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A Man Can FeelThe Whirlwind2009
A Salty Dog (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
All Of The AboveSMPTe1999
All Of The Above (live)More Never Is Enough2011
And You And IKaleidoscope2014
Beyond The SunKaleidoscope2014
Beyond The Sun (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Black As The SkyKaleidoscope2014
Black As The Sky (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Bridge Across ForeverBridge Across Forever2001
Bridge Across Forever (live)More Never Is Enough2011
Can't Get It Out Of My HeadKaleidoscope2014
Dancing With Eternal Glory - Whirlwind (Reprise)The Whirlwind2009
Duel With The DevilBridge Across Forever2001
Duel With The Devil (live)More Never Is Enough2011
EvermoreThe Whirlwind2009
Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadKaleidoscope2014
Hocus Pocus (live)Kaliveoscope2014
I Need You (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
In Held (Twas) In ISMPTe1999
Into The BlueKaleidoscope2014
Into The Blue (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Is It Really HappeningThe Whirlwind2009
Kaleidoscope (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Lay Down Your LifeThe Whirlwind2009
Lending A Hand (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
Lenny Johnsson (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
Medley: All Of The Above - Stranger In Your Soul (live)Kaliveoscope2014
My New WorldSMPTe1999
My New World (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Mystery TrainSMPTe1999
Neal And Roine Duet (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Nights In White SatinKaleidoscope2014
Nights In White Satin (live)Kaliveoscope2014
On The ProwlThe Whirlwind2009
Out Of The NightThe Whirlwind2009
Overture - The WhirlwindThe Whirlwind2009
Pieces Of HeavenThe Whirlwind2009
Return Of The Giant Hogweed (live)More Never Is Enough2011
Rose Colored GlassesThe Whirlwind2009
Set Us FreeThe Whirlwind2009
Shine (live)Kaliveoscope2014
Soul Sacrifice (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
Spinning (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
Stranger In Your SoulBridge Across Forever2001
Stranger In Your Soul (live)More Never Is Enough2011
Stranger JamsMore Never Is Enough2011
Such A Time (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
Suite Charlotte PikeBridge Across Forever2001
Sylvia (live)Kaliveoscope2014
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (Bonus Track)The Whirlwind2009
The Whirlwind (live)More Never Is Enough2011
The Whirlwind Medley (live)Kaliveoscope2014
The Wind Blew Them All AwayThe Whirlwind2009
Tin SoldierKaleidoscope2014
We All Need Some LightSMPTe1999
We All Need Some Light (live)More Never Is Enough2011
We All Need Some Light (live)Kaliveoscope2014

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