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1000 OceansTo Venus And Back1999
16 Shades Of BlueUnrepentant Geraldines2014
29 YearsOcean To Ocean2021
500 MilesAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
97 Bonnie And ClydeStrange Little Girls2001
A Case Of You (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
A Silent Night With YouMidwinter Grace2009
A Sorta FairytaleScarlet's Walk2002
Abnormally Attracted To SinAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Addition Of Light DividedOcean To Ocean2021
Agent OrangeBoys For Pele1996
Almost RoseyAmerican Doll Posse2007
Amber WavesScarlet's Walk2002
AmericaUnrepentant Geraldines2014
AngelsTales Of A Librarian2003
Another Girl's ParadiseScarlet's Walk2002
Baker BakerUnder The Pink1994
Baker BakerTales Of A Librarian2003
BangNative Invader2017
Barons Of SuburbiaThe Beekeeper2005
BatsNative Invader2017
Battle Of TreesNight Of Hunters2011
Beauty Of SpeedAmerican Doll Posse2007
Beauty Queen - HorsesBoys For Pele1996
Bells For HerUnder The Pink1994
Bells for Her (live)To Venus And Back1999
BenjaminNative Invader2017
Big WheelAmerican Doll Posse2007
Birthday BabyOcean To Ocean2021
Black Swan (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Black-Dove (January)From The Choirgirl Hotel1998
BlissTo Venus And Back1999
BlissTales Of A Librarian2003
Blood RosesBoys For Pele1996
Body And SoulAmerican Doll Posse2007
Bouncing Off CloudsAmerican Doll Posse2007
BreakawayNative Invader2017
Broken ArrowNative Invader2017
Cactus PracticeNight Of Hunters2011
Candle: Coventry CarolMidwinter Grace2009
CarbonScarlet's Walk2002
CarryNight Of Hunters2011
Cars And GuitarsThe Beekeeper2005
Caught A Lite SneezeBoys For Pele1996
ChinaLittle Earthquakes1992
Chocolate SongNative Invader2017
ClimbNative Invader2017
Cloud On My TongueUnder The Pink1994
Cloud On My TongueGold Dust2012
Cloud on My Tongue (live)To Venus And Back1999
Cloud RidersNative Invader2017
Code RedAmerican Doll Posse2007
ConcertinaTo Venus And Back1999
Cooling (live)To Venus And Back1999
Cornflake GirlUnder The Pink1994
Cornflake GirlTales Of A Librarian2003
Cornflake Girl (live)To Venus And Back1999
CrazyScarlet's Walk2002
CrucifyLittle Earthquakes1992
CrucifyTales Of A Librarian2003
CruelFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
Cruel (live)To Venus And Back1999
Curtain CallAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Daisy Dead Petals (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Dark Side Of The SunAmerican Doll Posse2007
DaturaTo Venus And Back1999
Devil's BaneOcean To Ocean2021
Devils And GodsAmerican Doll Posse2007
Digital GhostAmerican Doll Posse2007
Don't Make Me Come To VegasScarlet's Walk2002
Doughnut SongBoys For Pele1996
DragonAmerican Doll Posse2007
Edge Of The MoonNight Of Hunters2011
EmmanuelMidwinter Grace2009
Enjoy The SilenceStrange Little Girls2001
Fast HorseAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Fat SlutAmerican Doll Posse2007
Father LuciferBoys For Pele1996
Father's SonAmerican Doll Posse2007
FearlessnessNight Of Hunters2011
Fire To Your PlainAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
FlavorAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
FlavorGold Dust2012
Flowers Burn To GoldOcean To Ocean2021
Flying DutchmanGold Dust2012
Flying Dutchman (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
General JoyThe Beekeeper2005
Giant's Rolling PinUnrepentant Geraldines2014
GirlLittle Earthquakes1992
Girl (live)To Venus And Back1999
Girl DisappearingAmerican Doll Posse2007
Girl DisappearingGold Dust2012
GiveAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Glory Of The '80s To Venus And Back1999
GodUnder The Pink1994
GodTales Of A Librarian2003
Gold DustScarlet's Walk2002
Gold DustGold Dust2012
Goodbye PiscesThe Beekeeper2005
Happiness Is A Warm GunStrange Little Girls2001
Happy PhantomLittle Earthquakes1992
Harps Of GoldMidwinter Grace2009
Heart Of GoldStrange Little Girls2001
Here. In My Head (live) (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Hey JupiterBoys For Pele1996
Holly, Ivy, And RoseMidwinter Grace2009
Honey (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Hoochie WomanThe Beekeeper2005
HotelFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
How Glass Is MadeOcean To Ocean2021
I Can't See New YorkScarlet's Walk2002
I Don't Like MondaysStrange Little Girls2001
I'm Not In LoveStrange Little Girls2001
IcicleUnder The Pink1994
IieeeFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
In The Springtime Of His VoodooBoys For Pele1996
Invisible BoyUnrepentant Geraldines2014
IrelandThe Beekeeper2005
Jackie's StrengthFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
Jackie's StrengthTales Of A Librarian2003
Jackie's StrengthGold Dust2012
Jamaica InnThe Beekeeper2005
Jeanette, IsabellaMidwinter Grace2009
Job's CoffinNight Of Hunters2011
JosephineTo Venus And Back1999
JuarezTo Venus And Back1999
Lady In BlueAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
LeatherLittle Earthquakes1992
Liquid DiamondsFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
Little AmsterdamBoys For Pele1996
Little Drummer Boy (live) (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Little EarthquakesLittle Earthquakes1992
Little Earthquakes (live)To Venus And Back1999
LustTo Venus And Back1999
Maids Of Elfen-MereUnrepentant Geraldines2014
MarianneBoys For Pele1996
MarianneGold Dust2012
Martha's Foolish GingerThe Beekeeper2005
MaryTales Of A Librarian2003
Mary JaneAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Mary's EyesNative Invader2017
Marys Of The SeaThe Beekeeper2005
Maybe CaliforniaAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Me And A GunLittle Earthquakes1992
Me And A GunTales Of A Librarian2003
Metal Water WoodOcean To Ocean2021
MotherLittle Earthquakes1992
Mother RevolutionThe Beekeeper2005
Mr. Bad ManAmerican Doll Posse2007
Mr. ZebraBoys For Pele1996
Mr. ZebraTales Of A Librarian2003
Mr. Zebra (live)To Venus And Back1999
Mrs. JesusScarlet's Walk2002
Muhammad My FriendBoys For Pele1996
Nautical TwilightNight Of Hunters2011
New AgeStrange Little Girls2001
Night Of HuntersNight Of Hunters2011
Northern LadFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
Not Dying TodayAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Not The Red BaronBoys For Pele1996
Ocean To OceanOcean To Ocean2021
OpheliaAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Original SinsualityThe Beekeeper2005
Our New YearMidwinter Grace2009
OystersUnrepentant Geraldines2014
PancakeScarlet's Walk2002
Pandora's AquariumFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
ParasolThe Beekeeper2005
Past The MissionUnder The Pink1994
Pink and GlitterMidwinter Grace2009
Playboy MommyFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
Playboy MommyTales Of A Librarian2003
Police MeAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
Posse BonusAmerican Doll Posse2007
Precious ThingsLittle Earthquakes1992
Precious ThingsTales Of A Librarian2003
Precious ThingsGold Dust2012
Precious Things (live)To Venus And Back1999
Pretty Good YearUnder The Pink1994
Professional WidowBoys For Pele1996
Professional Widow (Star Trunk Funkin' Mix)Tales Of A Librarian2003
Programmable SodaAmerican Doll Posse2007
Programmable SodaGold Dust2012
PromiseUnrepentant Geraldines2014
Purple People (live)To Venus And Back1999
Putting The Damage OnBoys For Pele1996
Raining BloodStrange Little Girls2001
Raspberry SwirlFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
RattlesnakesStrange Little Girls2001
Real MenStrange Little Girls2001
Reindeer KingNative Invader2017
Ribbons UndoneThe Beekeeper2005
Riot PoofTo Venus And Back1999
Roosterspur BridgeAmerican Doll Posse2007
Rose DoverUnrepentant Geraldines2014
Scarlet's WalkScarlet's Walk2002
Secret SpellAmerican Doll Posse2007
SelkieUnrepentant Geraldines2014
Shattering SeaNight Of Hunters2011
She's Your CocaineFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
Silent All These YearsLittle Earthquakes1992
Silent All These YearsTales Of A Librarian2003
Silent All These YearsGold Dust2012
Sister Janet (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Sleeps With ButterfliesThe Beekeeper2005
Smokey JoeAmerican Doll Posse2007
Snow AngelMidwinter Grace2009
Snow BlindNight Of Hunters2011
Snow Cherries From FranceTales Of A Librarian2003
Snow Cherries From FranceGold Dust2012
Space DogUnder The Pink1994
Space Dog (live)To Venus And Back1999
SparkFrom The Choirgirl Hotel1998
SparkTales Of A Librarian2003
Speaking With TreesOcean To Ocean2021
SpiesOcean To Ocean2021
Spring HazeTo Venus And Back1999
Star Of WonderMidwinter Grace2009
Star Of WonderGold Dust2012
Star WhispererNight Of Hunters2011
StarlingAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
StrangeScarlet's Walk2002
Strange Little GirlStrange Little Girls2001
Strong Black VineAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
SuedeTo Venus And Back1999
Sugar (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Sugar (live)To Venus And Back1999
Sweet DreamsTales Of A Librarian2003
Sweet SangriaScarlet's Walk2002
Sweet The StingThe Beekeeper2005
Swim To New York StateOcean To Ocean2021
Take To The Sky (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
TalulaBoys For Pele1996
Taxi RideScarlet's Walk2002
Tear In Your HandLittle Earthquakes1992
Tear In Your HandTales Of A Librarian2003
Teenage HustlingAmerican Doll Posse2007
That GuyAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
The BeekeeperThe Beekeeper2005
The ChaseNight Of Hunters2011
The Power Of Orange Knickers (featuring Damien Rice)The Beekeeper2005
The WaitressUnder The Pink1994
The Waitress (live)To Venus And Back1999
The Wrong BandUnder The Pink1994
TimeStrange Little Girls2001
ToastThe Beekeeper2005
Trouble's LamentUnrepentant Geraldines2014
TwinkleBoys For Pele1996
Unrepentant GeraldinesUnrepentant Geraldines2014
Up The CreekNative Invader2017
Upside Down (Bonus Track)Under The Pink1994
Velvet RevolutionAmerican Doll Posse2007
VirginiaScarlet's Walk2002
Wampum PrayerScarlet's Walk2002
Way DownBoys For Pele1996
Way DownTales Of A Librarian2003
WeathermanUnrepentant Geraldines2014
Wedding DayUnrepentant Geraldines2014
WednesdayScarlet's Walk2002
Welcome To EnglandAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009
What Child, NowellMidwinter Grace2009
Wild WayUnrepentant Geraldines2014
WildwoodNative Invader2017
WingsNative Invader2017
WinterLittle Earthquakes1992
WinterTales Of A Librarian2003
WinterGold Dust2012
Winter's CarolMidwinter Grace2009
WitnessThe Beekeeper2005
Yes, AnastasiaUnder The Pink1994
Yes, AnastasiaGold Dust2012
Yo GeorgeAmerican Doll Posse2007
You Can Bring Your DogAmerican Doll Posse2007
Your CloudScarlet's Walk2002
Your GhostNight Of Hunters2011

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