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A Fate Sealed In RedA New Dimension Of Might2002
A Storm At WillBloodstained Endurance2009
As It PenetratesExistentia2007
Bloodred TranceA New Dimension Of Might2002
Bloodstained EnduranceBloodstained Endurance2009
Caffeine (Bonus Track)A New Dimension Of Might2002
Carrier Of The Scars Of LifeFree Fall Into Fear2005
Cold Hand Of RetributionFree Fall Into Fear2005
Countdown To RuinProfoundemonium2000
Crashing DownA New Dimension Of Might2002
Crimson Leads On The Trail Of TearsOscillation2013
Dead End GazeBloodstained Endurance2009
Decadence Becomes MeExistentia2007
Deceptive MirrorsExistentia2007
Denial And PrideA New Dimension Of Might2002
Disappointment's True FaceProfoundemonium2000
Drink Away The DemonsFree Fall Into Fear2005
Driven Through The RuinsProfoundemonium2000
Dry Well Of LifeFree Fall Into Fear2005
EcstaticA New Dimension Of Might2002
Empty RoomExistentia2007
Enigma Of The AbsoluteDisclosure In Red1998
Faith Comes KnockingBloodstained Endurance2009
Farewell To SanityBloodstained Endurance2009
Fragile Emotional DisorderProfoundemonium2000
Frail ExpectationFree Fall Into Fear2005
IllusionDisclosure In Red1998
Image Of HopeProfoundemonium2000
In Frustration's PreludiumProfoundemonium2000
In Frustration's WebProfoundemonium2000
In The Valley Of AshesBloodstained Endurance2009
Joyless Trance Of WinterFree Fall Into Fear2005
Liquid ViewA New Dimension Of Might2002
Lost In LifeOscillation2013
Mournful PigeonDisclosure In Red1998
My ComfortExistentia2007
Obedience In The Absence Of LogicA New Dimension Of Might2002
Once A Paradise (Bonus Track)Disclosure In Red1998
Once Kissed By The Serpent (Twice Bitten By Truth)Bloodstained Endurance2009
Onward March The Merciless (Bonus Track)Bloodstained Endurance2009
Orroro (Bonus Track)Disclosure In Red1998
Our Grave PhilosophyOscillation2013
Path Of DestructionOscillation2013
Point ZeroFree Fall Into Fear2005
Poisonous TonguesExistentia2007
Quick Fix Of Shame (Bonus Track)Oscillation2013
Released At LastProfoundemonium2000
Room 306Oscillation2013
Scream Out LoudOscillation2013
Shades Of YesterdayExistentia2007
She Weaves ShadowsExistentia2007
Sign Of The ShamelessProfoundemonium2000
Sleep Forever (Bonus Track)Oscillation2013
Splendid Coma VisionsA New Dimension Of Might2002
Swallowed TearsDisclosure In Red1998
Take Aim. Reclaim. PrevailBloodstained Endurance2009
TemptressDisclosure In Red1998
The Architect Of My DownfallFree Fall Into Fear2005
The Burden (Bonus Track)Disclosure In Red1998
The Call Of LustA New Dimension Of Might2002
The Closing WallsExistentia2007
The Daughters Of InnocenceDisclosure In Red1998
The DawningOscillation2013
The Day We DrownedDisclosure In Red1998
The Desperation CorridorsBloodstained Endurance2009
The Face Of JealousyFree Fall Into Fear2005
The Feverish AllianceBloodstained Endurance2009
The HauntedProfoundemonium2000
Triumphant GleamBloodstained Endurance2009
Venom Inside My VeinsExistentia2007
Vultures Guard My ShadowOscillation2013
Watch You FallFree Fall Into Fear2005
Waves Of ExistenceOscillation2013
When Silence CriesDisclosure In Red1998
Words Of The FlyDisclosure In Red1998

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