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A Crisis Of RevelationIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
A Gunshot To The Head Of TrepidationAscendancy2005
A Skyline's SeveranceIn Waves2011
A View Of Burning EmpiresEmber To Inferno2003
Amongst The Shadows And The StonesWhat The Dead Men Say2020
And Sadness Will SearThe Crusade2006
Anthem (We Are The Fire)The Crusade2006
AshesEmber To Inferno2003
At The End Of This WarVengeance Falls2013
Beauty In The SorrowThe Sin And The Sentence2017
Becoming The DragonThe Crusade2006
Bending The Arc To FearWhat The Dead Men Say2020
Beneath The SunSilence In The Snow2015
BetrayerThe Sin And The Sentence2017
Beyond OblivionThe Sin And The Sentence2017
BlackIn Waves2011
Bleed Into MeWhat The Dead Men Say2020
Blind Leading The BlindSilence In The Snow2015
Brave This StormVengeance Falls2013
Breathe In The FlamesSilence In The Snow2015
Built To FallIn Waves2011
Capsizing The SeaIn Waves2011
CatastrophistWhat The Dead Men Say2020
Caustic Are The Ties That BindIn Waves2011
Chaos ReignsIn Waves2011
Contempt Breeds ContaminationThe Crusade2006
Dead And GoneSilence In The Snow2015
DetonationThe Crusade2006
Down From The SkyShogun2008
Drowned And Torn AsunderAscendancy2005
Dusk DismantledIn Waves2011
Dying In Your ArmsAscendancy2005
Ember To InfernoEmber To Inferno2003
Endless NightThe Sin And The Sentence2017
Entrance Of The ConflagrationThe Crusade2006
Fall Into Your HandsIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
Falling To GreyEmber To Inferno2003
Feast Of FireIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
Forsake Not the DreamIn Waves2011
From Dawn To DecadenceIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
Fugue (A Revelation)Ember To Inferno2003
He Who Spawned The FuriesShogun2008
If I Could Collapse The MassesEmber To Inferno2003
IgnitionThe Crusade2006
In The Court Of The DragonIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
In WavesIn Waves2011
Inception Of The EndIn Waves2011
Inception, The Bleeding SkiesEmber To Inferno2003
Incineration: The Broken WorldVengeance Falls2013
Into The Mouth Of Hell We MarchShogun2008
IXWhat The Dead Men Say2020
Kirisute GomenShogun2008
Leaving This World BehindIn Waves2011
Like A Sword Over DamoclesIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
Like Callisto To A Star In HeavenShogun2008
Like Light To The FliesAscendancy2005
My HatredEmber To Inferno2003
No Way Back Just ThroughIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
No Way To HealVengeance Falls2013
Of All These YesterdaysIn Waves2011
Of Prometheus And The CrucifixShogun2008
Other WorldsThe Sin And The Sentence2017
Pillars Of SerpentsEmber To Inferno2003
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your MartyrAscendancy2005
Pull Me From The VoidSilence In The Snow2015
RequiemEmber To Inferno2003
Rise Above The TidesSilence In The Snow2015
Scattering The AshesWhat The Dead Men Say2020
Sever The HandThe Sin And The Sentence2017
Sickness Unto YouWhat The Dead Men Say2020
Silence In The SnowSilence In The Snow2015
Sn#FallSilence In The Snow2015
StrifeVengeance Falls2013
Suffocating SightAscendancy2005
The CalamityShogun2008
The CrusadeThe Crusade2006
The DeceivedAscendancy2005
The DefiantWhat The Dead Men Say2020
The End Of EverythingAscendancy2005
The Ghost That's Haunting YouSilence In The Snow2015
The Heart From Your HateThe Sin And The Sentence2017
The Ones We Leave BehindWhat The Dead Men Say2020
The PhalanxIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
The RevanchistThe Sin And The Sentence2017
The RisingThe Crusade2006
The Shadow Of The AbattoirIn The Court Of The Dragon2021
The Sin And The SentenceThe Sin And The Sentence2017
The Thing That's Killing MeSilence In The Snow2015
The Wretchedness InsideThe Sin And The Sentence2017
This World Can't Tear Us ApartThe Crusade2006
Throes Of PerditionShogun2008
Through Blood And Dirt And BoneVengeance Falls2013
Thrown Into The FireThe Sin And The Sentence2017
To BelieveVengeance Falls2013
To Burn The EyeEmber To Inferno2003
To The RatsThe Crusade2006
Torn Between Scylla And CharybdisShogun2008
Tread The FloodsThe Crusade2006
UnrepentantThe Crusade2006
Until The World Goes ColdSilence In The Snow2015
Vengeance FallsVengeance Falls2013
Villainy ThrivesVengeance Falls2013
Wake (The End Is Nigh)Vengeance Falls2013
Watch The World BurnIn Waves2011
What The Dead Men SayWhat The Dead Men Say2020
When All Light DiesEmber To Inferno2003
XIn The Court Of The Dragon2021

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