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10.000 TimesBlue Highway1985
20 Days (Demo Version)Retrospective 1982 - 19992000
A Fine, Fine DaySome Tough City1984
A Fine, Fine DayThe Story So Far1989
A Fine, Fine DayA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
A Fine, Fine Day (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
A Lonely LifeSome Tough City1984
A Lonely LifeThe Story So Far1989
A Love Gone AwayStoryville1990
A Swinging SatelliteThe Voyager Files2006
A Very Cold PlaceThe Voyager Files2006
A WarningGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Absence Of The CatIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
All I Ever WantedLucky Us2019
All In The FamilyBedtime Story1987
Along The PontchartrainIslands And Deserts2004
Always TomorrowLucky Us2019
AmbushGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
AshibaThe Voyager Files2006
Bang Shang-A-LangCold War Kids1994
Be FreeIslands And Deserts2004
Be Free (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Bedtime StoryBedtime Story1987
Bedtime StoryA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Bedtime Story (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Bedtime Story (Remix)The Story So Far1989
Bella VidaIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
Blue HighwayBlue Highway1985
Blue HighwayThe Story So Far1989
Blue HighwayRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
Blue HighwayA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
BoystownThe Boystown Tapes1999
BoystownRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
BoystownIslands And Deserts2004
BoystownA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Boystown (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Bread On The TableThe Long Road1992
Burning BridgesBedtime Story1987
Burning BridgesThe Story So Far1989
Burning BridgesA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
CaravanGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Carry My LoveI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
Carry My LoveRare Tracks1993
Chopper AttackGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Cold War KidsCold War Kids1994
Cold War KidsA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Cold War Kids (Demo Version)Retrospective 1982 - 19992000
Company I KeepThe Boystown Tapes1999
Company ManIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
Cover It UpCold War Kids1994
Dancing DaysThe Long Road1992
Deepspace BlueThe Voyager Files2006
Do Your Really Want To Live Like ThatBedtime Story1987
Down On Happy StreetFor You1989
DuplicityGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Duplicity Part IIGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
DustCold War Kids1994
DustIslands And Deserts2004
Dust (Demo Version)Retrospective 1982 - 19992000
Eddie Goes UndergroundSome Tough City1984
Every Single Reason In The WorldStoryville1990
Everything You've GotThe Boystown Tapes1999
Faces In The WindowStoryville1990
Fine, Fine DayRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
First Day Of SummerRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
First Day Of SummerA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Floyd Goes To VenusThe Voyager Files2006
Follow Me HomeRare Tracks1993
Fool's Gold (In A Silver Mine)The Boystown Tapes1999
For YouFor You1989
FriendsBedtime Story1987
FriendsThe Story So Far1989
GhostGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Going AwayGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Going Away (Reprise)Gefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Goodnight AmericaThe Long Road1992
Hallelujah (I'm Alive)Lucky Us2019
HandshakeGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Harder Than DiamondsThe Voyager Files2006
Hawkeye RoadLucky Us2019
Heard It On The RadioFor You1989
Heard It On The Radio (Demo Version)Retrospective 1982 - 19992000
Heaven's BellThe Voyager Files2006
Heinlein's PlanetThe Voyager Files2006
Hold Me A Little Bit MoreRare Tracks1993
How Far Can I SeeThe Voyager Files2006
HowlIslands And Deserts2004
HungrySome Tough City1984
Hunting SeasonIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
I Can Stop The WorldSome Tough City1984
I Can't Talk To YouFor You1989
I Don't CareI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
I Don't Even Know Her NameThe Boystown Tapes1999
I Don't Want To Be In LoveRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
I Feel GoodFor You1989
I Feel GoodFor You1989
I Feel GoodRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
I Feel GoodA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
I Knew A ManLucky Us2019
I Never Go Anywhere AloneIslands And Deserts2004
I Never Go Anywhere AloneLucky Us2019
I Still Love YouIslands And Deserts2004
I Want To Be ThereThe Long Road1992
I Won't Be Home TonightI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
I Won't Be Home TonightRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
I Won't Be Home TonightA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
I'll Be On My WayThe Long Road1992
I'll Tell The World About HerI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
If I Were KingFor You1989
If You Want MeFor You1989
If You Want MeRare Tracks1993
In JemenGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
In The EmbassyGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
In The MistGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
It's A Beautiful WorldThe Boystown Tapes1999
It's OverRare Tracks1993
It's Your PartyIslands And Deserts2004
JailThe Long Road1992
JamieRare Tracks1993
Johnny BoyLucky Us2019
Jupiter FlybyThe Voyager Files2006
Just About A Mile AwayFor You1989
Just About A Mile AwayStoryville1990
KatyRare Tracks1993
Katy Be MineBlue Highway1985
Keeping The Tigers AwayBedtime Story1987
King For A DayA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
King Of The FoolsIslands And Deserts2004
LandmineGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Letting GoCold War Kids1994
Life Goes OnFor You1989
Like A RockBlue Highway1985
Live WireBlue Highway1985
Live WireThe Story So Far1989
Lonely LifeA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Long Way From Home, Pt. 2The Boystown Tapes1999
Looking At The MoonThe Boystown Tapes1999
Love Don't Bother MeBlue Highway1985
Lucky UsLucky Us2019
Mama TriedCold War Kids1994
Man CameraRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
Many A Mile To GoStoryville1990
MarcieIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
Match GirlThe Boystown Tapes1999
Mercury RisingThe Voyager Files2006
Miles AwayIslands And Deserts2004
MoonriseThe Voyager Files2006
Mrs. LincolnThe Boystown Tapes1999
My My MyBedtime Story1987
NataliaI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
NeonIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
No Man's LandIslands And Deserts2004
No Man's LandA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
No Man's Land (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
No Man's Land (The Blue And the Grey)For You1989
Ogalalla BoulevardThe Long Road1992
One Star Falling (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Only The BestThe Long Road1992
Only The Young (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Only The Young Die GoodA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Only The Young, Pt. 1The Boystown Tapes1999
Out Of Town WomanBlue Highway1985
Out Of Town WomanRare Tracks1993
PistoleroRare Tracks1993
Play Guitar PlayIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
RainsongGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
Reach OutSome Tough City1984
RingdanceThe Voyager Files2006
Rocket To The StarsThe Voyager Files2006
Room With A ViewRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
Room With A View (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Round And RoundIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
Run With The LionsRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
Running Away From The Thought Of YouI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
Running Away From The Thought Of YouRare Tracks1993
SandfleasGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
SandyThe Long Road1992
Save A Little For MeRare Tracks1993
Saw A SatelliteIslands And Deserts2004
Say It's All OverSome Tough City1984
Send It In A LetterRare Tracks1993
Send Me A MiracleRare Tracks1993
ShadowlandFor You1989
She Can Bring Me LoveSome Tough City1984
She Moves Like A DancerBlue Highway1985
She Moves Like A DancerThe Story So Far1989
She Moves Like A DancerA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
She's So FastStoryville1990
Since You Went AwayCold War Kids1994
Sing AlongI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
Sing AlongRare Tracks1993
Sleeping RepriseFor You1989
Solitary ManThe Boystown Tapes1999
Some Tough CitySome Tough City1984
Some Tough City (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Something For NothingI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
Somewhere Down The RoadBedtime Story1987
Somewhere Down The Road Reinhören ReinhörenThe Story So Far1989
Stoney DazeStoryville1990
StoryvilleA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Straight OnRare Tracks1993
Sunwind SirensThe Voyager Files2006
Take You Out TonightIslands And Deserts2004
Tear Down The WallsBlue Highway1985
Tell You EverydayRare Tracks1993
The Cold North WindStoryville1990
The DealStoryville1990
The First Day Of SummerSome Tough City1984
The Goodnight SongLucky Us2019
The Houses (Are The Colour Of The Hills)Gefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
The JokerBedtime Story1987
The Lady Doesn't Live Here AnymoreFor You1989
The Last TrainBedtime Story1987
The Long RoadThe Long Road1992
The MotorbikeGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
The SandGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
The SunGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
The Sun Got In My EyeGefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
The Things That Might Have BeenCold War Kids1994
The WindLucky Us2019
The ZephyrThe Voyager Files2006
There Are AngelsThe Voyager Files2006
Time Is A MagazineThe Voyager Files2006
Tin SoldierCold War Kids1994
TinseltownSome Tough City1984
To Dance AloneStoryville1990
TrampolineRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
Trampoline (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
TroubadorRare Tracks1993
Twenty DaysCold War Kids1994
Uncle BillCold War Kids1994
ValhallaThe Voyager Files2006
VigilanteI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
VoyagerThe Voyager Files2006
Waiting For The Winter (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
Walk AwayIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
Wasting AwayRare Tracks1993
We Are Only SleepingFor You1989
We Wanna LiveBlue Highway1985
We Wanna LiveThe Story So Far1989
We Wanna LiveA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
West Coast Summer NightsI Won't Be Home Tonight1982
West Coast Summer NightsA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
When It's All Said And DoneThe Boystown Tapes1999
When She Started To DanceThe Long Road1992
Why MeRetrospective 1982 - 19992000
Why MeA Lonely Life: The Anthology2008
Why Me (live)Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume 12006
WonderlandThe Long Road1992
World Without You (World Without Me)Gefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
World Without You (World Without Me)Gefangen im Jemen (Soundtrack)1999
You And IIn The Absence Of The Cat1982
You Laugh At MeThe Boystown Tapes1999

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