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A Bavarian In New YorkA La Carte1978
A Cold Old Worried LadyOld Loves Die Hard1976
A Day In A LifeOld Loves Die Hard1976
Across the WatersMediterranean Tales: Across The Waters1972
Bad DealIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
Broken MirrorMediterranean Tales: Across The Waters1972
Come With MeRussian Roulette1980
CoolerRussian Roulette1980
Dance On The VolcanoNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
Darlin'A La Carte1978
DawningIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
DimplicityIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
E Minor 5 - 9 Minor - 5Mediterranean Tales: Across The Waters1972
Eleven KidsMediterranean Tales: Across The Waters1972
FlashbackIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
For YouA La Carte1978
GamesRussian Roulette1980
Good ByeA La Carte1978
I BelieveOld Loves Die Hard1976
I Don't Even Know Your NameA La Carte1978
IllusionsIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
Jo Ann WalkerA La Carte1978
Journey Of A Fallen AngelNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
Last DanceIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
Late AgainA La Carte1978
Lucky GirlIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
MazeIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
Million DollarsIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
Old Loves Die HardOld Loves Die Hard1976
Original Soundtrack From The Movie O.C.S.I.D.A La Carte1978
Panic On Fifth AvenueOld Loves Die Hard1976
Party LifeRussian Roulette1980
Rien Ne Vas PlusRussian Roulette1980
RoundaboutIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
RoxyRussian Roulette1980
Russian RouletteRussian Roulette1980
SchooldaysIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
The Ballad Of Rudy TörnerRussian Roulette1980
The Burning Sword Of CapuaSpartacus1975
The Capitol Of PowerSpartacus1975
The Deadly Dream Of FreedomSpartacus1975
The EarthquakeNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
The Hazy Shades Of DawnSpartacus1975
The History Of Mystery (Part 1)Old Loves Die Hard1976
The History Of Mystery (Part 2)Old Loves Die Hard1976
The HymnNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
The March To The Eternal CitySpartacus1975
The Rich Man And The CarpenterNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
The School Of Instant PainSpartacus1975
The Sweetest Sound Of LibertySpartacus1975
The Time Of Your LifeNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
The Walls Of DoomSpartacus1975
TriangleIllusions On A Double Dimple1974
TwiceRussian Roulette1980
Vesuvius 79 A.D.New Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
Viva PompeiiNew Triumvirat Presents Pompeii1977
WaterfallA La Carte1978
We're Rich On What We GotRussian Roulette1980
You Can't Catch MeRussian Roulette1980

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