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A Portage To The UnknownThe Varangian Way2007
Among AncestorsBattle Metal2004
As Torches RiseBattle Metal2004
Battle MetalBattle Metal2004
Broadsword (Bonus Track)Stand Up And Fight2011
Cursed Be IronThe Varangian Way2007
End Of An EmpireStand Up And Fight2011
Fear The FearStand Up And Fight2011
Fields Of GoldThe Varangian Way2007
Five Hundred And OneThe Varangian Way2007
For Your Own GoodTurisas 20132013
Greek FireTurisas 20132013
Hunting PiratesStand Up And Fight2011
In The Yourt Of JarisleifThe Varangian Way2007
Into The FreeTurisas 20132013
Katuman KaikuBattle Metal2004
Midnight SunriseBattle Metal2004
Mikland OuvertureThe Varangian Way2007
No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking TeaTurisas 20132013
One MoreBattle Metal2004
Piece by PieceTurisas 20132013
Prologue For RBattle Metal2004
Rasputin (Bonus Track)The Varangian Way2007
Rex Regi RebellisBattle Metal2004
Run Bhang - Eater, RunTurisas 20132013
Sahti WaariBattle Metal2004
Silence (Bonus Track)The Varangian Way2007
Stand Up And FightStand Up And Fight2011
Take The DayStand Up And Fight2011
Ten More MilesTurisas 20132013
The Bosphorus Freezes OverStand Up And Fight2011
The Days PassedTurisas 20132013
The Dnieper RapidsThe Varangian Way2007
The Great EscapeStand Up And Fight2011
The Land Of Hope And GloryBattle Metal2004
The March Of The Varangian GuardStand Up And Fight2011
The MassengerBattle Metal2004
To Holmgard And BeyondThe Varangian Way2007
To Holmgard And Beyond (Single Edit) (Bonus Track)The Varangian Way2007
Venetoi - PrasinoiStand Up And Fight2011
Victoriae And Triumphi DominusBattle Metal2004
We Ride TogetherTurisas 20132013

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