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1984Private Dancer1984
634-5789 (Duet With Robert Cray) (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
A Change Is Gonna ComeQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
A Change Is Gonna Come (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Absolutely Nothing's ChangedTwenty Four Seven1999
Acid QueenQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Addicted To LoveQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Addicted To Love (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Addicted To Love (live)All The Best2004
Addicted To Love (live)Tina!2008
Addicted To Love (live)Tina Live2009
AfterglowBreak Every Rule1986
AfterglowQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
All Kinds Of PeopleWildest Dreams1996
All The WomanTwenty Four Seven1999
Allah HuChildren Beyond2011
AlmightyLove Within Beyond2014
Ask Me How I FeelForeign Affair1989
Avalokiteshvara (Ani Choying)Awakening Beyond2017
Awakening Beyond (Part 1) (Tina Turner, Mor Karbasi, Dima Orsho + Ani Choying)Awakening Beyond2017
Awakening Beyond (Part 2) (Regula Curti)Awakening Beyond2017
Awakening Beyond (Part 3) (Sawani Shende Sathaye)Awakening Beyond2017
Baby Get It OnAcid Queen1975
Back Where You StartedBreak Every Rule1986
Back Where You Started (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
BackstabbersLove Explosion1979
Bayou SongTina Turns The Country On1974
Be Now In Your Hands (Mor Karbasi + Regula Curti)Awakening Beyond2017
Be Tender With Me BabyForeign Affair1989
Be Tender With Me BabyLove Songs2014
Be Tender With Me BabyQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Better Be Good To MePrivate Dancer1984
Better Be Good To MeSimply The Best1991
Better Be Good to MeAll The Best2004
Better Be Good To MeTina!2008
Better Be Good To MeQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Better Be Good To Me (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
Better Be Good To Me (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Better Be Good To Me (live)Tina Live2009
Beyond: Spiritual Message By Tina TurnerBeyond2009
Bitch Is BackRough1978
Bootsey WhitelawAcid Queen1975
Break Every RuleBreak Every Rule1986
Break Every RuleQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Break Every Rule (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Buddham Saranam GacchamiChildren Beyond2011
CallingChildren Beyond2011
Caritas Abundat (Regula Curti)Awakening Beyond2017
CompassionLove Within Beyond2014
Compassionate Love: Tara - Ave MariaBeyond2009
Complicated DisasterAll The Best2004
ConfidentialWildest Dreams1996
Connecting Hearts: Avalokiteshvara - Blessing Of Swiss AlpsBeyond2009
Cose della vitaQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Cose Della Vita - Can't Stop Thinking Of You (Duet with Eros Ramazzotti)All The Best2004
Dance With The Divine: Bodhicitta - HallelujaBeyond2009
Dancing In My DreamsWildest Dreams1996
Devotion: Vajra Guru - AmenBeyond2009
Disco InfernoWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Disco InfernoQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Divine MotherLove Within Beyond2014
Do What You DoWildest Dreams1996
Don't Leave Me This WayTwenty Four Seven1999
Don't Leave Me This WayLove Songs2014
Don't Rush The Good Things (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
Don't Talk NowTina Turns The Country On1974
Earthquake And HurricaneRough1978
Embracing Wisdom: Manjushri - Agnus DeiBeyond2009
FallingTwenty Four Seven1999
FallingLove Songs2014
Falling Like RainForeign Affair1989
Fire Down BelowRough1978
Fool For Your LoveLove Explosion1979
Fool in LoveWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Foreign AffairForeign Affair1989
Foreign AffairQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Fruits Of The NightRough1978
Funny How Time Slips AwayRough1978
Ganesha SharanamChildren Beyond2011
GirlsBreak Every Rule1986
GirlsQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Girls (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Go AheadTwenty Four Seven1999
Golden Eye (live)Tina Live2009
GoldeneyeWildest Dreams1996
GoldenEyeAll The Best2004
GoldeneyeQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Great SpiritsAll The Best2004
HallelujaChildren Beyond2011
He Belongs To MeTina Turns The Country On1974
Healing Power: Sangye Menhla - GloriaBeyond2009
Heavenly Joy: Amithaba - Kyrie EleisonBeyond2009
HelpPrivate Dancer1984
HelpQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Help (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Help Me Make It Through The NightTina Turns The Country On1974
Holy Praise: Vajra Sattva - SanctusBeyond2009
I Can See For MilesAcid Queen1975
I Can't Stand The RainPrivate Dancer1984
I Can't Stand The RainSimply The Best1991
I Can't Stand The RainAll The Best2004
I Can't Stand The RainQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
I Can't Stand The Rain (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
I Can't Stand The Rain (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
I Can't Stand The Rain (live)Tina!2008
I Don't Wanna FightWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
I Don't Wanna FightAll The Best2004
I Don't Wanna FightTina!2008
I Don't Wanna FightLove Songs2014
I Don't Wanna FightQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
I Don't Wanna Lose YouForeign Affair1989
I Don't Wanna Lose YouSimply The Best1991
I Don't Wanna Lose YouAll The Best2004
I Don't Wanna Lose YouLove Songs2014
I Don't Wanna Lose YouQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
I Might Have Been QueenPrivate Dancer1984
I Might Have Been QueenWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
I See HomeLove Explosion1979
I Want You Near MeSimply The Best1991
I Want You Near MeLove Songs2014
I Want You Near MeQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
I Will Be ThereTwenty Four Seven1999
I Wrote A Letter (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
I'll Be ThunderBreak Every Rule1986
I'm Moving OnTina Turns The Country On1974
I'm ReadyTina!2008
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)Tina Turns The Country On1974
In The Midnight Hour (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
In Your Wildest DreamsWildest Dreams1996
In Your Wildest DreamsQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
In Your Wildest Dreams (featuring Antonio Banderas)All The Best2004
It Takes TwoQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
It Takes Two (Duet with Rod Stewart)Simply The Best1991
It Would Be A CrimeTina!2008
It's Gonna Work Out FineWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
It's Only LoveQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
It's Only Love (Duet with Bryan Adams)All The Best2004
It's Only Love (Duet With Bryan Adams) (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
It's Only Rock'n' Roll (live)Tina Live2009
Jai Da DaChildren Beyond2011
Jumping Jack Flash (live)Tina Live2009
Just A Little Lovin'Love Explosion1979
Kol Ha Olam KuloChildren Beyond2011
Lama Chenno (Ani Choying)Awakening Beyond2017
Land Of 1.000 Dances (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Let's Dance (Duet With David Bowie) (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Let's Spend The Night TogetherAcid Queen1975
Let's Stay TogetherPrivate Dancer1984
Let's Stay TogetherSimply The Best1991
Let's Stay TogetherAll The Best2004
Let's Stay TogetherLove Songs2014
Let's Stay TogetherQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Let's Stay Together (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Let's Stay Together (live)Tina!2008
Let's Stay Together (live)Tina Live2009
Long Long TimeTina Turns The Country On1974
Look Me In The HeartForeign Affair1989
Look Me In The HeartSimply The Best1991
Look Me In The HeartLove Songs2014
Look Me In The HeartQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Love ExplosionLove Explosion1979
Love ThingSimply The Best1991
Love ThingQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Love WithinLove Within Beyond2014
Lover BeyondLove Within Beyond2014
Missing YouWildest Dreams1996
Missing YouAll The Best2004
Missing YouLove Songs2014
Missing YouQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Mother WithinLove Within Beyond2014
Mountain Blessing (Sawani Shende Sathaye + Regula Curti)Awakening Beyond2017
Music Keeps Me Dancin'Love Explosion1979
Music Keeps Me Dancin'Queen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Night Time Is The Right TimeRough1978
Nini Nini (Dima Orsho)Awakening Beyond2017
Not Enough RomanceForeign Affair1989
Nutbush City LimitsWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Nutbush City LimitsAll The Best2004
Nutbush City LimitsTina!2008
Nutbush City LimitsQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Nutbush City Limits (90's Version)Simply The Best1991
Nutbush City Limits (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Nutbush City Limits (live)Tina Live2009
Oh Ah HumChildren Beyond2011
On Silent WingsWildest Dreams1996
On Silent WingsQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
On Silent Wings (featuring Sting)All The Best2004
On The RadioLove Explosion1979
One Of The LivingQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
One Soul (Dima Orsho + Regula Curti)Awakening Beyond2017
OnenessLove Within Beyond2014
Open ArmsAll The Best2004
Overnight SensationBreak Every Rule1986
Overnight Sensation (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Paradise Is HereBreak Every Rule1986
Paradise Is HereAll The Best2004
Paradise Is HereQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Paradise Is Here (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Partos Trocados (Mor Karbasi)Awakening Beyond2017
Pick Me TonightAcid Queen1975
PraiseLove Within Beyond2014
Private DancerPrivate Dancer1984
Private DancerSimply The Best1991
Private DancerAll The Best2004
Private DancerTina!2008
Private DancerLove Songs2014
Private DancerQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Private Dancer (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Private Dancer (live)Tina Live2009
Proud MaryWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Proud MaryAll The Best2004
Proud MaryQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Proud Mary (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Proud Mary (live)Tina Live2009
Proud Mary (Version 1993)Tina!2008
Ra Ma Da SaChildren Beyond2011
Rain Songs (Tina Turner, Sawani Shende Sathaye + Dima Orsho)Awakening Beyond2017
River Deep - Mountain HighSimply The Best1991
River Deep - Mountain HighAll The Best2004
River Deep - Mountain High (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
River Deep Mountain HighTina!2008
River Deep Mountain High (Ike + Tina Turner)Love Songs2014
River Deep, Mountain HighQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
River Deep, Mountain High (live)Tina Live2009
Rock Me BabyWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Rock'n' Roll Widow (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
Rockin' And Rollin'Acid Queen1975
Root Toot Undisputable Rock And RollerRough1978
Root, Toot Undisputable Rock 'N RollerQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Sa Ta Na MaChildren Beyond2011
Sallallah Ala MuhammadChildren Beyond2011
Salutations (Sawani Shende Sathaye + Ani Choying)Awakening Beyond2017
Sarvesham Svastir BhavatuChildren Beyond2011
Shake A TailfeatherWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Show Some RespectPrivate Dancer1984
Show Some RespectQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Show Some Respect (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Simply The Best (live)Tina Live2009
Sojaa Sojaa (Sawani Shende Sathaye)Awakening Beyond2017
Something Beautiful RemainsWildest Dreams1996
Something Beautiful RemainsAll The Best2004
Something SpecialAll The Best2004
Sometimes When We TouchRough1978
Sometimes When We TouchQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Stay AwhileWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Steamy WindowsForeign Affair1989
Steamy WindowsSimply The Best1991
Steamy WindowsAll The Best2004
Steamy WindowsTina!2008
Steamy WindowsQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Steamy Windows (live)Tina Live2009
Steel ClawPrivate Dancer1984
Sunset On SunsetLove Explosion1979
Talk To My HeartTwenty Four Seven1999
Tearing Us ApartQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Tearing Us Apart (Duet With Eric Clapton) (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
The Acid QueenAcid Queen1975
The Acid QueenTina!2008
The BestForeign Affair1989
The BestSimply The Best1991
The BestAll The Best2004
The BestLove Songs2014
The BestQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
The Best (live)Tina!2008
The Love That Lights Our WayTina Turns The Country On1974
There'll Always Be MusicTina Turns The Country On1974
Thief Of HeartsWildest Dreams1996
Till The Right Man Comes AlongBreak Every Rule1986
Tina's WishWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
TonightQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Tonight (Duet with David Bowie)All The Best2004
Tonight (Duet With David Bowie) (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With YouTina Turns The Country On1974
Tow Loves (Dima Orsho)Awakening Beyond2017
Twenty Four SevenTwenty Four Seven1999
Two PeopleBreak Every Rule1986
Two PeopleAll The Best2004
Two PeopleLove Songs2014
Two PeopleQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Two People (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Typical MaleBreak Every Rule1986
Typical MaleSimply The Best1991
Typical MaleAll The Best2004
Typical MaleQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Typical Male (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
Under My ThumbAcid Queen1975
Undercover Agent For The BluesForeign Affair1989
Unfinished SympathyWildest Dreams1996
UnityChildren Beyond2011
Veni Sancte SpiritusChildren Beyond2011
Viva La MoneyRough1978
Viva La MoneyQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Way Of The WorldSimply The Best1991
Way Of The WorldLove Songs2014
Way Of The WorldQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
We Don't Need Another HeroAll The Best2004
We Don't Need Another HeroQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
We Don't Need Another Hero (live)Tina Live2009
We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)Simply The Best1991
We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)Tina!2008
We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
WelcomeLove Within Beyond2014
What You Get Is What You SeeBreak Every Rule1986
What You Get Is What You SeeSimply The Best1991
What You Get Is What You SeeAll The Best2004
What You Get Is What You SeeTina!2008
What You Get Is What You SeeQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
What You Get Is What You See (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
What You Get Is What You See (live)Tina Live2009
What's Love Got To Do With ItPrivate Dancer1984
What's Love Got To Do With ItSimply The Best1991
What's Love Got to Do With ItWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
What's Love Got To Do With ItAll The Best2004
What's Love Got To Do With ItTina!2008
What's Love Got To Do With ItLove Songs2014
What's Love Got To Do With ItQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
What's Love Got To Do With It (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
What's Love Got To Do With It (live)Tina Live In Europe1988
What's Love Got To Do With It (live)Tina Live2009
Whatever You NeedTwenty Four Seven1999
Whatever You NeedAll The Best2004
Whatever You NeedLove Songs2014
Whatever You WantWildest Dreams1996
Whatever You WantQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
When I Was Young (Bonus Track)Private Dancer1984
When The Heartache Is OverTwenty Four Seven1999
When The Heartache Is OverAll The Best2004
When The Heartache Is OverLove Songs2014
When The Heartache Is OverQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Whole Lotta LoveAcid Queen1975
Whole Lotta LoveQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Why Must We Wait Until TonightWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
Why Must We Wait Until TonightAll The Best2004
Why Must We Wait Until TonightLove Songs2014
Why Must We Wait Until TonightQueen Of Rock 'N' Roll2023
Wiegenlied (Regula Curti)Awakening Beyond2017
WisdomLove Within Beyond2014
Without YouTwenty Four Seven1999
Woman I'm Supposed To BeRough1978
Woman In A Man's WorldRough1978
You Can't Stop Me Loving YouForeign Affair1989
You Got What I'm Gonna GetLove Explosion1979
You Know I Love YouWhat's Love Got To Do With It1993
You Know Who (Is Doing You Know What)Foreign Affair1989

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