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A Song For While I'm AwayVagabonds Of The Western World1973
Angel From The CoastJailbreak1976
Angel Of DeathRenegade1981
Angel Of Death (live)Life1983
Are You Ready (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Are You Ready (live)Life1983
Baby Drives Me Crazy (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Baby FaceShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
Baby Please Don't Go (live)Life1983
Baby Please Don?t GoThunder And Lightning1983
Bad HabitsThunder And Lightning1983
Bad ReputationBad Reputation1977
Ballad Of A Hard ManFighting1975
Black Boys On The Corner (Bonus Track)Vagabonds Of The Western World1973
Black Rose (live)Life1983
Boogie Woogie DanceJohnny The Fox1976
BorderlineJohnny The Fox1976
Broken Dreams (Bonus Track)Vagabonds Of The Western World1973
Brought DownShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
Buffalo GalShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
Call The PoliceShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
Chatting TodayShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
Clifton Grange HotelThin Lizzy1971
Cold SweatThunder And Lightning1983
Cold Sweat (live)Life1983
Cowboy SongJailbreak1976
Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)Bad Reputation1977
Dancing In The Moonlight (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Dear HeartNightlife1974
Dear LordBad Reputation1977
Diddy LevineThin Lizzy1971
Didn't IChinatown1980
Do Anything You Want ToBlack Rose1979
Don't Believe A WordJohnny The Fox1976
Don't Believe A Word (live)Life1983
Don't Belive A Word (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Downtown SundownBad Reputation1977
Dublin (Bonus Track)Thin Lizzy1971
EireThin Lizzy1971
Emerald (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Emerald (live)Life1983
Fight Or FallJailbreak1976
Fighting My Way BackFighting1975
Fools GoldJohnny The Fox1976
For Those Who Love To LiveFighting1975
Frankie CarrollNightlife1974
Freedom SongFighting1975
Genocide (The Killing Of The Buffalo)Chinatown1980
Get Out Of HereBlack Rose1979
Gonna Creep Up On YouVagabonds Of The Western World1973
Got To Give It UpBlack Rose1979
Got To Give It Up (live)Life1983
Having A Good TimeChinatown1980
Heart AttackThunder And Lightning1983
Hey YouChinatown1980
Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)Renegade1981
Hollywood (live)Life1983
Honesty Is No ExcuseThin Lizzy1971
I Don't Want To Forget How To JiveShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
It's Getting DangerousRenegade1981
It's Only MoneyNightlife1974
Jailbreak (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Jailbreak (live)Life1983
JohnnyJohnny The Fox1976
Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The WeedJohnny The Fox1976
Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Killer On The LooseChinatown1980
Killer On The Loose (live)Life1983
Killer Without A CauseBad Reputation1977
King's VengeanceFighting1975
Leave This TownRenegade1981
Little Girl In BloomVagabonds Of The Western World1973
Look What The Wind Blew InThin Lizzy1971
Mama Nature SaidVagabonds Of The Western World1973
MassacreJohnny The Fox1976
Massacre (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Mexican BloodRenegade1981
Night LifeNightlife1974
No One Told HimRenegade1981
Old FlameJohnny The Fox1976
Old Moon Madness (Bonus Track)Thin Lizzy1971
Opium TrailBad Reputation1977
Randolph's Tango (Bonus Track)Vagabonds Of The Western World1973
Ray-GunThin Lizzy1971
Remembering, Pt. 1Thin Lizzy1971
Remembering, Pt. 2 (Bonus Track)Thin Lizzy1971
Renegade (live)Life1983
Return Of The Farmer's SonThin Lizzy1971
RockyJohnny The Fox1976
Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock LegendBlack Rose1979
Romeo And The Lonely GirlJailbreak1976
Rosalie - Cowgirl Song (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Running BackJailbreak1976
S+MBlack Rose1979
Saga Of The Ageing OrphanThin Lizzy1971
SarahShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
SarahBlack Rose1979
Sha La LaNightlife1974
Sha La La (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Shades Of A Blue OrphanageShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
She KnowsNightlife1974
Silver DollarFighting1975
Slow BluesVagabonds Of The Western World1973
Soldier Of FortuneBad Reputation1977
Someday She Is Going To Hit BackThunder And Lightning1983
SouthboundBad Reputation1977
Southbound (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Spirit Slips AwayFighting1975
Still In Love With YouNightlife1974
Still In Love With You (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Still In Love With You (live)Life1983
Sugar BluesChinatown1980
Suicide (live)Live And Dangerous1978
Sweet MarieJohnny The Fox1976
That Woman's Gonna Break Your HeartBad Reputation1977
The Boys Are Back In TownJailbreak1976
The Boys Are Back In Town (live)Live And Dangerous1978
The Boys Are Back In Town (live)Life1983
The Cowboy Song (live)Live And Dangerous1978
The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf CastleThin Lizzy1971
The Hero And The MadmanVagabonds Of The Western World1973
The Holy WarThunder And Lightning1983
The Holy War (live)Life1983
The Pressure Will BlowRenegade1981
The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic TribesShades Of A Blue Orphanage1972
The RockerVagabonds Of The Western World1973
The Rocker (live)Live And Dangerous1978
The Rocker (live)Life1983
The Sun Goes DownThunder And Lightning1983
The Sun Goes Down (live)Life1983
Things Ain't Workin' Out Down At The Farm (Bonus Track)Thin Lizzy1971
This Is The OneThunder And Lightning1983
Thunder And LightningThunder And Lightning1983
Thunder And Lightning (live)Life1983
Toughest Street In TownBlack Rose1979
Vagabond Of The Western WorldVagabonds Of The Western World1973
Waiting For An AlibiBlack Rose1979
Waiting For An Alibi (live)Life1983
Warriors (live)Live And Dangerous1978
We Will Be StrongChinatown1980
Whiskey In The Jar (Bonus Track)Vagabonds Of The Western World1973
Wild OneFighting1975
With LoveBlack Rose1979

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