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3 Miles HighEverything At Once2016
3 Times And You LoseThe Boy With No Name2007
A Different RoomWhere You Stand2013
A Ghost10 Songs2020
A Million Hearts10 Songs2020
AfterglowThe Invisible Band2001
All Fall Down10 Songs2020
All I Want To Do Is RockGood Feeling1997
All I Want To Do Is RockSingles2004
All Of The PlacesEverything At Once2016
AnimalsEverything At Once2016
Another GuyWhere You Stand2013
As You AreThe Man Who1999
BattleshipsThe Boy With No Name2007
Before You Were YoungOde To J. Smith2008
Big ChairThe Boy With No Name2007
BoxesWhere You Stand2013
Broken MirrorOde To J. Smith2008
Butterflies10 Songs2020
Chinese BluesOde To J. Smith2008
CloserThe Boy With No Name2007
ColderThe Boy With No Name2007
Coming AroundSingles2004
Dear DiaryThe Invisible Band2001
DriftwoodThe Man Who1999
Everything At OnceEverything At Once2016
Eyes Wide OpenThe Boy With No Name2007
Falling DownGood Feeling1997
Flowers In The WindowThe Invisible Band2001
Flowers In The WindowSingles2004
Follow The LightThe Invisible Band2001
FriendsOde To J. Smith2008
Funny ThingGood Feeling1997
Get UpOde To J. Smith2008
Good Day To DieGood Feeling1997
Good FeelingGood Feeling1997
HappyGood Feeling1997
Happy To Hang Around12 Memories2003
How Many Hearts12 Memories2003
I Love You AnywaysGood Feeling1997
Idlewild (+ Josephine Oniyama)Everything At Once2016
IndefinitelyThe Invisible Band2001
J. SmithOde To J. Smith2008
Kissing In The Wind10 Songs2020
Last TrainThe Invisible Band2001
Last WordsOde To J. Smith2008
Long Way DownOde To J. Smith2008
Love Will Come Through12 Memories2003
Love Will Come ThroughSingles2004
LuvThe Man Who1999
Magnificent TimeEverything At Once2016
Mid-Life Krysis12 Memories2003
Midsummer Nights Dreamin'Good Feeling1997
More Than UsGood Feeling1997
More Than Us (Single Version)Singles2004
MotherWhere You Stand2013
MovingWhere You Stand2013
My EyesThe Boy With No Name2007
New AmsterdamThe Boy With No Name2007
New ShoesWhere You Stand2013
Nina's Song10 Songs2020
No Love Lost10 Songs2020
On My WallWhere You Stand2013
One NightThe Boy With No Name2007
Out In SpaceThe Boy With No Name2007
Paperclips12 Memories2003
ParalysedEverything At Once2016
Peace The Fuck Out12 Memories2003
Pipe DreamsThe Invisible Band2001
Quicksand12 Memories2003
Quite FreeOde To J. Smith2008
Radio SongEverything At Once2016
Re-Offender12 Memories2003
ReminderWhere You Stand2013
SafeThe Invisible Band2001
Sarah (Bonus Track)Ode To J. Smith2008
Selfish JeanThe Boy With No Name2007
She's So StrangeThe Man Who1999
SideThe Invisible Band2001
SingThe Invisible Band2001
Slide ShowThe Man Who1999
Something AnythingOde To J. Smith2008
Somewhere Else12 Memories2003
Song To SelfOde To J. Smith2008
Strangers On A TrainEverything At Once2016
The Beautiful Occupation12 Memories2003
The Beautiful OccupationSingles2004
The Big ScreenWhere You Stand2013
The CageThe Invisible Band2001
The DistanceSingles2004
The FearThe Man Who1999
The Humpty Dumpty Love SongThe Invisible Band2001
The Last Laugh Of The LaughterThe Man Who1999
The Line Is FineGood Feeling1997
The Only Thing (+ Susanna Hoffs)10 Songs2020
Tied To The 90'sGood Feeling1997
Tied To The 90'sSingles2004
TurnThe Man Who1999
U16 GirlsGood Feeling1997
U16 GirlsSingles2004
Under Te MoonlightThe Boy With No Name2007
Valentine10 Songs2020
Walking Down The Hill12 Memories2003
Walking In The SunSingles2004
Warning SignWhere You Stand2013
Waving At The Window10 Songs2020
What Will ComeEverything At Once2016
Where You StandWhere You Stand2013
Why Does It Always Rain On MeThe Man Who1999
Why Does It Always Rain On MeSingles2004
Writing To Reach YouThe Man Who1999
Writing To Reach YouSingles2004

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