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Ailleurs7 vies2008
Aimer jusqu'a l'impossibleUn autre univers2005
Aller plus hautSouvenirs2000
Aller plus haut (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Baby It's YouSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
Be A ManDon't Ask1994
Be A Man (Demo Version)Strong As Steel1990
Best For YouStrong As Steel1990
Both Sides NowSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
Bring Me LoveReset2013
BurnIn Deep1997
BurnGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Burn (live)Souvenirs2000
Burn (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Burn (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Burn (Reprise)In Deep1997
But I LiedJust Me2001
Call MeSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
ChainsDon't Ask1994
ChainsGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Chains (live)Souvenirs2000
Chains (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Chains (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Chains (S+M Radio Edit)Don't Ask1994
ChangerUn autre univers2005
Close To YouSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
Coeur de pierreJust Me2001
Coeur de pierre (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Danser la vie7 vies2008
Dare You To Be HappyJust Me2001
Dare You To Be Happy (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Dare You To Be Happy (Remix)Greatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Destination UnknownReset2013
Dis-moi7 vies2008
Do You Know Where You're Going ToSongs Of Love And Loss2007
Don't HideReset2013
Don't Look BackReset2013
Entends-tu monde7 vies2008
Et puis apres (+ Henri Salvador)Un autre univers2005
Everbody HurtsSongs Of Love And Loss2007
Every Breath You TakeSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
FlashbackIn Deep1997
God Only KnowsJust Me2001
Greatest GiftDon't Ask1994
Heaven (Bonus Track)Eleven2015
Heaven Help My HeartDon't Ask1994
Heaven Help My HeartGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Heaven Help My Heart (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Hollywood Boulevard7 vies2008
I BelieveStrong As Steel1990
I Can BreatheReset2013
I Hope I NeverSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
I Just Don't Know What To Do With MyselfSongs Of Love And Loss2007
I Need Your BodyStrong As Steel1990
I Only Want To Be With YouSongs Of Love And Loss2007
I Want To Know What Love IsIn Deep1997
I Want To Know What Love IsGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
I Want To Know What Love Is (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
I Want To Know What Love Is (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
I Want To Live With YouIn Deep1997
I Want To Love YouEleven2015
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Losing YouGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving YouIn Deep1997
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving YouSouvenirs2000
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
I Was HereQuand tout recommence2018
I'm GoneJust Me2001
If I Didn't Love YouIn Deep1997
If I Didn't Love YouGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
If I Didn't Love You (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
If I Was A RiverIn Deep1997
If I Was A RiverSouvenirs2000
If I Was A RiverGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
If You EverJust Me2001
Il y a des joursUn autre univers2005
In CommandIn Deep1997
It's Just What It IsReset2013
Italian Love SongGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Italian Love Song (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
J'ai envie de savoirUn autre univers2005
Jamais non jamaisUn autre univers2005
Je m'appelle BagdadUn autre univers2005
Je te retrouve un peu (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Je vois ta lumiere7 vies2008
L'empire des lumieresQuand tout recommence2018
L'ombre de ma voixQuand tout recommence2018
La RivieraQuand tout recommence2018
Las VegasQuand tout recommence2018
Les balles a blancQuand tout recommence2018
Les trois cloches (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Let Me InReset2013
Lie In ItEleven2015
Live For The One I LoveSouvenirs2000
Living A Lifetime TogetherSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
Lose MyselfReset2013
Love FallsEleven2015
Love HangoverSongs Of Love And Loss2007
Love Is The AnswerDon't Ask1994
Love You LessReset2013
Love's Funny That WaySouvenirs2000
Machine's Breaking DownStrong As Steel1990
Man With The Child In His EyesSongs Of Love And Loss2007
MessageDon't Ask1994
N'oublie pas7 vies2008
Never (Past Tense Radio Edit)Greatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Never (Past Tense) (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Nights In White SatinSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
No Filter (Bonus Track)Eleven2015
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)Souvenirs2000
No ShameIn Deep1997
Not Still In Love With YouEleven2015
Now I Can DanceIn Deep1997
Now I Can DanceGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Oh Me Oh MySongs Of Love And Loss 22008
Ombres Chinoises7 vies2008
On The LineStrong As Steel1990
Only LonelyReset2013
Only Women BleedSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
Out Of The BlueReset2013
ParfaitQuand tout recommence2018
Patchwork HeartReset2013
Quand tout recommenceQuand tout recommence2018
RegardeQuand tout recommence2018
Reset AllReset2013
S'il faut prierUn autre univers2005
S'il m'est donne7 vies2008
Segnali di fumoSouvenirs2000
Show Me HeavenDon't Ask1994
Show Me HeavenSouvenirs2000
Show Me HeavenGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Si j'avais le tempsUn autre univers2005
Si je ne t'aimais pasJust Me2001
Si je ne t'aimais pas (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Si tu veux mon coeurUn autre univers2005
Simple desirUn autre univers2005
Sixteen YearsIn Deep1997
So Far AwaySongs Of Love And Loss2007
Something's Gotta ChangeJust Me2001
Sorrento Moon (I Remember)Don't Ask1994
Sorrento Moon (I Remember)Greatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Sorrento Moon (live)Souvenirs2000
Sorrento Moon (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Sorrento Moon (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Soul Mate #9Greatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Soul Mate 9Just Me2001
Soul Mate 9 (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Standing UpDon't Ask1994
Still RunningReset2013
Strong As SteelStrong As Steel1990
Symphonie de l'ame (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Symphony Of LifeJust Me2001
Symphony Of LifeGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Symphony Of Life (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Take Me ApartGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Take Me Apart (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
TangledJust Me2001
Tant que tu es laQuand tout recommence2018
That's The Way A Woman FeelsDon't Ask1994
That's The Way A Woman FeelsGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
That's The Way A Woman Feels (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
This Look Of LoveSongs Of Love And Loss2007
To Sir With LoveSongs Of Love And Loss2007
Toi, blesseQuand tout recommence2018
Trois clochesSouvenirs2000
Trois cloches (The Three Bells) (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
Tu aurais du me direUn autre univers2005
Tu es toujours laJust Me2001
Tu es toujours la (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Tu pourras dire7 vies2008
Un autre universUn autre univers2005
Un pour l'autre7 vies2008
Unravel MeEleven2015
Unsung HeroIn Deep1997
UntilSongs Of Love And Loss2007
Vie7 vies2008
Vies7 vies2008
Walk With You (Bonus Track)Eleven2015
Wasn't It GoodDon't Ask1994
Wasn't It GoodGreatest Hits 1994 - 20042004
Wasn't It Good (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
When You're ReadyEleven2015
Whistle Down The WindIn Deep1997
Whistle Down The WindSouvenirs2000
Windmills Of Your MindSongs Of Love And Loss2007
WomanJust Me2001
WomanSongs Of Love And Loss2007
Woman (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
Woman's WorkStrong As Steel1990
Wouldn't Be Love If It Didn'tEleven2015
Wouldn't Change A ThingStrong As Steel1990
Wouldn't It Be GoodSongs Of Love And Loss 22008
You Made Me Find MyselfJust Me2001
You Made Me Find Myself (live)Vous etes toujours la2003
You Made Me Find Myself (live)Greatest Hits Live2005
You Make Me Feel GoodStrong As Steel1990
You Set Fire To My LifeReset2013
You Set Fire To My Life (Acoustic)Reset2013
Your SongSongs Of Love And Loss 22008

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