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6 Steps (Bonus Track)Legions Of Bastards2011
A Thief InsideFeeding The Machine2020
AbsintheLegions Of Bastards2011
Back From The GraveDevil Seed2014
Black WidowFeeding The Machine2020
Blood AngelRavenous2009
Curse You SalemRavenous2009
Dead Man's HandFeeding The Machine2020
Devil In The FleshFeeding The Machine2020
False PreacherLegions Of Bastards2011
Feeding The MachineFeeding The Machine2020
FrozenDevil Seed2014
Full Moon PossessionLegions Of Bastards2011
GuillotineFeeding The Machine2020
Hail CaesarRavenous2009
Hiding In ShadowsRavenous2009
Hope To DieLegions Of Bastards2011
I Am PainDevil Seed2014
Jekyll And HydeLegions Of Bastards2011
K - 141 KurskLegions Of Bastards2011
Killing FloorDevil Seed2014
Love At First BiteRavenous2009
Mass ConfusionFeeding The Machine2020
Method To Your Madness (Bonus Track)Legions Of Bastards2011
Midnight HourFeeding The Machine2020
Mr TwistedRavenous2009
My DemonDevil Seed2014
Nocturnal RitesLegions Of Bastards2011
Overture In C SharkDevil Seed2014
River EverlostDevil Seed2014
Road To HellLegions Of Bastards2011
Secrets We KeepRavenous2009
Shark AttackDevil Seed2014
Shoot To KillFeeding The Machine2020
Skeleton WomanDevil Seed2014
Skull CrusherLegions Of Bastards2011
Speed OnRavenous2009
Spoon BenderFeeding The Machine2020
Surgeons Of LobotomyDevil Seed2014
Tales From The CryptLegions Of Bastards2011
The Cold EmptinessFeeding The Machine2020
The Dark PassengerDevil Seed2014
The RavenFeeding The Machine2020
Vicious CompanionsLegions Of Bastards2011
Whisky Psycho HellionsRavenous2009

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