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6th Avenue HeartacheBringing Down The Horse1996
After The Blackbird SingsThe Wallflowers1992
All Things New AgainRebel, Sweetheart2005
Angel On My BikeBringing Down The Horse1996
Another One In The DarkThe Wallflowers1992
Ashes To AshesThe Wallflowers1992
Asleep At The WheelThe Wallflowers1992
Back To CaliforniaRebel, Sweetheart2005
Be Your Own GirlThe Wallflowers1992
Beautiful Side Of SomewhereRebel, Sweetheart2005
BleedersBringing Down The Horse1996
Closer 2 YouRed Letter Days2002
Constellation BluesGlad All Over2012
Darlin' Hold OnExit Wounds2021
Days Of WonderRebel, Sweetheart2005
Empire In My MindRed Letter Days2002
Everybody Out Of The WaterRed Letter Days2002
Everything I NeedRed Letter Days2002
Feels Like SummerRed Letter Days2002
First One In The CarGlad All Over2012
For The Life Of MeThe Wallflowers1992
From The Bottom Of My HeartRebel, Sweetheart2005
God Don't Make Lonely GirlsBringing Down The Horse1996
God Says Nothing BackRebel, Sweetheart2005
Hand Me DownBreach2000
Have Mercy On Him NowGlad All Over2012
Health And HappinessRed Letter Days2002
Here He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette)Rebel, Sweetheart2005
HollywoodThe Wallflowers1992
HoneybeeThe Wallflowers1992
Hospital For SinnersGlad All Over2012
How Far You've ComeRebel, Sweetheart2005
How Good Can It GetRed Letter Days2002
I Am A BuildingRebel, Sweetheart2005
I Hear The Ocean (When I Wanna Hear Trains)Exit Wounds2021
I Wish I Felt NothingBringing Down The Horse1996
I'll Let You Down (But Will Not Give You Up)Exit Wounds2021
I've Been DeliveredBreach2000
Invisible CityBringing Down The Horse1996
It Won't Be Long (Till We're Not Wrong Anymore)Glad All Over2012
It's A DreamGlad All Over2012
JosephineBringing Down The Horse1996
Laughing Out LoudBringing Down The Horse1996
Letters From The WastelandBreach2000
Love Is A CountryGlad All Over2012
Maybe Your Heart's Not In It No MoreExit Wounds2021
Misfits And Lovers (feat. Mick Jones)Glad All Over2012
Mourning TrainBreach2000
Move The RiverExit Wounds2021
Murder 101Breach2000
Nearly BelovedRebel, Sweetheart2005
Never Got SickRed Letter Days2002
One HeadlightBringing Down The Horse1996
One Set Of WingsGlad All Over2012
PassengerRebel, Sweetheart2005
PleasantvilleRed Letter Days2002
Reboot The Mission (feat. Mick Jones)Glad All Over2012
Roots And WingsExit Wounds2021
See You When I Get ThereRed Letter Days2002
Shy Of The MoonThe Wallflowers1992
Sidewalk AnnieThe Wallflowers1992
Some Flowers Bloom DeadBreach2000
Somebody Else's MoneyThe Wallflowers1992
SugarfootThe Wallflowers1992
The Daylight Between UsExit Wounds2021
The Devil's WaltzGlad All Over2012
The DifferenceBringing Down The Horse1996
The Dive Bar In My HeartExit Wounds2021
Three MarlenasBringing Down The Horse1996
Three WaysRed Letter Days2002
Too Late To QuitRed Letter Days2002
Up From UnderBreach2000
We're Already ThereRebel, Sweetheart2005
When You're On TopRed Letter Days2002
Who's That Man Walking 'round My GardenExit Wounds2021
Wrong End Of The SpearExit Wounds2021

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