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9mm SalvationRevelation Nausea2000
A Lesson In VirulenceCarnage Euphoria2009
Ashes Of Mourning LifeRedemption1999
Autopsy ExtravaganzaPrimal Massacre2004
Beneath The SoilRevelation Nausea2000
Blessed And ForsakenBlood Rapture2002
Blood RaptureBlood Rapture2002
BloodstainedOpus Mortis VIII2011
Chainsaw SurgeryPrimal Massacre2004
Chaos FuryBlood Rapture2002
Chapter Of PainRevelation Nausea2000
Combat PsychosisOpus Mortis VIII2011
Condemned By PridePrimal Massacre2004
Cremation CeremonyTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
Cursed RevelationsPrimal Massacre2004
Dark Grey EpochRaped In Their Own Blood1996
DeadlockCarnage Euphoria2009
Defiled And InferiorTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
Demons DivinePrimal Massacre2004
Embraced By PainRedemption1999
Epidemic (Created To Kill)Primal Massacre2004
Eternal Trail Of CorpsesTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
Eternity AppearsBlood Rapture2002
Exhaling LifeRevelation Nausea2000
Flesh PassionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
Forever DamnedOpus Mortis VIII2011
Forever In GloomRedemption1999
Forty Seconds BloodbathRedemption1999
Gore ApocalypsePrimal Massacre2004
Great DeceiverCarnage Euphoria2009
Hate In A Time Of WarOpus Mortis VIII2011
Heaps Of BloodRedemption1999
HeresyTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
Hollow RetributionBlood Rapture2002
InfernoRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Into Winter Through SorrowRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Madness PrevailsBlood Rapture2002
March Into OblivionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
Nailed, Quarted, ConsumedBlood Rapture2002
NervegascloudsRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Nervegasclouds (2011)Opus Mortis VIII2011
Partly DeadRedemption1999
PerditionRaped In Their Own Blood1996
PossessedCarnage Euphoria2009
Primal MassacrePrimal Massacre2004
Pure DeathRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Rage Of HonourCarnage Euphoria2009
Raped In Their Own BloodRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Raped In Their Own Blood (2011)Opus Mortis VIII2011
Rebirth Of The GrotesqueCarnage Euphoria2009
Redeemed In FlamesBlood Rapture2002
Redemption (2011)Opus Mortis VIII2011
Regorge In The MorgueOpus Mortis VIII2011
Requiem For The FallenOpus Mortis VIII2011
RetaliationPrimal Massacre2004
Revelation NauseaRevelation Nausea2000
Ripe CadaversCarnage Euphoria2009
Rotting HillBlood Rapture2002
Sad Fog Over Sinister RunesRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Scavenging The SlaughteredTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
SerpentsCarnage Euphoria2009
Shrouded In DarknessOpus Mortis VIII2011
Stray Bullet KillPrimal Massacre2004
Terrorize Brutalize SodomizeTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
The Art Of WarRevelation Nausea2000
The Burning BlackTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007
The Carnage Rages OnCarnage Euphoria2009
The Corpsegrinder ExperienceRevelation Nausea2000
The Dead AwakenOpus Mortis VIII2011
The HolocaustRevelation Nausea2000
The Ravenous DeadCarnage Euphoria2009
The VoyageRedemption1999
The Voyage (2011)Opus Mortis VIII2011
They Will BurnOpus Mortis VIII2011
ThornsRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Through Sepulchral ShadowsRaped In Their Own Blood1996
Torturous IngeniousOpus Mortis VIII2011
Under Clouds Of BloodRevelation Nausea2000
When Silence ConquersRevelation Nausea2000
Whispers From The DeadTerrorize Brutalize Sodomize2007

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