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A FableA Fable2011
A Memory That Became A DreamA Fable2011
Amran Gisher (Summer Night)Arrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
Aparani Par (The Dance Of Aparan)New Era2007
CarnavalA Fable2011
Chinar Es (You Are As Tall As A Plane Tree)Arrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
CorruptArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
FallingArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
Forgotten WorldNew Era2007
Frozen FeetWorld Passion2004
GypsyologyNew Era2007
IllusionA Fable2011
Kakavik (The Little Partridge)A Fable2011
Leaving ParisNew Era2007
LongingA Fable2011
Love SongArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
Memories From Hankavan And NowNew Era2007
Mother's LamentWorld Passion2004
Mother, Where Are YouA Fable2011
Native LandWorld Passion2004
Part 1: HomesickNew Era2007
Part 1: SerpentineArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
Part 1: The Fruit Of The TruthWorld Passion2004
Part 2: EternityWorld Passion2004
Part 2: MoneypulatedArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
Part 2: New EraNew Era2007
Rain ShadowA Fable2011
Red Hail (Of Pomegranate Seeds)Arrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
SamsaraA Fable2011
Shogher Jan (Dear Shogher)Arrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
SibyllaArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
SolarNew Era2007
Someday My Prince Will ComeA Fable2011
The Awakening Of Mher (Mithra)Arrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
The Glass-Hearted QueenArrata Rebirth : Red Hail2009
The Legend Of The MoonA Fable2011
The Rain Is ComingWorld Passion2004
The SpinnersA Fable2011
These HousesWorld Passion2004
Well, You Needn'tNew Era2007
What Does Your Heart WantWorld Passion2004
What Is This Thing Called LoveWorld Passion2004
What The Waves BroughtA Fable2011
World PassionWorld Passion2004
Zada Es (You're An Ill-Fated Girl)New Era2007

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