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A Hole In The WorldFull Collapse2001
A Sketch For Time's ArrowKill The House Lights2007
A0001Full Collapse2001
Arc-Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower Of White (The Light)A City By The Light Divided2006
As He Climbed The DarkmountainCommon Existence2009
Asleep In The ChapelWar All The Time2003
At This VelocityA City By The Light Divided2006
Autobiography Of A NationFull Collapse2001
Autumn Leaves RevisitedA City By The Light Divided2006
Between Rupture And RaptureWar All The Time2003
Beyond The Visible SpectrumCommon Existence2009
Circuits Of FeverCommon Existence2009
ConcealerFull Collapse2001
Counting 5-4-3-2-1A City By The Light Divided2006
Cross Out The EyesFull Collapse2001
Dead SongsKill The House Lights2007
Division St.War All The Time2003
Dying In New BrunswickWaiting1999
Even The Sand Is Made Of SeashellsA City By The Light Divided2006
For The Workforce, DrowningWar All The Time2003
Friends In The Armed ForcesCommon Existence2009
How Long Is The NightFull Collapse2001
How Long Is The Night (Original Introduction Mix) (Demo)Kill The House Lights2007
I Am The KillerFull Collapse2001
I1100Full Collapse2001
Ian CurtisWaiting1999
In TransmissionWaiting1999
Into The Blinding LightA City By The Light Divided2006
Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother, The Failure (+ Tim Kasher)Kill The House Lights2007
Last CallCommon Existence2009
Love Has Led Us AstrayCommon Existence2009
M. ShepardWar All The Time2003
Marches And ManeuversWar All The Time2003
Music From Kill The House Lights (Demo)Kill The House Lights2007
Ny batteri (Bonus Track)War All The Time2003
Panic On The Streets Of Health Care CityKill The House Lights2007
Paris In FlamesFull Collapse2001
Paris In Flames (Demo)Kill The House Lights2007
Resuscitation Of A DeadmanCommon Existence2009
Running From The RainA City By The Light Divided2006
Running From The Rain (Dave Fridmann Remix) (Bonus Track)A City By The Light Divided2006
Signals Over The AirWar All The Time2003
Signals Over The Air (live)Kill The House Lights2007
Standing On The Edge Of SummerFull Collapse2001
Steps AscendingWar All The Time2003
Streaks In The SkyWaiting1999
Subway FuneralCommon Existence2009
Sugar In The SacramentA City By The Light Divided2006
Telegraph Avenue KissA City By The Light Divided2006
Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Rich Costey Mix)Kill The House Lights2007
The Dotted LineWaiting1999
The Lovesong WriterA City By The Light Divided2006
The Other Side Of The Crash - Over And Out (Of Control)A City By The Light Divided2006
The Roar Of Far Off Black JetsKill The House Lights2007
This Side Of BrightnessWaiting1999
This Song Brought To You By A Falling BombWar All The Time2003
Time's ArrowCommon Existence2009
Tomorrow I'll Be YouWar All The Time2003
Understanding In A Car CrashFull Collapse2001
Unintended Long Term EffectsCommon Existence2009
Voices On A StringKill The House Lights2007
War All The TimeWar All The Time2003
We Will OvercomeA City By The Light Divided2006
Where The Circle EndsWaiting1999
WindKill The House Lights2007
Wind-UpFull Collapse2001
You Were The CancerCommon Existence2009

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