetual Flame2008
Caprici Di DiabloHigh Impact2009
Carry On Wayward SonInspiration1996
Catch 22War To End All Wars2000
Caught In The MiddleMarching Out1985
Cherokee WarriorUnleash The Fury2005
Child In TimeInspiration1996
Cracking The WhipUnleash The Fury2005
Crash And BurnThe Seventh Sign1994
Cross The LineMagnum Opus1995
Crown Of ThornsUnleash The Fury2005
CrucifyWar To End All Wars2000
Cry No MoreFire And Ice1992
Crying (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Crystal BallOdyssey1988
Crystal Ball (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Damnation GamePerpetual Flame2008
Dark AgesTrilogy1986
Deamon DanceAlchemy1999
Death DealerPerpetual Flame2008
Deja VuOdyssey1988
Deja VuThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Deja Vu (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Demon DriverEclipse1990
Demon's EyeInspiration1996
Demon's EyeBlue Lightning2019
Devil In DisguiseEclipse1990
Disciples Of HellMarching Out1985
Don't Let It EndMarching Out1985
DragonflyFire And Ice1992
Dreaming (Tell Me)Odyssey1988
Dreaming (Tell Me) (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Dying ManThe Genesis2002
EclipseThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Eleventh HourPerpetual Flame2008
End Of My RopeFacing The Animal1997
EnemyFacing The Animal1997
Eternal BlissParabellum2021
Evil EyeRising Force1984
ExileUnleash The Fury2005
Facing The AnimalFacing The Animal1997
Far Beyond The SunRising Force1984
Far Beyond The SunThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Far Beyond The SunHigh Impact2009
Far Beyond The Sun (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
FarewellRising Force1984
Faster Than The Speed Of LightOdyssey1988
Final CurtainFire And Ice1992
FinaleHigh Impact2009
Fire And IceFire And Ice1992
Fire In The SkyMagnum Opus1995
Forever Is A Long TimeFire And Ice1992
Forever ManBlue Lightning2019
Forever OneThe Seventh Sign1994
Forever One (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Four Horsemen (Of The Apocalypse)Perpetual Flame2008
Foxey LadyBlue Lightning2019
Freedom Isn't FreeAttack!!2002
FugueHigh Impact2009
FuguettaUnleash The Fury2005
Gates Of BabylonInspiration1996
God ParticleParabellum2021
Golden DawnFire And Ice1992
Guardian AngelUnleash The Fury2005
Guitar SoloThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Guitar Solo (Trilogy Suite Op. 5) (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
HairtriggerThe Seventh Sign1994
Hangar 18, Area 51Alchemy1999
Heathens From The NorthFacing The Animal1997
Heaven TonightOdyssey1988
Heaven TonightThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Heaven Tonight (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Heavy HeartPerpetual Flame2008
HelloThe Genesis2002
Hold OnOdyssey1988
Hold OnThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
How Many Miles To BabylonFire And Ice1992
I Am A VikingMarching Out1985
I Don't KnowThe Seventh Sign1994
I'd Die Without YouMagnum Opus1995
I'll See The Light TonightThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
I'll See The Light, TonightMarching Out1985
I'm My Own EnemyFire And Ice1992
Icarus' Dream Suite Op. 4Rising Force1984
In The Dead Of NightInspiration1996
In The Name Of GodAttack!!2002
Instrumental InstitutionWar To End All Wars2000
Iron CladAttack!!2002
JudasThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
LamentPerpetual Flame2008
Legion Of The DamnedAlchemy1999
Let The Good Times RollUnleash The Fury2005
LeviathanFire And Ice1992
LiarThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Liar (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Like An Angel (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Like An Angel - For AprilFacing The Animal1997
Little SavageRising Force1984
Live To Fight (Another Day)Perpetual Flame2008
Locked And LoadedUnleash The Fury2005
Mad DogAttack!!2002
Magic And MayhemUnleash The Fury2005
Magic BulletParabellum2021
Magic CityPerpetual Flame2008
Magic CityHigh Impact2009
Magic MirrorTrilogy1986
Majestic BlueAttack!!2002
Making LoveEclipse1990
Making Love (Extended Guitar Solo)The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Manic DepressionInspiration1996
Marching OutMarching Out1985
MasqueradeWar To End All Wars2000
Meant To BeThe Seventh Sign1994
Memories (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Merlin's CastleThe Genesis2002
Miracle Of LifeWar To End All Wars2000
Miracle Of Life (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Molto ArpeggiosaWar To End All Wars2000
Molto Arpeggiosa (Arpeggios From Hell)High Impact2009
Motherless ChildEclipse1990
My ResurrectionFacing The Animal1997
Never DieThe Seventh Sign1994
No Love LostMagnum Opus1995
No MercyFire And Ice1992
Now Is The TimeOdyssey1988
Now Your Ships Are BurnedRising Force1984
Ocean SonataAngels Of Love2009
On A Serious NoteThe Genesis2002
On The Run AgainMarching Out1985
Only The StrongFacing The Animal1997
Overture 1383Marching Out1985
Overture 1622Magnum Opus1995
Overture 1622High Impact2009
Paint It BlackBlue Lightning2019
ParaphraseUnleash The Fury2005
Peace, PleaseBlue Lightning2019
PerpetualFire And Ice1992
Pictures Of HomeInspiration1996
Plague In Lucifer's MindThe Genesis2002
Playing With FireAlchemy1999
Poison In Your VeinsFacing The Animal1997
PreludeMarching Out1985
Prelude To April (Version 2009) Angels Of Love2009
PreludiumWar To End All Wars2000
Presto Vivace In C# minorParabellum2021
Priest Of The UnholyPerpetual Flame2008
Prisoner Of Your LoveThe Seventh Sign1994
Prophet Of DoomWar To End All Wars2000
Purple HazeBlue Lightning2019
Pyramid Of CheopsThe Seventh Sign1994
Queen In LoveTrilogy1986
Queen In LoveThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Queen In Love (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Razor EaterAttack!!2002
Red DevilPerpetual Flame2008
Red HouseHigh Impact2009
Relentless FuryParabellum2021
Revelation (Drinking With The Devil)Unleash The Fury2005
RevolutionUnleash The Fury2005
Riot In The DungeonsOdyssey1988
Rise UpAttack!!2002
Rising ForceOdyssey1988
Russian RouletteUnleash The Fury2005
SacrificeFacing The Animal1997
Save Our LoveEclipse1990
Save Our Love (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Sea Of TranquilityParabellum2021
See You In Hell (Don't Be Late)Eclipse1990
Seventh SignThe Seventh Sign1994
Ship Of FoolsAttack!!2002
Smoke On The WaterBlue Lightning2019
Soldier Without FaithMarching Out1985
SorrowThe Seventh Sign1994
Sorrow (Version 2009)Angels Of Love2009
Spanish Castle MagicInspiration1996
Spanish Castle Magic (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989
Spanish Castle Magic (live)The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
Stand (The)Alchemy1999
Sun's Up Top's DownBlue Lightning2019
TarotWar To End All Wars2000
TeaserFire And Ice1992
The BogeymanUnleash The Fury2005
The Good FightParabellum2021
The HuntUnleash The Fury2005
The Only OneMagnum Opus1995
The Sails Of CharonInspiration1996
The WizardWar To End All Wars2000
Time Will TellMagnum Opus1995
Tomorrow's GoneMagnum Opus1995
TournamentMagnum Opus1995
Trilogy SuiteHigh Impact2009
Trilogy Suite Op. 5Trilogy1986
Unleash The FuryUnleash The Fury2005
Valley Of The KingsAttack!!2002
VengeanceMagnum Opus1995
VoodooMagnum Opus1995
Voodoo ChildThe Genesis2002
Voodoo NightsAlchemy1999
Voodoo NightsThe Genesis2002
War To End All WarsWar To End All Wars2000
What Do You WantEclipse1990
While My Guitar Gently WeepsBlue Lightning2019
Wield My SwordAlchemy1999
Wild OneWar To End All Wars2000
Winds Of War (Invasion)Unleash The Fury2005
Wolves At The DoorParabellum2021
You Don't Remember, I'll Never ForgetTrilogy1986
You Don't Remember, I'll Never ForgetThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection1991
You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget (live)Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad1989

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