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A Dead CurrentWar Without End2008
Abandoned By TimeWaking Into Nightmares2009
At The Crack Of DoomWar Without End2008
Behind The Veils Of Night (Instrumental)Worlds Torn Asunder2011
Beneath The WavesWar Without End2008
Black Sun, Black MoonIV: Empires Collapse2013
Born Of The RuinsWar Without End2008
Combat ShockWar Without End2008
Demonic EcstasyWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Descending BladeWoe To The Vanquished2017
Divinity Of FleshWoe To The Vanquished2017
Dread CommandWar Without End2008
Dying LightIV: Empires Collapse2013
Echoes From The VoidWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Enemies Of The StateWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Execute Them AllWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Forgotten DeadWaking Into Nightmares2009
Future Ages GoneWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Hell On EarthWar Without End2008
HorizonIV: Empires Collapse2013
Hunter-SeekerIV: Empires Collapse2013
Instruments Of TortureWar Without End2008
Iron CityIV: Empires Collapse2013
JackalWaking Into Nightmares2009
LeviathanIV: Empires Collapse2013
Living In A WhirlwindWaking Into Nightmares2009
Living WeaponWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Nightmare AnatomyWaking Into Nightmares2009
Off With Their Heads!IV: Empires Collapse2013
One DimensionIV: Empires Collapse2013
Prey For DeathWaking Into Nightmares2009
Remain ViolentWoe To The Vanquished2017
SacrificeWorlds Torn Asunder2011
SavageryWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Scars RemainIV: Empires Collapse2013
Scorched EarthWaking Into Nightmares2009
Senseless LifeWaking Into Nightmares2009
Severed RealityWaking Into Nightmares2009
Shadow From The TombWaking Into Nightmares2009
Shattered Like GlassWorlds Torn Asunder2011
ShellfireWoe To The Vanquished2017
Shoot To KillWar Without End2008
SilhouettesWoe To The Vanquished2017
Spectral AsylumWoe To The Vanquished2017
Systematic GenocideWar Without End2008
The Turning Of The GearsIV: Empires Collapse2013
Total WarWar Without End2008
Towers Of The SerpentIV: Empires Collapse2013
Treacherous TongueWorlds Torn Asunder2011
Wake Up... DestroyWorlds Torn Asunder2011
When The Guns Fell SilentWoe To The Vanquished2017
Woe To The VanquishedWoe To The Vanquished2017

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