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4000 YearsRadium Round1999
4sSo Fine!1994
A ForestSo Fine!1994
A SignYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
Aching EyesBlood Sample2005
Aika tuuleePala Leipää1993
All Roads Will Lead To RomeBlood Sample2005
AloneRare Species2004
AtmosfearBig Bang1995
Atom AngelRadium Round1999
Atom AngelThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
AutumnSo Fine!1994
Bach To The BottomRadium Round1999
Back To The AudioBlood Sample2005
Ballad (To The Glory Of Your Nature)Channel Nordica (CNN)2000
Big Bang (Dream Avenue)Big Bang1995
Big SleepRelease Date2007
Blind ZoneSpace Avenue1997
Broken BizarreRadium Round1999
Celtic FunkSo Fine!1994
City NeuroticRadium Round1999
Cityshamaani: Colgate CountryRelease Date2007
Cityshamaani: HypeRelease Date2007
Cityshamaani: MorningRelease Date2007
Cityshamaani: Night FlightRelease Date2007
Cityshamaani: SympathyRelease Date2007
Cityshamaani: The Incarnation PartyRelease Date2007
Color TVBig Bang1995
Come On Come OnChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
Completely AloneYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
ConnectionBig Bang1995
CuriosityMonk Punk1991
Dance ElectricTorcha!1992
Darling BoyBlood Sample2005
Days Of DistressPala Leipää1993
Death PartyTorcha!1992
Death PartyThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Dedicated To The FlyersTorcha!1992
Deeper Into The MudYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
Digging InsideBlood Sample2005
DreamRare Species2004
DreamThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
DreamworldRare Species2004
DreamworldThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Every Bad DayRadium Round1999
Exterminator WarheadsBlood Sample2005
ExternalSpace Avenue1997
F.U.C.K. RapPala Leipää1993
Far AwaySpace Avenue1997
Far AwayDecade1998
FeelBig Bang1995
Fly Into The LightBlood Sample2005
Follow Me InsideBig Bang1995
Follow Me InsideDecade1998
Fool's GoldTorcha!1992
Freddie LakerSo Fine!1994
Fuckadelican GardenTorcha!1992
Get SlampedRelease Date2007
Get StampedThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Good GodMonk Punk1991
Good GodPala Leipää1993
Guardian AngelRare Species2004
Hard And PositiveChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
HelloMonk Punk1991
HelpMonk Punk1991
HelsinkiBlood Sample2005
HelsinkiThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Hervosen kuvaMonk Punk1991
HippakaveriPala Leipää1993
Hot EnoughBlood Sample2005
I Am In ParisBlood Sample2005
I Held You So LongTorcha!1992
I Was Born In The Wrong DecadeMonk Punk1991
I'm A BelieverTorcha!1992
IceboxPala Leipää1993
Ii Dohko GuvluigeChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
In The CradleThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
IntroChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
IsolatedMonk Punk1991
JänkhäBig Bang1995
JänkhäChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
JuliaRare Species2004
JuliaBlood Sample2005
Jungle RatsDecade1998
KinastellaanPala Leipää1993
Let's Get CrucifiedBig Bang1995
Let's Puke TogetherRelease Date2007
Life Without LoveRare Species2004
Life Without Love (Billy Gould' S Remix)The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Lights OnTorcha!1992
Lights OnDecade1998
Liisteri - miesPala Leipää1993
Live ThisRare Species2004
Living Then Living NowRare Species2004
Look Out ToniteSpace Avenue1997
Love RocketRadium Round1999
Lust Of LifeTorcha!1992
Mad BoySo Fine!1994
Mad LuxurySpace Avenue1997
Mä haluun flääPala Leipää1993
Main StreamSpace Avenue1997
Megacity RainRare Species2004
Messengers (The Time Has Come)Channel Nordica (CNN)2000
Misty DrearinessYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
Misty ManSo Fine!1994
Misty ManDecade1998
MoveYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
MuittutChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
Mut hei Pala Leipää1993
My PainRare Species2004
MysteriousSo Fine!1994
NakkiPala Leipää1993
Nature Is WildSo Fine!1994
NeverBlood Sample2005
New ChurchRare Species2004
New YorkBlood Sample2005
No Limit - Symphony Of DestructionRare Species2004
Not EnoughThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Number NoneRadium Round1999
Olen sfuraajaPala Leipää1993
On My IceBig Bang1995
One DayRare Species2004
One DayThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
One In The LineBig Bang1995
Pala leipaaPala Leipää1993
PigeonsBlood Sample2005
Piggy In The MiddleSo Fine!1994
PoisPala Leipää1993
Power Of ThoughtsRadium Round1999
Prime TimeSpace Avenue1997
ProgressionSpace Avenue1997
Purify YourselfSpace Avenue1997
Quick As A DayRare Species2004
Radium RoundRadium Round1999
Rag Your Body Beat (R. Cheese Version)The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Rap Your Body BeatPala Leipää1993
Rap Your Body BeatDecade1998
Rap Your Body FeatMonk Punk1991
RasnavitsaviaPala Leipää1993
Real OneBig Bang1995
Rhythm Is A CancerSo Fine!1994
RideMonk Punk1991
Sad SongMonk Punk1991
Sad SongPala Leipää1993
Same Old StoryMonk Punk1991
Sami EatnanChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
ScumRadium Round1999
Sensitive TouchBig Bang1995
Sex In The BeergardenRelease Date2007
Shades To GraceBlood Sample2005
ShoutPala Leipää1993
ShowtimeBig Bang1995
SillanpääPala Leipää1993
Slow Thinking StreetBig Bang1995
So FineSo Fine!1994
So FineDecade1998
So Fine (2000)Channel Nordica (CNN)2000
SpokeboneRelease Date2007
StarsSpace Avenue1997
Stay PositiveChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
System odda aiggiThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
System Odda AigiChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
ThdRelease Date2007
The Beginning SongSo Fine!1994
The Dawning Of DoomDecade1998
The Lie Of The ZombieTorcha!1992
The PlanRadium Round1999
The StageBig Bang1995
The StageDecade1998
The Struggle For Life And Death Of KnowledgeYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
The TopYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
There's No TomorrowRare Species2004
Till The Music NationTorcha!1992
Time, IrrelevantYeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony In Deep C)1996
TiredMonk Punk1991
To GiveSo Fine!1994
Too Much EmptinessBlood Sample2005
TravellerChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
Tuttu juttuPala Leipää1993
Uhoa, el tuhoaPala Leipää1993
Universal SongMonk Punk1991
Virtual AigaiChannel Nordica (CNN)2000
Walkin' In The NeonSpace Avenue1997
Walkin' In The NeonDecade1998
Wasting My MindRare Species2004
What I Really KnowRare Species2004
Wide AwakeBlood Sample2005
Wish I Could HealRelease Date2007
Wish I Could HealThe 2nd Decade - In The Cradle2008
Wolves On The StreetSpace Avenue1997
You Know BetterTorcha!1992

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