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30'000 Days40 Years2021
30.000 DaysToy2016
30.000 Days (live)Live In Berlin2017
3rd Of JuneFlag1988
Angel NoStella1985
Angel NoYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Arthur SparkPoint2020
Arthur Spark40 Years2021
Assistant's CrySolid Pleasure1980
Ballet MecaniqueClaro que si1981
Bananas To The BeatSolid Pleasure1980
Bananas To The BeatYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Bananas To The Beat40 Years2021
Base For AlecYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Base For Alec40 Years2021
Basic AvenuePoint2020
Basic Avenue40 Years2021
Beyond MirrorsPocket Universe1997
Big Boy's BluesPoint2020
BimboSolid Pleasure1980
BimboThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Bimbo40 Years2021
Blazing SaddlesFlag1988
Blender40 Years2021
Blue BiscuitToy2016
Blue Biscuit (live)Live In Berlin2017
Blue GreenSolid Pleasure1980
BostichSolid Pleasure1980
Bostich40 Years2021
Bostich (12'' Remix)Yello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Bostich (12'' Remix)Essential1992
Bostich (live)Live In Berlin2017
Bostich (Reflected)Touch Yello2009
Bostich (Reflected)The Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
BougainvilleThe Eye2003
Bubbling UnderMotion Picture1999
Call It LoveOne Second1987
Call It LoveEssential1992
Capri CallingBaby1991
CelsiusPocket Universe1997
Ciel OuvertStella1985
Coast To PolkaSolid Pleasure1980
Cold Flame (+ Malia)Toy2016
Cold Flame (+ Malia)40 Years2021
Cold Flame (live) (+ Malia)Live In Berlin2017
Core ShiftPoint2020
Crash DanceYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
Croissant BleuMotion Picture1999
CyclopsMotion Picture1999
Daily DiscoClaro que si1981
Daily DiscoYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Daily Disco40 Years2021
Dark SideToy2016
Desert InnStella1985
DesireYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
DesireThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Dialectical KidToy2016
Dialectical Kid40 Years2021
Distant MirrorMotion Picture1999
Distant SolutionThe Eye2003
Distant Solution40 Years2021
Do ItZebra1994
Do It (live)Live In Berlin2017
DomingoYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Don TurbulentoThe Eye2003
Don Turbulento40 Years2021
Downtown SambaSolid Pleasure1980
Dr. Van SteinerOne Second1987
Drive - DrivenBaby1991
Drive - DrivenEssential1992
Drive - DrivenThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Drive - Driven40 Years2021
Electric FrameTouch Yello2009
Electrified IIToy2016
Electrified II40 Years2021
Electrified II (live) (+ Malia)Live In Berlin2017
Eternal LegsSolid Pleasure1980
Fat CryZebra1994
Frautonium IntroToy2016
Friday SmileTouch Yello2009
Friday Smile40 Years2021
Get OnMotion Picture1999
Give You The World (+ Malia)Toy2016
GoldrushOne Second1987
GoldrushThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Goldrush40 Years2021
Great MissionYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
Hawaiian ChanceOne Second1987
Heavy WhispersYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
Hipster's DelayThe Eye2003
Homage To The MountainBaby1991
Homer HossaClaro que si1981
Hot PanPoint2020
Hot Pan40 Years2021
HoudiniMotion Picture1999
Houdini40 Years2021
How HowZebra1994
How HowThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
I Love YouYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
I Love YouYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
I Love YouEssential1992
I Love You40 Years2021
I... I'm In LoveZebra1994
Indigo BayThe Eye2003
Jungle BillBaby1991
Jungle BillEssential1992
Jungle Bill40 Years2021
Junior BThe Eye2003
Kiss In BlueTouch Yello2009
Kiss The Cloud (+ Fifi Rong)Toy2016
Kiss The Cloud (live) (+ Fifi Rong)Live In Berlin2017
Koladi-OlaYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
L'Hotel (Bonus Track)One Second1987
La HabaneraOne Second1987
La Habanera40 Years2021
Le Secret FaridaOne Second1987
Let Me CryStella1985
Limbo40 Years2021
Limbo (live)Live In Berlin2017
Liquid LiesMotion Picture1999
Liquid Lies40 Years2021
Liquid Lies (live)Live In Berlin2017
Liquid MountainPocket Universe1997
Live At The RoxyYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Lost AgainYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
Lost AgainYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Lost AgainEssential1992
Lost AgainThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Lost Again40 Years2021
Lost In Motion (+ Fifi Rong)Toy2016
Lost In Motion (live) (+ Fifi Rong)Live In Berlin2017
Magma (live)Live In Berlin2017
MagneticPocket Universe1997
MagnetoSolid Pleasure1980
MassageSolid Pleasure1980
Mean Monday40 Years2021
MonolithPocket Universe1997
Moon On IceOne Second1987
Moon On Ice40 Years2021
MorePocket Universe1997
Move Dance Be BornZebra1994
NervousThe Eye2003
Night FlangerSolid Pleasure1980
Night TrainZebra1994
Night Train40 Years2021
No More RogerClaro que si1981
No More WordsYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
Ocean ClubBaby1991
Of Course I'm LyingFlag1988
Of Course I'm LyingEssential1992
Of Course I'm LyingThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Oh YeahStella1985
Oh YeahYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Oh YeahEssential1992
Oh YeahThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Oh Yeah40 Years2021
Oh Yeah (live)Live In Berlin2017
On The RunBaby1991
On TrackPocket Universe1997
Otto di CataniaFlag1988
Ouad el HabibClaro que si1981
Out Of DawnTouch Yello2009
Out Of Dawn40 Years2021
Out Of SightPoint2020
Pacific AMToy2016
Pan BluePocket Universe1997
Part LoveTouch Yello2009
Part LoveThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Pinball Cha ChaClaro que si1981
Pinball Cha ChaYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Pinball Cha ChaEssential1992
Pinball Cha Cha40 Years2021
Planet DadaThe Eye2003
Planet DadaThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Planet Dada40 Years2021
Planet Dada (Flamboyant)The Eye2003
Point BlankMotion Picture1999
Poom ShankaZebra1994
Prisoner Of His MindMotion Picture1999
Pumping VelvetYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
ResistorPocket Universe1997
Reverse LionSolid Pleasure1980
Rock StopSolid Pleasure1980
RubberbandmanThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Rubberbandman40 Years2021
Rush For JoePoint2020
Salut MayoumbaYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
SantiagoOne Second1987
Shake And ShiverMotion Picture1999
She's Got A GunClaro que si1981
She's Got A GunThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Si Senor The Hairy GrillOne Second1987
Si Senor The Hairy Grill (live)Live In Berlin2017
Siren Singing (+ Fifi Rong)Point2020
Smile On YouYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
Solar DriftwoodPocket Universe1997
Solar Driftwood40 Years2021
Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)Stella1985
Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)Yello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Soul On IceThe Eye2003
Soul On Ice40 Years2021
Spinning My MindPoint2020
Spinning My Mind40 Years2021
Squeeze PleaseMotion Picture1999
Squeeze PleaseThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
StanztriggerSolid Pleasure1980
Star BreathThe Eye2003
Starlight SceneToy2016
Starlight Scene (live)Live In Berlin2017
StayTouch Yello2009
Stay (+ Heidi Happy)40 Years2021
Suite 909Zebra1994
Sweet ThunderBaby1991
SwingYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983
SwingYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Take It AllClaro que si1981
Takla MakanTouch Yello2009
Tangier BlueTouch Yello2009
Tangier Blue40 Years2021
The Evening's YoungClaro que si1981
The Evening's YoungYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
The Evening's Young40 Years2021
The Evening's Young (live)Live In Berlin2017
The ExpertTouch Yello2009
The ExpertThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
The Expert40 Years2021
The LorryClaro que si1981
The Premix (How How)Zebra1994
The RaceFlag1988
The RaceEssential1992
The RaceThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
The Race40 Years2021
The Race (live)Live In Berlin2017
The Rhythm DivineOne Second1987
The Rhythm DivineThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
The Rhythm Divine (1992 Version)Essential1992
The Time Tunnel (live)Live In Berlin2017
The Vanishing Of Peter StrongPoint2020
The Vanishing Of Peter Strong40 Years2021
The Yellofier Song (live)Live In Berlin2017
Tied UpFlag1988
Tied UpEssential1992
Tied Up40 Years2021
Tied Up (live)Live In Berlin2017
Tied Up In GearFlag1988
Tied Up In Red (Bonus Track)Flag1988
Tiger DustThe Eye2003
Tiger Dust40 Years2021
Till TomorrowTouch Yello2009
Till Tomorrow (+ Till Brönner)40 Years2021
Time FreezeMotion Picture1999
Time PalaceThe Eye2003
Time Palace40 Years2021
To The SeaPocket Universe1997
To The SeaThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
To The Sea (Radio Version - Northern Mix)Pocket Universe1997
Tool Of LoveToy2016
Tool Of Love (live)Live In Berlin2017
Toy SquareToy2016
Trackless DeepTouch Yello2009
Tremendous PainZebra1994
Tremendous PainThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Tremendous Pain40 Years2021
Tub DubYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
UnrealThe Eye2003
Vertical VisionTouch Yello2009
Vicious GamesStella1985
Vicious GamesYello 1980 - 1985 - The New Mix In One Go1986
Vicious GamesEssential1992
Vicious Games40 Years2021
Vicious Games (2010)The Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
Waba DubaPoint2020
Waba Duba40 Years2021
Way DownPoint2020
Way Down40 Years2021
Who's GoneBaby1991
Who's GoneThe Singles Collection 1980 - 20102010
You Better HideTouch Yello2009
You Gotta Say Yes To Another ExcessYou Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess1983

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