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5 O'ClockWhisky Fingers2015
AlissaMore Than One Way Home2013
Angels Will CryVoodoo Circle2008
Bane Of My ExistenceMore Than One Way Home2013
Been Said And DoneWhisky Fingers2015
Blind ManBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Broken Heart SyndromeBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Castles Burn (Bonus Track)More Than One Way Home2013
Chase Me AwayRaised On Rock2018
Children Of The RevolutionLocked And Loaded2021
Coming Home To You (Bonus Track)Whisky Fingers2015
Cry For LoveMore Than One Way Home2013
Desperate HeartVoodoo Circle2008
Devil Takes Me DownWhisky Fingers2015
Devil With An Angel SmileLocked And Loaded2021
Devil's CrossLocked And Loaded2021
Devils DaughterBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Don't Take My Heart AgainBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Dream Of Eden (Doogie - David Version)Voodoo Circle2008
DreamcHaserRaised On Rock2018
Enter My World Of DarknessVoodoo Circle2008
Eyes Full Of TearsLocked And Loaded2021
Flesh And BoneLocked And Loaded2021
Graveyard CityMore Than One Way Home2013
Heal My PainBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Heart Of BabylonMore Than One Way Home2013
Heart Of StoneWhisky Fingers2015
Heartbreaking WomanWhisky Fingers2015
Heaven Can WaitVoodoo Circle2008
Higher LoveRaised On Rock2018
I'm In HeavenBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Just Take My HeartRaised On Rock2018
King Of Your DreamsBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Kingdom Of The BlindVoodoo Circle2008
Locked And LoadedLocked And Loaded2021
Love Is An OceanRaised On Rock2018
Magic Woman ChileLocked And Loaded2021
Man And MachineVoodoo Circle2008
Master Of IllusionVoodoo Circle2008
Medicine ManWhisky Fingers2015
More Than One Way HomeMore Than One Way Home2013
No Solution BluesBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Open Your EyesMore Than One Way Home2013
Running Away From LoveRaised On Rock2018
Shape Of Things To Come (Bonus Track)More Than One Way Home2013
Spewing LiesVoodoo Circle2008
Straight For The HeartLocked And Loaded2021
Straight ShooterWhisky Fingers2015
Tears In The RainMore Than One Way Home2013
The Day The Walls Came DownWhisky Fingers2015
The Ghost In Your HeartMore Than One Way Home2013
The Heavens Are BurningBroken Heart Syndrome2011
The Killer In YouMore Than One Way Home2013
The Rhythm Of My HeartWhisky Fingers2015
The Saint And The SinnerMore Than One Way Home2013
There's More To SeeRaised On Rock2018
This Could Be ParadiseBroken Heart Syndrome2011
This Song Is For YouLocked And Loaded2021
Time For The InnocentRaised On Rock2018
Trapped In ParadiseWhisky Fingers2015
Trouble In The MoonlightLocked And Loaded2021
Ultimate SinRaised On Rock2018
Unknown StrangerRaised On Rock2018
Victim Of LoveMore Than One Way Home2013
Walk On The LineRaised On Rock2018
Wasting TimeLocked And Loaded2021
Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)Whisky Fingers2015
We'll Never LearnVoodoo Circle2008
When Destiny CallsBroken Heart Syndrome2011
Where Is The World We LoveRaised On Rock2018
White Lady RequiemVoodoo Circle2008
Wings Of Their FuryBroken Heart Syndrome2011
You Promised Me HeavenRaised On Rock2018

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