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19 Turning PointSomewhere In The Real World2008
A Little LoveSomewhere In The Real World2008
Absolutely EverybodyThe Power2000
Absolutely EverybodyThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Absolutely Everybody (Latino Mix)The Power2000
Absolutely Everybody (UK Mix)Turn To Me2001
Aliens And UFO'sHazardous2009
Baby's On IceHazardous2009
Back In LoveChange2002
Back In LoveThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Back To LoveBack To Love2019
Better OffBack To Love2019
Bitter TwistChange2002
Bitter TwistThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Blow Me AwayHazardous2009
BtwBack To Love2019
By My SideTurn To Me2001
ChangeThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Every Time I Close My EyesThe Power2000
Every Time I Close My EyesTurn To Me2001
Every Time I Close My EyesThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Follow MeChange2002
Follow MeThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Get HereTurn To Me2001
Gimme Your LoveBack To Love2019
Have A LookThe Power2000
Have A LookThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Heavy Lies The HeadBack To Love2019
Hello MeBack To Love2019
Heroes Live ForeverTurn To Me2001
Higher GroundHazardous2009
How Y' Livin'The Power2000
I Thought We'd Stay TogetherSomewhere In The Real World2008
I Wanna Be Your EverythingThe Power2000
I Wanna Be Your EverythingThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
I Want Your FireSomewhere In The Real World2008
Kiss Your MamaSomewhere In The Real World2008
Lessons Of LoveBack To Love2019
Lifted UpChange2002
Love Me Like You Mean ItBack To Love2019
Mr. MysteriousHazardous2009
My HouseSomewhere In The Real World2008
My Problem Is YouSomewhere In The Real World2008
Off On My KissHazardous2009
One Thing Leads To AnotherChange2002
One Thing Leads To AnotherThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
PerfectSomewhere In The Real World2008
PersonalBack To Love2019
Pray For LoveThe Power2000
Pray For Love (Club Mix)The Power2000
Rise UpTurn To Me2001
Rise Up (Alternative Version)Turn To Me2001
RunBack To Love2019
Send Me The ManualSomewhere In The Real World2008
ShineThe Power2000
ShineThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Show Me How To LoveHazardous2009
Sleep With ThatHazardous2009
Sometimes HappinessChange2002
Somewhere In The Real WorldSomewhere In The Real World2008
SpinThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Start ItSomewhere In The Real World2008
SteamTurn To Me2001
SteamThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Steam (Bonus Track)The Power2000
Summer NightsHazardous2009
Sun's UpTurn To Me2001
Take Me As I AmTurn To Me2001
Tent By The SeaTurn To Me2001
The PowerThe Power2000
The PowerThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
The Power (Spiced Mix)The Power2000
The Simple Things (Something Emotional)Somewhere In The Real World2008
The Truth Will Set You FreeBack To Love2019
This Is Who I AmHazardous2009
Touch MeHazardous2009
True To YourselfChange2002
True To YourselfThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
Turn To MeTurn To Me2001
Turn To Me (Alternative Version)Turn To Me2001
Turn To Me (Bonus Track)The Power2000
Turning Up The HeatChange2002
Turning Up The HeatThe Best Of Vanessa Amorosi2005
U R MineThe Power2000
Who Am ISomewhere In The Real World2008
Who's Lovin' YouChange2002
You Were Lead OnThe Power2000

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