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105 DegreesAngel Dream2021
A Higher PlaceWildflowers1994
A One Story TownLong After Dark1982
A Thing About YouHard Promises1981
A Wasted LifeLong After Dark1982
A Woman In Love (It's Not Me)Hard Promises1981
A Woman In Love (It's Not Me)Anthology - Through The Years2000
About To Give OutEcho1999
Accused Of LoveEcho1999
Ain't Love StrangeLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Ain't No Sunshine (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
AirportShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
All Mixed UpLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
All Or NothingInto The Great Wide Open1991
All The Wrong ReasonsInto The Great Wide Open1991
All You Can CarryHypnotic Eye2014
Alright For NowFull Moon Fever1989
Alright For Now (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
American Dream Plan BHypnotic Eye2014
American Dream Plan B (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
American GirlTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
American GirlGreatest Hits1993
American GirlAnthology - Through The Years2000
American GirlThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
American Girl (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
American Girl (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Angel Dream (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Angel Dream (No. 2)She's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Angel Dream (No. 2)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Angel Dream (No. 2)Angel Dream2021
Angel Dream (No. 4)She's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Ankle DeepHighway Companion2006
Anything That's Rock And Roll (Bonus Track)Greatest Hits1993
Anything That's Rock'n' RollTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
Apartment SongFull Moon Fever1989
Around And Around (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
AssholeShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
AssholeAngel Dream2021
Baby's A Rock'n' RollerYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Best Of EverythingSouthern Accents1985
Best Of Everything, TheAnthology - Through The Years2000
Between Two WorldsLong After Dark1982
Big WeekendHighway Companion2006
Billy The KidEcho1999
Blue SundayThe Last DJ2002
Boogie Chillen (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
BreakdownTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
BreakdownGreatest Hits1993
BreakdownAnthology - Through The Years2000
BreakdownThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Breakdown (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Built To LastInto The Great Wide Open1991
Burnt Out TownHypnotic Eye2014
Bye Bye Johnny (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Cabin Down BelowWildflowers1994
Cabin Down Below (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
CaliforniaShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Call Me The Breeze (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Can't Stop The SunThe Last DJ2002
Century CityDamn The Torpedoes1979
Change Of HeartLong After Dark1982
Change Of HeartAnthology - Through The Years2000
Change The LocksShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Change The LocksAngel Dream2021
Climb That HillShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Climb That HillAngel Dream2021
Counting On YouEcho1999
Crawling Back To YouWildflowers1994
Damage You've DoneLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Damaged By LoveHighway Companion2006
Deliver MeLong After Dark1982
Depending On YouFull Moon Fever1989
Did Someone Say Heartbreakers Beach Party (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Dogs On The RunSouthern Accents1985
Don't Bring Me Down (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Don't Come Around Here No MoreSouthern Accents1985
Don't Come Around Here No MoreGreatest Hits1993
Don't Come Around Here No MoreAnthology - Through The Years2000
Don't Come Around Here No MoreThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Don't Do Me Like ThatDamn The Torpedoes1979
Don't Do Me Like ThatGreatest Hits1993
Don't Do Me Like ThatAnthology - Through The Years2000
Don't Do Me Like ThatThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Don't Fade On MeWildflowers1994
Don't Pull Me OverMojo2010
Down SouthHighway Companion2006
DreamvilleThe Last DJ2002
DreamvilleThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Eight Miles High (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Even The LosersDamn The Torpedoes1979
Even The LosersGreatest Hits1993
Even The LosersAnthology - Through The Years2000
Even The LosersThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Face In The CrowdFull Moon Fever1989
Fault LinesHypnotic Eye2014
Finding OutLong After Dark1982
First Flash Of FreedomMojo2010
Flirting With TimeHighway Companion2006
Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
For RealThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Forgotten ManHypnotic Eye2014
Free FallinGreatest Hits1993
Free Fallin'Full Moon Fever1989
Free Fallin'Anthology - Through The Years2000
Free Fallin' (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Free Fallin' (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Free Girl NowEcho1999
French DisconnectionAngel Dream2021
Full Grown BoyHypnotic Eye2014
Gloria (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Good EnoughMojo2010
Good Evening (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Goodnight (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Grew Up FastShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Grew Up FastAngel Dream2021
Hard On MeWildflowers1994
Have Love Will TravelThe Last DJ2002
Heartbreakers Beach Party (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Here Comes My GirlDamn The Torpedoes1979
Here Comes My GirlGreatest Hits1993
Here Comes My GirlAnthology - Through The Years2000
Here Comes My GirlThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
High in the MorningMojo2010
Homecoming Queen Intro (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Hometown BluesTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
Hometown BluesAnthology - Through The Years2000
Honey BeeWildflowers1994
Honey Bee (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Hope On BoardShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Hope You NeverShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
House In The WoodsWildflowers1994
How Many More DaysLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Hung Up And OverdueShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Hungry No More (Mudcrutch)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
HurtYou're Gonna Get It!1978
I Don't Wanna FightEcho1999
I Forgive It All (Mudcrutch)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
I Need To KnowYou're Gonna Get It!1978
I Need To KnowGreatest Hits1993
I Need To KnowAnthology - Through The Years2000
I Need To KnowThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
I Should Have Known ItMojo2010
I Should Have Known ItThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
I Won't Back DownFull Moon Fever1989
I Won't Back DownGreatest Hits1993
I Won't Back DownAnthology - Through The Years2000
I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
I'd Like To Love You Baby (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
I'll Feel A Whole Lot BetterFull Moon Fever1989
InsiderHard Promises1981
Insider (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Into The Great Wide OpenInto The Great Wide Open1991
Into The Great Wide OpenGreatest Hits1993
Into The Great Wide OpenAnthology - Through The Years2000
Into The Great Wide OpenThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
It Ain't Nothin' To MeSouthern Accents1985
It Ain't Nothin' To Me (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
It Won't Be Wrong (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
It'll All Work OutLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
It'll All Work OutAnthology - Through The Years2000
It's All Over Now (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
It's Good To Be KingWildflowers1994
JackHighway Companion2006
Jammin' MeLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Jammin' MeAnthology - Through The Years2000
Jammin' MeThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Jammin' Me (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Jefferson Jericho BluesMojo2010
JoeThe Last DJ2002
John Lee Hooker, Ladies And Gentlemen (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Kings HighwayInto The Great Wide Open1991
Kings RoadHard Promises1981
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Learnig To FlyInto The Great Wide Open1991
Learnig To FlyGreatest Hits1993
Learning To FlyAnthology - Through The Years2000
Learning To FlyThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Let Yourself GoMojo2010
Let's Hear It For Howie And Scott (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Letting You GoHard Promises1981
Like A DiamondThe Last DJ2002
Listen To Her HeartYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Listen To Her HeartGreatest Hits1993
Listen To Her HeartAnthology - Through The Years2000
Listen To Her HeartThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Listen To Her Heart (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Lonesome SundownEcho1999
Lost ChildrenThe Last DJ2002
Louie Louie (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Louisiana RainDamn The Torpedoes1979
Love Is A Long RoadFull Moon Fever1989
Love Is A Long RoadAnthology - Through The Years2000
Lover's TouchMojo2010
Lucille (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
LunaTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
MagnoliaYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Make It Better (Forget About Me)Southern Accents1985
Makin' Some NoiseInto The Great Wide Open1991
Mary Jane's Last DanceGreatest Hits1993
Mary Jane's Last DanceAnthology - Through The Years2000
Mary Jane's Last Dance (Greatest Hits Edited Version)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Mary Jane's Last Dance (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Mary's New CarSouthern Accents1985
Mind With A Heart Of It's OwnFull Moon Fever1989
Money Becomes KingThe Last DJ2002
Mr. Roger McGuinn (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
My Life - Your WorldLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Mystery ManTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
Needles And Pins (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Night DriverHighway Companion2006
NightwatchmanHard Promises1981
No MoreEcho1999
No Reason To CryMojo2010
No Second ThoughtsYou're Gonna Get It!1978
One More Day, One More NightEcho1999
One Of Life's Little MysteriesAngel Dream2021
Only A Broken HeartWildflowers1994
Out In The ColdInto The Great Wide Open1991
Power DrunkHypnotic Eye2014
Pre-Show (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
RebelsSouthern Accents1985
RebelsAnthology - Through The Years2000
Rebels (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Red RiverHypnotic Eye2014
RefugeeDamn The Torpedoes1979
RefugeeGreatest Hits1993
RefugeeAnthology - Through The Years2000
RefugeeThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Refugee (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
RestlessYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Rhino SkinEcho1999
Rockin' Around (With You)Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
Rockin' Around (With You) (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Room At The TopEcho1999
Room At The TopThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Runaway TrainsLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Runnin' Down A DreamFull Moon Fever1989
Runnin' Down A DreamGreatest Hits1993
Runnin' Down A DreamAnthology - Through The Years2000
Runnin' Down A Dream (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Runnin' Down A Dream (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Running Man's BibleMojo2010
Satisfaction (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Saving GraceHighway Companion2006
Saving Grace (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Scare Easy (Mudcrutch)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Self-Made ManLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid)Damn The Torpedoes1979
Shadow PeopleHypnotic Eye2014
Shakin' All Over (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Shout (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Sins Of My YouthHypnotic Eye2014
So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
So You Want To Be A Rock'n' Roll StarAnthology - Through The Years2000
Something BigHard Promises1981
Something Good ComingMojo2010
Something In The AirGreatest Hits1993
Sorry, I've Just Broken My Amplifier (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Southern AccentsSouthern Accents1985
Southern AccentsThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Southern Accents (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
SpikeSouthern Accents1985
Square OneHighway Companion2006
Square One (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Stop Draggin' My Heart AroundAnthology - Through The Years2000
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (+ Stevie Nicks)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Stories We Could Tell (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Straight Into DarknessLong After Dark1982
Straight Into DarknessAnthology - Through The Years2000
Strangered In The NightTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
Supernatural RadioShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Supernatural Radio (Extended Version)Angel Dream2021
SurrenderAnthology - Through The Years2000
Takin' My TimeMojo2010
The Best Of Everything (Alternate Version)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
The Criminal KindHard Promises1981
The Dark Of The SunInto The Great Wide Open1991
The Date I Had With That Ugly Old Homecoming Queen (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
The Golden RoseHighway Companion2006
The Internet, Whatever That Is (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
The Last DJThe Last DJ2002
The Last DJThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
The Man Who Loves WomenThe Last DJ2002
The Same Old YouLong After Dark1982
The Trip To Pirate's CoveMojo2010
The WaitingHard Promises1981
The WaitingGreatest Hits1993
The WaitingThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
The Wild One, ForeverTom Petty And The Heartbreakers1976
The Wild One, Forever (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Think About MeLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987
Thirteen DaysAngel Dream2021
This Old TownHighway Companion2006
This One's For MeEcho1999
Time Is On My Side (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
Time To Move OnWildflowers1994
To Find A FriendWildflowers1994
Too Good To Be TrueInto The Great Wide Open1991
Too Much Ain't EnoughYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Too Much Ain't EnoughAnthology - Through The Years2000
Trailer (Mudcrutch)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Turn This Car AroundHighway Companion2006
Two GunslingersInto The Great Wide Open1991
Two GunslingersAnthology - Through The Years2000
U Get Me HighHypnotic Eye2014
U.S. 41Mojo2010
Waiting (live)Pack Up The Plantation - Live!1985
Waiting For TonightAnthology - Through The Years2000
Waiting, TheAnthology - Through The Years2000
Wake Up TimeWildflowers1994
Walls (Circus)She's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Walls (Circus)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Walls (No. 3)She's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Walls (No. 3)Angel Dream2021
We Stand A ChanceLong After Dark1982
What Are You Doin' In My LifeDamn The Torpedoes1979
When A Kid Goes BadThe Last DJ2002
When The Time ComesYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Wild One Forever, TheAnthology - Through The Years2000
Wildflowers (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
Won't Last LongEcho1999
Yer So BadFull Moon Fever1989
Yer So BadAnthology - Through The Years2000
You Ain't Going Nowhere (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
You And I Will Meet AgainInto The Great Wide Open1991
You and MeThe Last DJ2002
You Can Still Change Your MindHard Promises1981
You Don't Know How It FeelsWildflowers1994
You Don't Know How It Feels (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
You Got LuckyLong After Dark1982
You Got LuckyGreatest Hits1993
You Got LuckyAnthology - Through The Years2000
You Got LuckyThe Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
You Really Got Me (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
You Tell MeDamn The Torpedoes1979
You Wreck MeWildflowers1994
You Wreck Me (live)Live At The Fillmore,19972022
You Wreck Me (Tom Petty)The Best Of Everything 1976-20162019
You're Gonna Get ItYou're Gonna Get It!1978
Zero From Outer SpaceShe's The One (Soundtrack)1996
Zero From Outer SpaceAngel Dream2021
Zombie ZooFull Moon Fever1989

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