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ArdorSuspended At Aphelion2014
Destroyer Of SolaceFear Of Inifinity2011
EpiloguVast Oceans Lachrymose2009
Epistle No. 81Of Empires Forlorn2003
FinalityFear Of Inifinity2011
HeartburstSuspended At Aphelion2014
Hour Of ReprisalFear Of Inifinity2011
Icarus And ISuspended At Aphelion2014
In AeturnumLovesongs Of The Forsaken1995
In AeturnumOf Empires Forlorn2003
Indifference Turned ParalysisSuspended At Aphelion2014
Into The Wells Of SorrowSorrow Of The Angels1998
IntrospectusSuspended At Aphelion2014
La mort d'amourLovesongs Of The Forsaken1995
Lifelines LostSuspended At Aphelion2014
Living SepulchreVast Oceans Lachrymose2009
Obsessions Now EffigiesFear Of Inifinity2011
Of Empires ForlornOf Empires Forlorn2003
Reminiscence Of StrangersSuspended At Aphelion2014
RetrospectusSuspended At Aphelion2014
Saturn And SacrificeFear Of Inifinity2011
Searching The StarsSuspended At Aphelion2014
SeptemberSorrow Of The Angels1998
Sorrow Of The AngelLovesongs Of The Forsaken1995
Sorrow Of The AngelsOf Empires Forlorn2003
Souls In PermafrostSuspended At Aphelion2014
SoulsadnessOf Empires Forlorn2003
The Death Of LoveSorrow Of The Angels1998
The Drowning YearsOf Empires Forlorn2003
The Furthest ShoreVast Oceans Lachrymose2009
The Memory Of BleedingSuspended At Aphelion2014
Thus With A Kiss I DieSorrow Of The Angels1998
To Grieve ForeverFear Of Inifinity2011
To Wander The VoidVast Oceans Lachrymose2009
UnplentitudeFear Of Inifinity2011
Vast Oceans LachrymoseVast Oceans Lachrymose2009
VesselVast Oceans Lachrymose2009
Voice In The WindOf Empires Forlorn2003

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