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9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.Inside The Electric Circus1986
All My LifeThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
Arena Of PleasureThe Crimson Idol1992
Arena Of PleasureRe-Idolized2018
Asylum #9The Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Babylon's BurningBabylon2009
BallcrusherThe Last Command1985
Black Bone TorsoDying For The World2002
Black ForeverStill Not Black Enough1995
Blind In TexasThe Last Command1985
BreatheStill Not Black Enough1995
Can't Die TonightHelldorado1999
Chainsaw CharlieRe-Idolized2018
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)The Crimson Idol1992
CharismaUnholy Terror2001
Clockwork MaryThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
Cocaine CowboysHelldorado1999
Come Back To BlackThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
Cries In The NightThe Last Command1985
Damnation AngelsHelldorado1999
Deal With The DevilDominator2007
Destinies To Come (Neon Dion)The Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
Dirty BallsHelldorado1999
Doctor RockterThe Crimson Idol1992
Doctor RockterRe-Idolized2018
Don't Cry (Just Suck)Helldorado1999
Drive ByHelldorado1999
Easy LivingInside The Electric Circus1986
EuphoriaUnholy Terror2001
EvermoreUnholy Terror2001
Eyes Of My MakerGolgotha2015
Fallen UnderGolgotha2015
Fistful Of DiamondsThe Last Command1985
Forever FreeThe Headless Children1989
Godless RunBabylon2009
Goodbye AmericaStill Not Black Enough1995
Hallowed GroundDying For The World2002
Hallowed Ground (Acoustic)Dying For The World2002
Hate To Love MeUnholy Terror2001
Heaven's BlessedDominator2007
Heaven's Hung In BlackDominator2007
Heaven's Hung In Black (Reprise)Dominator2007
Hell For EternityDying For The World2002
Hero Of The WorldGolgotha2015
Hey MamaRe-Idolized2018
High On The FlamesHelldorado1999
Hold On To My HeartThe Crimson Idol1992
Hold On To My HeartRe-Idolized2018
Hot Rods To Hell (Helldorado Reprise)Helldorado1999
I Am OneThe Crimson Idol1992
I Am OneRe-Idolized2018
I Can'tStill Not Black Enough1995
I Don't Need No DoctorInside The Electric Circus1986
I Wanna Be SomebodyW.A.S.P.1984
Inside The Electric CircusInside The Electric Circus1986
Into The FireBabylon2009
Jack ActionThe Last Command1985
Keep Holding OnStill Not Black Enough1995
Kill Your Pretty FaceKill.Fuck.Die1997
King Of Sodom And GomorrahInside The Electric Circus1986
L.O.V.E. MachineW.A.S.P.1984
Last RunawayGolgotha2015
Let It RoarUnholy Terror2001
Little DeathKill.Fuck.Die1997
Live To Die Another DayBabylon2009
Loco-Motive ManUnholy Terror2001
Long, Long Way To GoDominator2007
ManeaterThe Headless Children1989
MantronicInside The Electric Circus1986
Me And The DevilThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Mean ManThe Headless Children1989
Mephisto WaltzThe Headless Children1989
Michael's SongRe-Idolized2018
Miss YouGolgotha2015
Miss YouRe-Idolized2018
My Tortured EyesKill.Fuck.Die1997
My Wicked HeartDying For The World2002
Never Say DieThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
No Way Out Of HereStill Not Black Enough1995
On Your KneesW.A.S.P.1984
OvertureThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Promised LandBabylon2009
Raging StormThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Raven HeartUnholy Terror2001
Rebel In The F.D.G.The Headless Children1989
Restless GypsyInside The Electric Circus1986
ResurrectorThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
RevengeanceDying For The World2002
Rock And Roll To DeathStill Not Black Enough1995
Rubber ManDying For The World2002
Running Wild In The StreetsThe Last Command1985
Saturday Night CockfightHelldorado1999
Scared To DeathStill Not Black Enough1995
School DazeW.A.S.P.1984
Seas Of FireBabylon2009
Sex DriveThe Last Command1985
Shadow ManDying For The World2002
Shoot From The HipInside The Electric Circus1986
Show TimeRe-Idolized2018
Side TwoInside The Electric Circus1986
Sister Sadie (And The Black Habits)The Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Slaves Of The New World OrderGolgotha2015
Sleeping (In The Fire)W.A.S.P.1984
Somebody To Love (Darby Slick)Still Not Black Enough1995
Someone To Love MeThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Still Not Black EnoughStill Not Black Enough1995
Stone Cold KillersDying For The World2002
Sweet CheetahInside The Electric Circus1986
Take Me UpDominator2007
Take The AddictionKill.Fuck.Die1997
Tear Down The WallsThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
The Big WelcomeInside The Electric Circus1986
The Burning ManDominator2007
The DemiseThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
The FlameW.A.S.P.1984
The Great Misconceptions Of MeThe Crimson Idol1992
The Great Misconceptions Of MeRe-Idolized2018
The Gypsy Meets The BoyThe Crimson Idol1992
The Gypsy Meets The BoyRe-Idolized2018
The Headless ChildrenThe Headless Children1989
The Heretic (The Lost Child)The Headless Children1989
The HorrorKill.Fuck.Die1997
The IdolThe Crimson Idol1992
The IdolRe-Idolized2018
The Invisible BoyThe Crimson Idol1992
The Invisible BoyRe-Idolized2018
The Last CommandThe Last Command1985
The Last RedemptionThe Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise2004
The Lost BoyRe-Idolized2018
The Neutron BomberThe Headless Children1989
The PeaceRe-Idolized2018
The Real MeThe Headless Children1989
The Red Room Of The Rising SunThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
The RiseThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
The Rock Rolls OnInside The Electric Circus1986
The Running ManThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
The Titanic OvertureThe Crimson Idol1992
The Titanic OvertureRe-Idolized2018
The Torture Never StopsW.A.S.P.1984
Thunder RedBabylon2009
ThunderheadThe Headless Children1989
Trail Of TearsDying For The World2002
Unholy TerrorUnholy Terror2001
Wasted White BoysUnholy Terror2001
What I'll Never FindThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Who Slayed Baby JaneUnholy Terror2001
Why Am I HereThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Why Am I NothingThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
Wicked LoveKill.Fuck.Die1997
WidowmakerThe Last Command1985
Wild ChildThe Last Command1985
Wishing WellThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004
X.T.C. RidersThe Neon God: Part 1- The Rise2004

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