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All My FloatingWhat Grabs Ya?2008
All Night LongAll This Dancin' Around2010
All This Dancin' AroundAll This Dancin' Around2010
And There She Was, Lying In WaitBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Au suivantTriggerfinger2004
Back On TrackTriggerfinger2004
Big HoleBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Black PanicBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Bring Me Back A Live Wild OneColossus2017
By Absence Of The SunBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Candy KillerColossus2017
CherryAll This Dancin' Around2010
Faders UpTriggerfinger2004
Father Of Night (Bonus Track)What Grabs Ya?2008
Feed MeAll This Dancin' Around2010
First TasteWhat Grabs Ya?2008
First Taste (Remix) (Bonus Track)What Grabs Ya?2008
Flesh LightColossus2017
GameBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Halfway ThereBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Halfway TownWhat Grabs Ya?2008
Hunt You DownTriggerfinger2004
I Follow Rivers (Bonus Track)All This Dancin' Around2010
I Follow Rivers (Greg Gordon Mix) (Bonus Track)All This Dancin' Around2010
I'm Coming For YouAll This Dancin' Around2010
Inner PeaceTriggerfinger2004
Is ItWhat Grabs Ya?2008
It Hasn't Gone AwayAll This Dancin' Around2010
Let It RideAll This Dancin' Around2010
Lil' TeaserTriggerfinger2004
LinesWhat Grabs Ya?2008
Love Lost In LoveAll This Dancin' Around2010
Love Lost In Love (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)All This Dancin' Around2010
Master Of All FearsBy Absence Of The Sun2014
My Baby's Got A GunAll This Dancin' Around2010
No Teasin' AroundWhat Grabs Ya?2008
Off The RackBy Absence Of The Sun2014
On My KneesTriggerfinger2004
Perfect MatchBy Absence Of The Sun2014
ScreamWhat Grabs Ya?2008
Scream (live) (Bonus Track)What Grabs Ya?2008
Short Term Memory LoveWhat Grabs Ya?2008
SoonWhat Grabs Ya?2008
Soon (Bonus Track)All This Dancin' Around2010
Soon (Unplugged) (Bonus Track)What Grabs Ya?2008
Splendor In the GrassBy Absence Of The Sun2014
Steady MeColossus2017
That'll Be The DayColossus2017
There Isn't TimeBy Absence Of The Sun2014
This Is The One (+ Method Man)By Absence Of The Sun2014
Trail Of LoveBy Absence Of The Sun2014
TuxedoAll This Dancin' Around2010
Upstair BoxColossus2017
What Grabs YaWhat Grabs Ya?2008
Without A SoundAll This Dancin' Around2010
Wollensak WalkColossus2017

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