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5150Blood Of My Enemy2017
A Cold Day In HellA Cold Day In Hell2005
A Cold Day In HellDecimate The Weak2008
A New DayBlood Of My Enemy2017
A Walk Among The DeadBlood Of My Enemy2017
Angels Of DebaucheryDecimate The Weak2008
Anthems Of ApocalypseA Cold Day In Hell2005
Anthems Of ApocalypseDecimate The Weak2008
Approach The PodiumThe Great Stone War2009
Battle ScarsThe Great Stone War2009
Blood Of My EnemyBlood Of My Enemy2017
Brotherhood (Feat. John Mishima)A Cold Day In Hell2005
Chest And HornsThe Great Stone War2009
Classic StruggleThe Great Stone War2009
Creed of TyrantsThe Great Stone War2009
Dark WatersBlood Of My Enemy2017
Dead On The Dance FloorA Cold Day In Hell2005
Decimate The WeakDecimate The Weak2008
EarthThe Great Stone War2009
Either Way You LoseBlood Of My Enemy2017
Forged In FireThe Great Stone War2009
From Failure, Comes ClarityBlood Of My Enemy2017
Full Chamber RouletteA Cold Day In Hell2005
Kings Of CarnageBlood Of My Enemy2017
LegionsA Cold Day In Hell2005
LegionsDecimate The Weak2008
Nameless WalkerBlood Of My Enemy2017
Never AloneBlood Of My Enemy2017
One Body Too ManyA Cold Day In Hell2005
One Body Too ManyDecimate The Weak2008
Origins And EndingsDecimate The Weak2008
Our RequiemThe Great Stone War2009
Pack Of WolvesA Cold Day In Hell2005
ReloadedDecimate The Weak2008
SnakeskinBlood Of My Enemy2017
Soldiers Of DoomsdayThe Great Stone War2009
Soul EaterBlood Of My Enemy2017
The Day AfterA Cold Day In Hell2005
The Great Stone WarThe Great Stone War2009
The ImpalerDecimate The Weak2008
Tides Of ChangeThe Great Stone War2009
Tomorrow Is Not A PromiseA Cold Day In Hell2005
UnbreakableDecimate The Weak2008

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