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24. JulMission No. X2005
24. JulThe Legacy2022
A Bite Of EvilSteelfactory2018
A Cry Of A NationSteelhammer2013
Animal HouseAnimal House1987
Animal House (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Animal House (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Animal InstinctMan And Machine2002
Animal Instinct (live)Navy Metal Night2015
ArtificializedCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
AzraelNo Limits1998
Azrael (Remix)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Back In PainTimebomb1991
Back OffHoly1999
Backstreet LonerNo Limits1998
Bad LuckSolid1997
Balls to the Wall (Acoustic)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Balls To The Wall (live)Live In Sofia2012
Balls To The Wall (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Balls To The Wall (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Bass Solo (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Basta YaSteelhammer2013
Beyond Good And EvilWe Are One2020
Beyond GravityWe Are One2020
Black And WhiteDominator2009
Black HeartMan And Machine2002
Black WidowAnimal House1987
BlackoutWe Are One2020
Bleeding HeartCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Blind EyesThunderball2004
Blind EyesThe Legacy2022
Blindfold (The Last Defender)We Are One2020
Blitz Of LightningFaceless World1990
Blitz Of LightningThe Legacy2022
Blood On FireSteelfactory2018
Bodyworld (Remix)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Book Of FaithSteelhammer2013
Book Of Faith (live)Navy Metal Night2015
BorderlineCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Born To Be Wild (Raven feat. Udo Dirkschneider)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Born To Run (Bonus Track)Faceless World1990
Braindead HeroSolid1997
Break The RulesMean Machine1988
Break The RulesThe Legacy2022
Break The Rules (live)Live In Sofia2012
Breaker (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Breaking Down The BordersMission No. X2005
Burning (live)Live In Sofia2012
Burning (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Burning HeatTimebomb1991
Can't Get EnoughFaceless World1990
Catch My FallMean Machine1988
Children Of The WorldWe Are One2020
Coming HomeAnimal House1987
Crash Bang CrashMastercutor2007
Cry Soldier CryMission No. X2005
Cut Me OutHoly1999
Cut Me Out (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Dancing With An AngelMan And Machine2002
Dancing With An Angel (+ Doro + Marinemusikkorps Nordsee) (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Dancing With An Angel (Remix) (feat. Doro)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Das Boot (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Days Of Hope And GloryRev-Raptor2011
Days Of Hope And Glory (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Dead Man's EyesMastercutor2007
Death RideSteelhammer2013
DecadentThe Legacy2022
Desperate BallsSolid1997
Devil's BiteSteelhammer2013
Devil's DiceSolid1997
Devil's RendezvousDominator2009
Dirty BoysMean Machine1988
DominatorThe Legacy2022
Dominator (live)Live In Sofia2012
Don't Look BackMean Machine1988
Don't Wanna Say GoodbyeGame Over2021
Doom RideDominator2009
Dr. DeathRev-Raptor2011
Drum Solo (live)Live In Sofia2012
Drum Solo (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Dust And RustThe Legacy2022
Empty EyesGame Over2021
Eye Of The EagleMission No. X2005
Faceless WorldFaceless World1990
Faceless World (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Fairy Tales Of VictoryRev-Raptor2011
Falling AngelsThe Legacy2022
Fast As A Shark (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Fast As A Shark (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Fear DetectorGame Over2021
Fear DetectorThe Legacy2022
Fistful Of AngerThunderball2004
Flash Rockin Man (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Free Or RebellionCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Freelance ManNo Limits1998
Freelance ManThe Legacy2022
Friends Will Be FriendsHoly1999
Future Is The Reason WhyWe Are One2020
Future LandFaceless World1990
Future LandThe Legacy2022
Future Land (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Go Back To HellAnimal House1987
Go Back To HellThe Legacy2022
Hard To Be HonestMan And Machine2002
Hardcore Lover (Bonus Track)Solid1997
Hardcore Lover (Bonus Track)Thunderball2004
Hardcore Lover (Remix)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Hate StingerSolid1997
Head Over Heels (Hammerfall feat. Udo Dirkschneider)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Head Over Heels (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Heart Of GoldFaceless World1990
Heart Of Gold (live)Live In Sofia2012
Heart Of Gold (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Heart Of Gold (Live) (Bonus Track)Man And Machine2002
Heavy Metal HeavenDominator2009
Heavy RainSteelhammer2013
Hell Bites BackThunderball2004
Here We Go AgainWe Are One2020
HolyThe Legacy2022
Holy InvadersGame Over2021
Hot Tonight (Bonus Track)Animal House1987
House Of FakeDecadent2015
Hungry And AngrySteelfactory2018
Hungry And Angry (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
I Give As Good As I GetRev-Raptor2011
I Give As Good As I GetThe Legacy2022
I Give As Good As I Get (live)Live In Sofia2012
I Give As Good As I Get (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
I m A Rebel (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
I See RedGame Over2021
I'm A RebelNo Limits1998
I'm A Rebel (live)Live In Sofia2012
In The DarknessAnimal House1987
In The Darkness (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
In The Heat Of The NightSteelfactory2018
Independence DaySolid1997
Independence DayThe Legacy2022
Independence Day (live)Live In Sofia2012
Independence Day (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Independence Day (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Intro (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Keeper Of My SoulSteelfactory2018
Kick In The FaceTimebomb1991
Kids And GunsGame Over2021
King Of Mean (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Kokopelli (Guitar Solo) (live)Live In Sofia2012
Lay Down The LawAnimal House1987
Leatherhead (live)Live In Sofia2012
Let Me Out (Bonus Track)Decadent2015
Like A BeastGame Over2021
Like A LionMan And Machine2002
Like A LionThe Legacy2022
Living For Tonite (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Living On A FrontlineFaceless World1990
Living On A Frontline (live)Live In Sofia2012
London Leatherboys (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Losers And Winners (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Lost PassionMean Machine1988
Love And SinWe Are One2020
Love MachineNo Limits1998
Mad For CrazyMission No. X2005
Make The MoveSteelfactory2018
Make The MoveThe Legacy2022
Make The Move (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Man A King RulerCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Man And MachineMan And Machine2002
Man And MachineThe Legacy2022
Man And Machine (live)Live In Sofia2012
Man And Machine (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Man And Machine (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
ManhuntNo Limits1998
Marching TankGame Over2021
Master Of DisasterMastercutor2007
MastercutorThe Legacy2022
Mean MachineMean Machine1988
Mean StreetsMission No. X2005
Meaning Of LifeDecadent2015
Metal DamnationGame Over2021
Metal EaterTimebomb1991
Metal EaterThe Legacy2022
Metal Eater (Live) (Bonus Track)Man And Machine2002
Metal GodsCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Metal Heart (live)Live In Sofia2012
Metal Heart (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Metal Heart (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Metal MachineSteelhammer2013
Metal MachineThe Legacy2022
Metal Machine (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Metal Maniac Master MindTimebomb1991
Metal Never DiesGame Over2021
Metal Never DiesThe Legacy2022
Midnight Highway (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Midnight Mover (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Midnight Mover (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Midnight StrangerGame Over2021
Mission No.XMission No. X2005
Monsterman (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Mother EarthWe Are One2020
Natural ForcesWe Are One2020
Neon DiamondWe Are One2020
Neon Night (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Neon Nights (live)Live In Sofia2012
Network NightmareMan And Machine2002
No LimitsNo Limits1998
One Heart One SoulSteelfactory2018
One Heart One SoulThe Legacy2022
One Heart One Soul (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
One Lone VoiceMastercutor2007
One Step To FateNo Limits1998
Outro (Stillness Of Time) (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
PainThe Legacy2022
Pain ManRev-Raptor2011
Painted LoveMean Machine1988
PandemoniumWe Are One2020
PandemoniumThe Legacy2022
Pictures In My DreamsSteelfactory2018
Platchet Soldat (feat. Faktor 2)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Pray For The HuntedSolid1997
Preachers Of The NightSolid1997
Primecrime On PrimetimeMission No. X2005
Princess Of The Dawn (live)Live In Sofia2012
Princess Of The Dawn (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Princess Of The Dawn (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Private EyeMan And Machine2002
Prologue: The Great Unknown (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
ProphecyGame Over2021
Pull The TriggerThunderball2004
Raiders Of BeyondHoly1999
Raise The CrownNo Limits1998
Raise The GameSteelfactory2018
Rated XNo Limits1998
Rebel TownWe Are One2020
Rebellion (Bonus Track)Mission No. X2005
Rebels Of The NightDecadent2015
Recall The SinHoly1999
Restless And Wild (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Restricted Area (Bonus Track)Faceless World1990
Rev-Raptor (live)Live In Sofia2012
Ride (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Ride The StormHoly1999
Rising HighSteelfactory2018
Rising High (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Rock'n' Roll SoldiersRev-Raptor2011
Rock'N'Roll SoldiersThe Legacy2022
Rose In The DesertSteelfactory2018
Rose In The Desert (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Run (Remix)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Run For CoverAnimal House1987
Scream KillersCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Screaming For A Love-Bite (live)Live In Sofia2012
Screaming For A Love-Bite (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Secrets In ParadiseDecadent2015
Shadow Eyes (Bonus Track)Decadent2015
Shell Shock FeverMission No. X2005
Shout It OutHoly1999
Shout It OutThe Legacy2022
Silent CryMan And Machine2002
Soldiers Of DarknessTimebomb1991
Son Of A Bitch (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Speed DemonDominator2009
Speed SeekerGame Over2021
Starlight (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
State Run OperationHoly1999
Stay TrueSteelhammer2013
SteelhammerThe Legacy2022
Still In Love With YouMean Machine1988
Stillness Of TimeDominator2009
Stillness Of Time (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Stone HardMission No. X2005
StormbreakerCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
StrangerFaceless World1990
Streets Of SinCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Streets On FireMean Machine1988
Sweet Little ChildMean Machine1988
System Of LifeFaceless World1990
Systematic MadnessCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
T.V. War (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Take My MedicineSteelhammer2013
TallymanCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
Tears Of A ClownMastercutor2007
Tears Of A Clown (Acoustic)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
The ArbiterThunderball2004
The BogeymanDominator2009
The Bogeyman (live)Live In Sofia2012
The Bullet And The BombThunderball2004
The Dawn Of The GodsMan And Machine2002
The Devil Is An AngelSteelfactory2018
The Devil Walks AloneMastercutor2007
The EmbarkationMission No. X2005
The GateNo Limits1998
The GutterTimebomb1991
The Hall Of The Mountain King (live)Navy Metal Night2015
The HealerSolid1997
The InstigatorMastercutor2007
The KeyCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
The Key (Bonus Track)No Limits1998
The Land Of Midnight SunThunderball2004
The Magic MirrorThunderball2004
The PunisherSolid1997
The SilencerCelebrator - Rare Tracks2012
The WaySteelfactory2018
The Wrong Side Of MidnightMastercutor2007
They Only Come Out At Night (Lordi feat. Udo Dirkschneider)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012
They Want WarAnimal House1987
They Want WarThe Legacy2022
They Want War (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Thunder In The TowerHoly1999
Thunder RoadGame Over2021
Thunderball (live)Live In Sofia2012
Time ControlGame Over2021
Timebomb (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Tongue ReaperSteelfactory2018
Tongue Reaper (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Tough Luck IiThunderball2004
Trainride In RussiaThunderball2004
Trainride In Russia (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track)Thunderball2004
Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii) (live)Navy Metal Night2015
Trip To NowhereFaceless World1990
True Born WinnersRev-Raptor2011
Two Faced WomanSolid1997
Two Faced Woman (live)Live In Sofia2012
UnbrokenGame Over2021
Under Your SkinDecadent2015
Unknown TravellerMan And Machine2002
Unspoken WordsFaceless World1990
Up To The Limit (live)Live In Sofia2012
Up To The Limit (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
VendettaThe Legacy2022
Vendetta (live)Live In Sofia2012
Vendetta (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
Vendetta 0Mastercutor2007
Walker In The DarkMastercutor2007
WarriorAnimal House1987
Way Of LifeNo Limits1998
Way Of LifeMission No. X2005
We Are OneWe Are One2020
We Do - For YouMastercutor2007
We Strike BackWe Are One2020
We Want It LoudAnimal House1987
We're HistoryMean Machine1988
We'Re HistoryThe Legacy2022
What A Hell Of A NightThe Legacy2022
When Love Becomes A LieSteelhammer2013
Whispers In The DarkDominator2009
Wilder LifeThe Legacy2022
Winterdreams (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
With A VengeanceNo Limits1998
Words In FlameDecadent2015
Wrong Is Right (live)Live - Back To The Roots2016
Wrong Side Of Midnight (live)Live In Bulgaria 20202021
X-T-C (Remix)Celebrator - Rare Tracks2012

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