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After DarkTarantism1997
Angry CockroachesTarantism1997
Animal Dream8 Arms To Hold You2019
As Worlds Collide8 Arms To Hold You2019
Back To The HouseTarantism1997
Betcha Can't PlayHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
BitchLittle Bitch2000
Bleeding RosesHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Bullets From A GunAndalucia2002
California GirlAndalucia2002
Clumsy Beautiful WorldHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Come Out CleanBack Into The Darkness2008
Crack In The WorldLittle Bitch2000
Crime And ShameLittle Bitch2000
DarknessBack Into The Darkness2008
Dead PersonLittle Bitch2000
Devil's In LoveHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Dust And AshesBack Into The Darkness2008
Everybody NeedsLittle Bitch2000
Flying In My SleepTarantism1997
Forever Forgotten And UnforgivenLittle Bitch2000
Goodbye Good Luck8 Arms To Hold You2019
Goodbye SadieLittle Bitch2000
He's A Liar8 Arms To Hold You2019
Heart of Hearts8 Arms To Hold You2019
Hey Hey Hey Whaddya SayAndalucia2002
Hungry SallyHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
If You Love MeBack Into The Darkness2008
In BetweenAndalucia2002
In My CarBack Into The Darkness2008
It's Alright Now8 Arms To Hold You2019
It's My MistakeAndalucia2002
Killing Just For FunTarantism1997
La Flor De MalAndalucia2002
Lady Don't LeaveLittle Bitch2000
Like I DoBack Into The Darkness2008
Lonely Sunset8 Arms To Hold You2019
Lonely Sweet MarieLittle Bitch2000
Love In My BloodHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Love Sane8 Arms To Hold You2019
MacheteBack Into The Darkness2008
Make MeAndalucia2002
Mexican SkyAndalucia2002
Missed Your EyesAndalucia2002
MonstersBack Into The Darkness2008
MurderBack Into The Darkness2008
My German FräuleinHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
My Power Is In Your HandsAndalucia2002
Not EnoughBack Into The Darkness2008
Now That You're GoneBack Into The Darkness2008
Pieces Of Time (All In A Line)Hungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Pretty WastedBack Into The Darkness2008
Ready MadeAndalucia2002
RegresareLittle Bitch2000
Silent TrainLittle Bitch2000
Slippin' And Slidin'Tarantism1997
Slow DreamHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Smiling KarenTarantism1997
Somewhere Between8 Arms To Hold You2019
Strange FaceTarantism1997
Super Vita JaneLittle Bitch2000
Sweet CycleTarantism1997
The End Of EverythingBack Into The Darkness2008
Torn To PiecesAndalucia2002
Virtues Glow8 Arms To Hold You2019
When You CryHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
Woke Up BlindHungry Sally And Other Killer Lullabies1999
World At My FeetLittle Bitch2000
You're The One I LoveAndalucia2002

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