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A Fool In LoveGood To Be Bad2008
A Fool In Love (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Adagio For Strato (live)Live At Donington 19902011
After AllFlesh And Blood2019
Ain't Gonna Cry No MoreReady An' Willing1980
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The CitySnakebite1978
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (live)The Purple Tour2017
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (live)Unzipped2018
All For LoveGood To Be Bad2008
All I Want All I NeedGood To Be Bad2008
All I Want All I Need (live)Unzipped2018
All I Want, All I Need (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
All In The Name Of LoveRestless Heart1997
All Or NothingSlide It In1984
All Or NothingThe Rock Album2020
All Out Of LuckForevermore2011
All The Time In The WorldUnzipped2018
Always And ForeverFlesh And Blood2019
Always The SameThe Rock Album2020
Anything You WantThe Rock Album2020
Bad Boys19871987
Bad Boys (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Bad Boys (live)The Purple Tour2017
Belgian Tom's Hat TrickTrouble1978
Best YearsGood To Be Bad2008
Best YearsThe Rock Album2020
Best Years (live)Made In Japan2013
Black And BlueReady An' Willing1980
BlindmanReady An' Willing1980
Bloody LuxurySaints An' Sinners1982
Bloody MarySnakebite1978
BurnThe Purple Album2015
Burn (live)The Purple Tour2017
Call On MeGood To Be Bad2008
Can You Hear The Wind BlowGood To Be Bad2008
Can You Hear the Wind BlowThe Rock Album2020
Can You Hear The Wind Blow (live)Unzipped2018
Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong (Bonus Track)Flesh And Blood2019
Can't Go OnRestless Heart1997
Can't Go On (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Can't Go On (live)Unzipped2018
Can?t Stop NowThe Rock Album2020
Carry Your LoadReady An' Willing1980
Cheap An' NastySlip Of The Tongue1989
Cheap An' Nasty (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Child Of BabylonCome An' Get It1981
Children Of The Night19871987
Come An' Get ItCome An' Get It1981
Come OnSnakebite1978
CryingRestless Heart1997
CryingThe Rock Album2020
Crying In The RainSaints An' Sinners1982
Crying In The Rain19871987
Crying In The Rain (1987 Version)Greatest Hits1994
Crying In The Rain (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Crying In The Rain (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Dancing GirlsSaints An' Sinners1982
Day TripperTrouble1978
Dogs In The StreetForevermore2011
Don't Break My Heart AgainCome An' Get It1981
Don't Fade AwayRestless Heart1997
Don't Fade Away (live)Unzipped2018
Don't Mess With MeTrouble1978
Don't Turn Away19871987
Don't You Cry (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Drum Solo (live)Made In Japan2013
Easier Said Than DoneForevermore2011
Easier Said Than Done (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Easier Said Than Done (Acoustic Version)Unzipped2018
Evil Ways (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Fare Thee WellForevermore2011
Fare Thee Well (Acoustic Version)Unzipped2018
Fare Thee Well (Acoustic Version) (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Flesh And BloodFlesh And Blood2019
Flying Dutchman Boogie (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Fool For Your LovingReady An' Willing1980
Fool For Your LovingSlip Of The Tongue1989
Fool For Your Loving (1989 Version)Greatest Hits1994
Fool For Your Loving (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Fool For Your Loving (live)Made In Japan2013
Fool For Your Loving (live)The Purple Tour2017
Fool For Your Loving (live)Unzipped2018
Fool For Your Loving (live)Unzipped2018
For The Love Of God (live)Live At Donington 19902011
ForevermoreThe Rock Album2020
Forevermore (live)Made In Japan2013
Forevermore (Unzipped Version)Unzipped2018
Free FlightTrouble1978
GamblerSlide It In1984
Get UpFlesh And Blood2019
GirlCome An' Get It1981
Give Me All Of Your Love (live)Unzipped2018
Give Me All Your Love19871987
Give Me All Your LoveThe Rock Album2020
Give Me All Your Love (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Give Me All Your Love (live)The Purple Tour2017
Give Me All Your Love (live)Unzipped2018
Give Me All Your Love Tonight (live)Made In Japan2013
Give Me More TimeSlide It In1984
Gonna Be AlrightFlesh And Blood2019
Gonna Be Alright (X-Tendo Mix) Bonus Track)Flesh And Blood2019
Good To Be BadGood To Be Bad2008
Good To Be Bad (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Good To Be Bad (Acoustic Version) (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Good To See You AgainFlesh And Blood2019
Got What You NeedGood To Be Bad2008
Guilty Of LoveSlide It In1984
Heart Of StoneFlesh And Blood2019
Help Me Thro' The DayLovehunter1979
Here I Go AgainSaints An' Sinners1982
Here I Go AgainThe Rock Album2020
Here I Go Again (87)19871987
Here I Go Again (87)Greatest Hits1994
Here I Go Again (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Here I Go Again (live)Made In Japan2013
Here I Go Again (live)The Purple Tour2017
Here I Go Again (live)Unzipped2018
Here I Go Again (live)Unzipped2018
Hey You (You Make Me Rock)Flesh And Blood2019
Hit An' RunCome An' Get It1981
Holy ManThe Purple Album2015
Hot StuffCome An' Get It1981
Hungry For LoveSlide It In1984
I Need You (Shine A Light)Forevermore2011
If I Can't Have You (Bonus Track)Flesh And Blood2019
If You Want Me (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Is This Love19871987
Is This LoveGreatest Hits1994
Is This Love (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Is This Love (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Is This Love (live)Made In Japan2013
Is This Love (live)The Purple Tour2017
Is This Love (live)Unzipped2018
Judgement DayGreatest Hits1994
Judgement DayThe Rock Album2020
Judgement Day (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Judgment DaySlip Of The Tongue1989
Keep On Giving Me LoveSnakebite1978
Kitten's Got Claws (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Kittens Got ClawsSlip Of The Tongue1989
Lady Double DealerThe Purple Album2015
Lay Down Stay DownThe Purple Album2015
Lay Down Your LoveGood To Be Bad2008
Lay Down Your Love (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Lay Down Your Love (live)Unzipped2018
Lay Down Your Love (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Let's Talk It Over (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Lie DownTrouble1978
Lonely Days, Lonely NightsCome An' Get It1981
Long Way From HomeLovehunter1979
Looking For Love19871987
Looking For LoveGreatest Hits1994
Looking For Love (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Love Ain't No StrangerSlide It In1984
Love Ain't No StrangerGreatest Hits1994
Love Ain't No Stranger (live)Made In Japan2013
Love Ain't No Stranger (live)The Purple Tour2017
Love Ain't No Stranger (live)Unzipped2018
Love Ain?t No StrangerThe Rock Album2020
Love An' AffectionSaints An' Sinners1982
Love And Treat Me RightForevermore2011
Love ChildThe Purple Album2015
Love HunterLovehunter1979
Love Is BlindUnzipped2018
Love Is Blind (Instrumental Strings Only)Unzipped2018
Love ManReady An' Willing1980
Love To Keep You WarmTrouble1978
Love Will Set You FreeForevermore2011
Love Will Set You Free (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Love Will Set You Free (live)Made In Japan2013
Love Will Set You Free (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Mean BusinessLovehunter1979
Medicine ManLovehunter1979
Midnight Blue (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Might Just Take Your LifeThe Purple Album2015
MistreatedThe Purple Album2015
Mistreated (live)The Purple Tour2017
My Evil WaysForevermore2011
Need Your Love So BadSlide It In1984
Night HawkTrouble1978
Now You're GoneSlip Of The Tongue1989
Now You're GoneGreatest Hits1994
Now You're Gone (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
One Of These DaysForevermore2011
One Of These Days (Acoustic Version)Unzipped2018
One Of These Days (Acoustic Version) (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Only My SoulSnakebite1978
Only My Soul (Acapella) (live)Unzipped2018
Queen Of HeartsSnakebite1978
Ready An' WillingReady An' Willing1980
Restless HeartRestless Heart1997
Restless HeartThe Rock Album2020
Rock An' Roll AngelsSaints An' Sinners1982
Rock'n' Roll WomenLovehunter1979
Rough An' ReadySaints An' Sinners1982
Sail AwayThe Purple Album2015
Sailing ShipsSlip Of The Tongue1989
Sailing Ships (live)Unzipped2018
Saints An' SinnersSaints An' Sinners1982
Sands Of TimeFlesh And Blood2019
Sands Of Time (Radio Mix) Bonus Track)Flesh And Blood2019
She Give MeThe Rock Album2020
She's A WomanReady An' Willing1980
Shut Up And Kiss MeFlesh And Blood2019
Shut Up And Kiss Me (Video Mix) Bonus Track)Flesh And Blood2019
Six String Showdown (live)Made In Japan2013
Slide It InSlide It In1984
Slide It InGreatest Hits1994
Slide It In (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Slip Of The TongueSlip Of The Tongue1989
Slip Of The Tongue (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Slow An Easy (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Slow An' EasySlide It In1984
Slow An' EasyGreatest Hits1994
Slow An' Easy (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Slow Poke MusicSlip Of The Tongue1989
Soldier Of FortuneThe Purple Album2015
Soldier Of Fortune (live)The Purple Tour2017
Soldier Of Fortune (live)Unzipped2018
Spit It OutSlide It In1984
Standing In The ShadowSlide It In1984
Stay With MeRestless Heart1997
Steal AwaySnakebite1978
Steal Your Heart AwayForevermore2011
Steal Your Heart Away (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Steal Your Heart Away (live)Made In Japan2013
Steal Your Heart Away (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
Still Of The Night19871987
Still Of The NightGreatest Hits1994
Still Of The NightThe Rock Album2020
Still Of The Night (live)Live At Donington 19902011
Still Of The Night (live)Made In Japan2013
Still Of The Night (live)The Purple Tour2017
StormbringerThe Purple Album2015
Straight For The Heart19871987
Summer RainGood To Be Bad2008
Summer Rain (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Summer Rain (Unzipped Version)Unzipped2018
Sweet Lady LuckGreatest Hits1994
Sweet TalkerReady An' Willing1980
Take Me Back AgainRestless Heart1997
Take Me Back Again (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Take Me With YouTrouble1978
Tell Me HowForevermore2011
Tell Me HowThe Rock Album2020
Tell Me How (Acoustic Version) (Soundcheck)Made In Japan2013
The Audience Is Listening (live)Live At Donington 19902011
The Deeper The LoveSlip Of The Tongue1989
The Deeper The LoveGreatest Hits1994
The Deeper The Love (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
The Deeper The Love (live)Unzipped2018
The Deeper The Love (live)Unzipped2018
The GypsyThe Purple Album2015
The Gypsy (live)The Purple Tour2017
The River Song (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
The Time Is Right For LoveTrouble1978
Til The End Of TimeGood To Be Bad2008
Till The Day I DieCome An' Get It1981
Till The End Of Time (Remastered)Unzipped2018
Too Many TearsRestless Heart1997
Too Many Tears (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Too Many Tears (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Too Many Tears (live)Unzipped2018
Trouble Is Your Middle NameFlesh And Blood2019
Victim Of LoveSaints An' Sinners1982
Walking In The Shadow Of The BluesLovehunter1979
We Wish You WellLovehunter1979
Well I NeverFlesh And Blood2019
When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)Flesh And Blood2019
Wherever You May Go (Instrumental Strings Only)Unzipped2018
Wherever You May Go (Remastered)Unzipped2018
Whipping Boy BluesForevermore2011
Whipping Boy Blues (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Wine, Women An' SongCome An' Get It1981
Wings Of The StormSlip Of The Tongue1989
With All Of My Heart (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Woman Trouble BluesRestless Heart1997
Woman Trouble Blues (2020 Remix)The Blues Album2021
Would I Lie To YouCome An' Get It1981
You 'n' MeLovehunter1979
You Fool No OneThe Purple Album2015
You Fool No One (live)The Purple Tour2017
You Keep On MovingThe Purple Album2015
You're Gonna Break My Heart Again19871987
You're Gonna Break My Heart AgainGreatest Hits1994
You're So FineRestless Heart1997
Young BloodSaints An' Sinners1982
Your Precious LoveRestless Heart1997
Your Precious Love (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020
Yours For The Asking (2020 Remix)Love Songs (MMXX)2020

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