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3.000 MilesWhere You Live2005
A Hundred YearsCrossroads1989
A TheoryOur Bright Future2008
Across The LinesTracy Chapman1988
All That You Have Is Your SoulCrossroads1989
All That You Have Is Your SoulCollection2001
All That You Have Is Your SoulGreatest Hits2015
AlmostLet It Rain2002
AmericaWhere You Live2005
Another SunLet It Rain2002
At This Point In My LifeNew Beginning1995
Baby Can I Hold YouTracy Chapman1988
Baby Can I Hold YouCollection2001
Baby Can I Hold YouGreatest Hits2015
Bang Bang BangMatters Of The Heart1992
Bang Bang BangCollection2001
Bang Bang BangGreatest Hits2015
Be And Be Not AfraidWhere You Live2005
Be Careful Of My HeartCrossroads1989
Before EasterWhere You Live2005
Behind The WallTracy Chapman1988
Born To FightCrossroads1989
BrokenLet It Rain2002
ChangeWhere You Live2005
ChangeGreatest Hits2015
Cold FeetNew Beginning1995
ConditionalOur Bright Future2008
CrossroadsGreatest Hits2015
DevotionTelling Stories2000
Don't DwellWhere You Live2005
Dreaming On A WorldMatters Of The Heart1992
Fast CarTracy Chapman1988
Fast CarCollection2001
Fast CarGreatest Hits2015
First TryTelling Stories2000
For A DreamOur Bright Future2008
For My LoverTracy Chapman1988
For YouTracy Chapman1988
Freedom NowCrossroads1989
Give Me One ReasonNew Beginning1995
Give Me One ReasonCollection2001
Give Me One ReasonGreatest Hits2015
Going BackWhere You Live2005
GoodbyeLet It Rain2002
HappyLet It Rain2002
Hard WiredLet It Rain2002
Heaven's Here On EarthNew Beginning1995
I Am YoursLet It Rain2002
I Did It AllOur Bright Future2008
I Used To Be A SailorMatters Of The Heart1992
I'm ReadyNew Beginning1995
I'm ReadyCollection2001
If Not Now...Tracy Chapman1988
If These Are The ThingsMatters Of The Heart1992
In The DarkLet It Rain2002
It's OKTelling Stories2000
Less Than StrangersTelling Stories2000
Let It RainLet It Rain2002
Love's ProofWhere You Live2005
Material WorldCrossroads1989
Matters Of The HeartMatters Of The Heart1992
Mountains O' ThingsTracy Chapman1988
Never YoursWhere You Live2005
New BeginningNew Beginning1995
Nothing YetTelling Stories2000
Open ArmsMatters Of The Heart1992
Open ArmsCollection2001
Open ArmsGreatest Hits2015
Our Bright FutureOur Bright Future2008
Over In LoveLet It Rain2002
Paper And InkTelling Stories2000
Remember The TinmanNew Beginning1995
Save Us AllOur Bright Future2008
Save Us AllGreatest Hits2015
Say HallelujahLet It Rain2002
She's Got Her TicketTracy Chapman1988
She's Got Her TicketCollection2001
Short SupplyMatters Of The Heart1992
Sing For YouOur Bright Future2008
Sing For YouGreatest Hits2015
Smoke And AshesNew Beginning1995
Smoke And AshesCollection2001
Smoke And AshesGreatest Hits2015
SoMatters Of The Heart1992
Something To SeeOur Bright Future2008
Speak The WordTelling Stories2000
Speak The WordCollection2001
Speak The WordGreatest Hits2015
SpringOur Bright Future2008
Stand By Me (live)Greatest Hits2015
SubcityGreatest Hits2015
TakenWhere You Live2005
Talk To YouWhere You Live2005
Talkin' Bout A RevolutionTracy Chapman1988
Talkin' Bout A RevolutionCollection2001
Talkin' Bout A RevolutionGreatest Hits2015
Tell It Like It IsNew Beginning1995
Telling StoriesTelling Stories2000
Telling StoriesCollection2001
Telling StoriesGreatest Hits2015
The First Person On EarthOur Bright Future2008
The Love That You HadMatters Of The Heart1992
The Only OneTelling Stories2000
The PromiseNew Beginning1995
The PromiseCollection2001
The PromiseGreatest Hits2015
The Rape Of The WorldNew Beginning1995
Thinking Of YouOur Bright Future2008
This TimeCrossroads1989
Unsung PsalmTelling Stories2000
Wedding SongTelling Stories2000
Wedding SongCollection2001
WhyTracy Chapman1988
Woman's WorkMatters Of The Heart1992
You're The OneLet It Rain2002
You're The OneGreatest Hits2015

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