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316For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
316 (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
A Apolitical BluesOU8121988
A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)OU8121988
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout LoveVan Halen1978
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout LoveBest Of Volume I1996
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout LoveThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (live)The Best Of Both Worlds2004
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
And The Cradle Will Rock...Women And Children First1980
And The Cradle Will Rock...Best Of Volume I1996
And The Cradle Will Rock...The Best Of Both Worlds2004
As IsA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Atomic PunkVan Halen1978
Ballot Or The BulletVan Halen III1998
Beats Workin'A Different Kind Of Truth2012
Beautiful GirlsVan Halen II1979
Beautiful GirlsThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Beautiful Girls (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Best Of Both Worlds51501986
Best Of Both WorldsThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Best Of Both Worlds (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)Diver Down1982
Big Fat MoneyBalance1995
Big RiverA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Black And BlueOU8121988
Black And BlueThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Blood and FireA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Bottoms UpVan Halen II1979
BulletheadA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Cabo WaboOU8121988
Can't Get This Stuff No MoreBest Of Volume I1996
Can't Stop Lovin' YouBalance1995
Can't Stop Lovin' YouBest Of Volume I1996
Can't Stop Lovin' YouThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
CathedralDiver Down1982
China TownA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Chinatown (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Could This Be MagicWomen And Children First1980
Cradle Will Rock (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Crossing Over (Bonus Track)Balance1995
D.O.A.Van Halen II1979
Dance The Night AwayVan Halen II1979
Dance The Night AwayBest Of Volume I1996
Dance The Night AwayThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Dance The Night Away (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Dancing In The StreetDiver Down1982
Dancing In The StreetThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Dirty MoviesFair Warning1981
Dirty Water DogVan Halen III1998
Doin' TimeBalance1995
Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)Balance1995
DreamsBest Of Volume I1996
DreamsThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Dreams (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Drop Dead Legs19841983
Drum Solo (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
EruptionVan Halen1978
EruptionBest Of Volume I1996
EruptionThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Everybody Wants SomeWomen And Children First1980
Everybody Wants SomeThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Everybody Wants Some (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Feel Your Love TonightVan Halen1978
Feels So GoodOU8121988
Feels So GoodThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Finish What Ya StartedOU8121988
Finish What Ya StartedThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Finish What Ya Started (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Fire In The HoleVan Halen III1998
FoolsWomen And Children First1980
From AfarVan Halen III1998
Get Up51501986
Girl Gone Bad19841983
Give To Live (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Good Enough51501986
Guitar Solo (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Hang 'Em HighDiver Down1982
Happy TrailsDiver Down1982
Hear About It LaterFair Warning1981
Hear About It Later (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
HoneybabysweetiedollA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Hot For Teacher19841983
Hot For TeacherThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Hot For Teacher (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
House Of Pain19841983
How Many Say IVan Halen III1998
Humans BeingBest Of Volume I1996
I'll Wait19841983
I'll WaitThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
I'll Wait (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
I'm The OneVan Halen1978
I'm The One (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Ice Cream ManVan Halen1978
Ice Cream Man (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
In 'n' OutFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
In 'n' Out (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
In A Simple RhymeWomen And Children First1980
IntruderDiver Down1982
It's About TimeThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Jamie's Cryin'Van Halen1978
Jamie's Cryin'The Best Of Both Worlds2004
JosephinaVan Halen III1998
Judgement DayFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
Judgement Day (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
JumpBest Of Volume I1996
JumpThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Jump (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Jump (live)The Best Of Both Worlds2004
Jump (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Learning To SeeThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Light Up The SkyVan Halen II1979
Little DreamerVan Halen1978
Little GuitarsDiver Down1982
Little Guitars (Intro)Diver Down1982
Loss Of ControlWomen And Children First1980
Love Walks In51501986
Love Walks InThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Love Walks In (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Man On A MissionFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
Man On A Mission (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Me Wise MagicBest Of Volume I1996
Mean StreetFair Warning1981
Mean Street (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Mine All MineOU8121988
NeworldVan Halen III1998
Not EnoughBalance1995
On FireVan Halen1978
OnceVan Halen III1998
One Foot Out The DoorFair Warning1981
One I WantVan Halen III1998
One Way To Rock (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Outta Love AgainVan Halen II1979
Outta SpaceA Different Kind Of Truth2012
PanamaBest Of Volume I1996
PanamaThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Panama (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Panama (live)The Best Of Both Worlds2004
Panama (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Pleasure DomeFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
Pleasure Dome - Drum Solo (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
PoundcakeFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
PoundcakeBest Of Volume I1996
PoundcakeThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Poundcake (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Pretty WomanDiver Down1982
Pretty Woman (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
PrimaryVan Halen III1998
Push Comes To ShoveFair Warning1981
Right NowFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
Right NowBest Of Volume I1996
Right NowThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Right Now (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Romeo DelightWomen And Children First1980
Romeo Delight (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
RunaroundFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
RunaroundThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Runaround (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Runnin' With The DevilVan Halen1978
Runnin' With The DevilBest Of Volume I1996
Runnin' With The DevilThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Runnin' With The Devil (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
SecretsDiver Down1982
She's The WomanA Different Kind Of Truth2012
She's The Woman (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Sinner's SwingFair Warning1981
So This Is LoveFair Warning1981
Somebody Get Me A DoctorVan Halen II1979
Somebody Get Me A Doctor (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Source Of InfectionOU8121988
Spanish FlyVan Halen II1979
SpankedFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
Spanked (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Stay FrostyA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Strung OutBalance1995
Strung Out - Not EnoughThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Sucker In A 3 PieceOU8121988
Summer Nights51501986
Sunday Afternoon In The ParkFair Warning1981
Take Me Back (Deja Vu)Balance1995
Take Your Whiskey HomeWomen And Children First1980
TattooA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Tattoo (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
The Dream Is OverFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
The Full BugDiver Down1982
The Seventh SealBalance1995
The Trouble With NeverA Different Kind Of Truth2012
Top Jimmy19841983
Top Of The WorldFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991
Top Of The WorldThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Top Of The World (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Tora ToraWomen And Children First1980
Ultra Bass (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
UnchainedFair Warning1981
UnchainedBest Of Volume I1996
UnchainedThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Unchained (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Up For BreakfastThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
When It's LoveOU8121988
When It's LoveBest Of Volume I1996
When It's LoveThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
When It's Love (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Where Have All The Good Times GoneDiver Down1982
Why Can't This Be Love51501986
Why Can't This Be LoveBest Of Volume I1996
Why Can't This Be LoveThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
Why Can't This Be Love (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Without YouVan Halen III1998
Women In Love (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
Women In Love...Van Halen II1979
Won't Get Fooled Again (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
Year To The DayVan Halen III1998
You and Your BluesA Different Kind Of Truth2012
You Really Got MeVan Halen1978
You Really Got MeThe Best Of Both Worlds2004
You Really Got Me (live)Tokyo Dome In Concert2015
You Really Got Me - Cabo Wabo (live)Live: Right Here, Right Now1993
You're No GoodVan Halen II1979

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