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2012Sitra Ahra2010
A Black Rose (live)Live In Midgard2002
A Bleck RoseSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
A Suburb To HellOf Darkness...1991
A?i Dah?kaLeviathan2021
Adulruna RedivivaGothic Kabbelah2007
Aeon Of MaatLeviathan II2022
Aeon Of Maat (Alternative Vocals Version)Leviathan II2022
After The Inquisition: Children Of The StoneSitra Ahra2010
Alchemy Of The SoulLeviathan II2022
An Arrow From The SunLemuria2004
An Arrow From The Sun (live)Live Gothic2008
An Unsung LamentLeviathan III2023
AnthemBeloved Antichrist2018
Arrival Of The Darkest QueenLepaca Kliffoth1995
AsgardSirius B2004
Asgard (live)Live In Midgard2002
Ashpinxiate With FearOf Darkness...1991
Astral SophiaBeloved Antichrist2018
Baal ReginonSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Baal Reginon (live)Live In Midgard2002
BaccanaleLeviathan III2023
Beauty In Black (live)Live In Midgard2002
Behold AntichristBeloved Antichrist2018
Beneath The Starry SkiesBeloved Antichrist2018
Beyond SacratorumBeyond Sanctorum1992
Birth Of Venus IllegitimaVovin1998
Birth Of Venus Illegitima (live)Live In Midgard2002
Birth Of Venus Illegitima (live)Live Gothic2008
BlackLepaca Kliffoth1995
Black Fairy (European Metal Version)A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Black SunVovin1998
Black Sun (live)Crowning Of Atlantis1999
Blood Of KinguThe Miskolc Experience2009
Bring Her HomeBeloved Antichrist2018
Bringing The GospelBeloved Antichrist2018
Burning The PalaceBeloved Antichrist2018
Call Of DagonSecret Of The Runes2001
Cavern Cold As IceLeviathan II2022
Chain Of MinervaGothic Kabbelah2007
Children Of The DamnedA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Clavicula NoxVovin1998
Clavicula NoxCrowning Of Atlantis1999
Clavicula NoxThe Miskolc Experience2009
Close Up The StreamsGothic Kabbelah2007
Codex GigasLeviathan II2022
Crazy NightsCrowning Of Atlantis1999
CthulhuBeyond Sanctorum1992
Cu ChulainSitra Ahra2010
Cults Of The ShadowTheli1996
Cults Of The Shadow (live)Live In Midgard2002
Cursed By The FallenBeloved Antichrist2018
Dagger Of GodBeloved Antichrist2018
Dark EternityOf Darkness...1991
Dark Princess NaamahSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Dark Venus PersephoneSecret Of The Runes2001
Darkness EveLepaca Kliffoth1995
Dawn Of PerishnessSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Day Of WrathBeloved Antichrist2018
Deggial (live)Live Gothic2008
Der MitternachtslöweGothic Kabbelah2007
Der Mitternachtslöwe (live)Live Gothic2008
Die Wellen der ZeitLeviathan2021
DinSitra Ahra2010
Down The Qliphothic TunnelA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Down The Qliphothic TunnelA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Draconian TrilogyThe Miskolc Experience2009
Draconian Trilogy: Black DiamondsVovin1998
Draconian Trilogy: Morning StarVovin1998
Draconian Trilogy: The OpeningVovin1998
Drum Solo (live)Live Gothic2008
DuendeLeviathan III2023
Dvorak: Excerpt From Symphony No. 9The Miskolc Experience2009
El primer solLeviathan2021
Emerald CrownDeggial2000
Enter The Depths Of Eternal DarknessBeyond Sanctorum1992
Enter The VoidsLepaca Kliffoth1995
Enter Transcendental SleepA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Enter Transcendental SleepA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Enter Vril-YaDeggial2000
Enter Vril-Ya (live)Live In Midgard2002
Eternal ReturnDeggial2000
Eternal ReturnThe Miskolc Experience2009
Evocation Of VovinLepaca Kliffoth1995
Eye Of AlgolLeviathan2021
Eye Of ShivaVovin1998
Feuer Overtüre - Prometheus entfesseltLemuria2004
Flesh Of The Gods (live)Live In Midgard2002
Floating BackA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Fly To The RainbowA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Forgive MeBeloved Antichrist2018
From The Dionysian DaysCrowning Of Atlantis1999
Future ConciousnessBeyond Sanctorum1992
Garden Of PeaceBeloved Antichrist2018
Genocidal RaidsOf Darkness...1991
Ginnungagap (live)Live In Midgard2002
Ginnungagap (live)Live Gothic2008
Ginnungagap (Prologue)Sirius B2004
Gothic KabbalahGothic Kabbelah2007
Grand FinaleThe Miskolc Experience2009
Grand Finale (live)Live Gothic2008
Grand Finale - PostludiumTheli1996
Great Marquis Of HellLeviathan2021
Hades And ElysiumLeviathan II2022
Hail CaesarBeloved Antichrist2018
HelheimSirius B2004
HellequinSitra Ahra2010
Here Comes The TearsA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Ho Drakon Ho MegasSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Illusion Of LifeBeyond Sanctorum1992
In RemembranceA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
In The Desert Of SetTheli1996
In The Desert Of Set (live)Live In Midgard2002
Invocation Of NaamahTheli1996
Invocation Of Naamah (live)Live In Midgard2002
Jewels From AfarBeloved Antichrist2018
JotunheimSirius B2004
Kali Yoga IIISitra Ahra2010
Kali Yuga (Part 1)Secret Of The Runes2001
Kali Yuga (Part 2)Secret Of The Runes2001
Kings Of EdomSitra Ahra2010
Land Of CanaanSitra Ahra2010
Laudate DominumBeloved Antichrist2018
LemuriaThe Miskolc Experience2009
Lemuria (live)Live Gothic2008
Lepaca KliffothLepaca Kliffoth1995
Let The New Day BeginLepaca Kliffoth1995
Litany Of The FallenLeviathan II2022
LjusalfheimSirius B2004
Lucifuge RofocaleLeviathan II2022
Lunar Coloured FieldsLeviathan II2022
MaleficiumLeviathan III2023
MaleficiumLeviathan III2023
Marijin Min NarLeviathan II2022
Mark Of CainCrowning Of Atlantis1999
MegalomaniaOf Darkness...1991
Melek TausSecret Of The Runes2001
MelezLepaca Kliffoth1995
MidgardSirius B2004
Midnight StarLeviathan II2022
MidsommarblotLeviathan III2023
Morbid RealityOf Darkness...1991
Morning Has BrokenBeloved Antichrist2018
Mozart: Dies Irae (From 'reqiuem')The Miskolc Experience2009
MuspelheimSirius B2004
Muspelheim (live)Live Gothic2008
My Voyage Carries OnBeloved Antichrist2018
Never AgainBeloved Antichrist2018
NifelheimSirius B2004
Night RebornBeloved Antichrist2018
Nightside Of EdenTheli1996
Nightside Of Eden (live)Live Gothic2008
NinkigalLeviathan III2023
Nocturnal LightLeviathan2021
Nothing But My NameBeloved Antichrist2018
NummoLeviathan III2023
O FortunaDeggial2000
Opus EclipseTheli1996
Our DestinyBeloved Antichrist2018
Pandemonic OutbreakBeyond Sanctorum1992
Part 1: Calling To Arms And Fighting The BattleLemuria2004
Part 2: VictoryLemuria2004
Path To ArcadyGothic Kabbelah2007
PathsBeyond Sanctorum1992
PazuzuLeviathan II2022
Pazuzu (AOR Version)Leviathan II2022
Pledging LoyaltyBeloved Antichrist2018
PowerdanceSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Prelude To WarBeloved Antichrist2018
Procreation Of EteenitySymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Psalm Of RetributionLeviathan2021
Raven Of DispersionVovin1998
Remaining SilentBeloved Antichrist2018
ResurrectionBeloved Antichrist2018
Riders Of TheliLepaca Kliffoth1995
Riders Of Theli (live)Live In Midgard2002
Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah (live)Live Gothic2008
Rise To WarBeloved Antichrist2018
Ruler Of TamagLeviathan III2023
Saint-Saens: Excerpt From Symphony No. 3The Miskolc Experience2009
SchwartsalbenheimThe Miskolc Experience2009
Schwarzalbenheim (live)Live In Midgard2002
Schwarzalbenheim (live)Live Gothic2008
Schwarzalbenheim (Svartalfheim)Sirius B2004
SeawindsCrowning Of Atlantis1999
Seawinds (live)Live In Midgard2002
Secret Of The Runes (Epilogue)Sirius B2004
Seeds Of TimeBeloved Antichrist2018
Seven Secrets Of The SphinxDeggial2000
Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx (live)Live In Midgard2002
Ship Of LunaDeggial2000
Shoot Them DownBeloved Antichrist2018
Signs Are HereBeloved Antichrist2018
Sirius BThe Miskolc Experience2009
Sitra AhraSitra Ahra2010
Son Of The Staves Of TimeGothic Kabbelah2007
Son Of The Staves Of Time (live)Live Gothic2008
Sorrows Of The MoonLepaca Kliffoth1995
Striking DarknessBeloved Antichrist2018
Summernight City (live)Live In Midgard2002
Symphoni Draconis InferniSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
Symphony Of The DeadBeyond Sanctorum1992
Symphony Of The DeadA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Symphony Of The Dead (live)Live In Midgard2002
T.O.F. - The TrinityGothic Kabbelah2007
Temple Of New JerusalemBeloved Antichrist2018
Ten Courts Of DiyuLeviathan2021
The Arrival Of ApolloniusBeloved Antichrist2018
The Beauty In BlackLepaca Kliffoth1995
The Blood Of King IISecret Of The Runes2001
The Blood Of Kingu (live)Live Gothic2008
The Crowning Of AtlantisCrowning Of Atlantis1999
The Crowning Of SplendourBeloved Antichrist2018
The Dreams Of SwedenborgLemuria2004
The Eye Of EclipseSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
The Fall Into EclipseA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
The Falling StoneGothic Kabbelah2007
The Falling Stone (live)Live Gothic2008
The Flesh Of The GodsDeggial2000
The Flight Of The Lord Of FliesDeggial2000
The Gates To A'Arab Zaraq Are OpenA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
The InvincibleDeggial2000
The Khlysti EvangelistSecret Of The Runes2001
The Leaf On The Oak Of FarLeviathan2021
The Lions RoarBeloved Antichrist2018
The Palace BallBeloved Antichrist2018
The Perennial Sophia (live)Live Gothic2008
The Perrennial SophiaGothic Kabbelah2007
The Quiet DesertA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
The Quiet DesertA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
The Raven Of Dispersion (live)Live In Midgard2002
The ReturnOf Darkness...1991
The Return (live)Live In Midgard2002
The Rise Of Sodom And GomorrahVovin1998
The Rise Of Sodom And GomorrahThe Miskolc Experience2009
The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah (live)Live In Midgard2002
The Ritualdance Of The YezidisSymphony Masses - Ho Darkon Ho Megas1993
The Secret Of The Runes (live)Live In Midgard2002
The Shells Are OpenSitra Ahra2010
The Siren Of The WoodsTheli1996
The Solid Black BeyondBeloved Antichrist2018
The Son Of The Sun (live)Live Gothic2008
The Veil Of Golden SpheresLepaca Kliffoth1995
The Wand Of Abaris (live)Live Gothic2008
The Wasteland Of My HeartBeloved Antichrist2018
The WayBeyond Sanctorum1992
The Wild HuntVovin1998
The Wine Of Aluqah (live)Live In Midgard2002
The Wings Of The HydraLepaca Kliffoth1995
The Wings Of The Hydra (live)Crowning Of Atlantis1999
The Wings Of The Hydra (live)Live In Midgard2002
The Wondrous World Of PuntSecret Of The Runes2001
Theme Of AntichristBeloved Antichrist2018
ThorCrowning Of Atlantis1999
Thor (The Powerhead) (live)Live Gothic2008
Three TreasuresGothic Kabbelah2007
Through Dust, Through RainBeloved Antichrist2018
Thy Will Be DoneBeloved Antichrist2018
Time Has Come - Final BattleBeloved Antichrist2018
Time Shall TellOf Darkness...1991
To Mega TherionTheli1996
To Mega Therion (live)Crowning Of Atlantis1999
To Mega Therion (live)Live In Midgard2002
To Mega Therion (live)Live Gothic2008
To Shine ForeverBeloved Antichrist2018
To Where I WeepBeloved Antichrist2018
TrulGothic Kabbelah2007
Tuna 1613Gothic Kabbelah2007
Tuna 1613 (live)Live Gothic2008
Tuonela (+ Marko Hietala)Leviathan2021
Turn From HeavenBeloved Antichrist2018
Twilight Of The GodsLeviathan III2023
Tyrants Of The DamnedBeyond Sanctorum1992
Under Jolly RogerA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Unguentum SabbatiSitra Ahra2010
Up To NetzachA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Up To Netzach - Floating BackA'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming1997
Uthark RunaLemuria2004
VanaheimSirius B2004
Verdi: Vedi Le Fosche Notturne Spotigle (From 'Il Trovatore')The Miskolc Experience2009
Via NocturnaThe Miskolc Experience2009
Via Nocturna (Part I And Ii)Deggial2000
Voyage Of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way)Secret Of The Runes2001
Wagner: Excerpt From The Overture From 'rienzi'The Miskolc Experience2009
Wagner: First Part Of 'Herbei Herbei' (From 'rienzi')The Miskolc Experience2009
Wagner: Notung Notung Niedliches Schwert (From 'the Ring')The Miskolc Experience2009
Wagner: Second Part Of 'Der Tag Ist Da' (From 'rienzi')The Miskolc Experience2009
Wand Of AbarisGothic Kabbelah2007
What Is WrongBeloved Antichrist2018
What Was Lost Shall Be Lost No MoreLeviathan III2023
Where Will You GoBeloved Antichrist2018
Wine Of AluqahVovin1998
Wine Of Aluqah (live)Live Gothic2008
Wisdom And The CageGothic Kabbelah2007
Ziriuz BSecret Of The Runes2001
Zon Of The ZunSecret Of The Runes2001

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