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A Day In The DeathDark Roots Of Earth2012
A Day Of ReckoningThe New Order1988
A Dirge (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Absence Of LightSouls Of Black1990
AfterlifeThe Formation Of Damnation2008
AgonyThe Ritual1992
All I Could BleedLow1994
AllegianceThe Gathering1999
Alone In The DarkThe Legacy1987
Alone In The DarkThe Best Of Testament1996
Alone In The DarkFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Alone In The Dark (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Apocalyptic CityThe Legacy1987
Apocalyptic City (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
As The Seasons GreyThe Ritual1992
Beginning Of The EndSouls Of Black1990
Black JackBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
Blessed In ContemptPractice What You Preach1989
Born In A RutBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
Brotherhood Of The SnakeBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
Burnt OfferingsThe Legacy1987
Burnt OfferingsThe Best Of Testament1996
Burnt OfferingsFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Burnt OfferingsThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Burnt Offerings (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
C.O.T.L.O.D. (Curse Of The Legions Of Death)The Legacy1987
Canna-BusinessBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
Careful What You Wish ForThe Gathering1999
Careful What You Wish ForThe Spitfire Collection2007
CatacombsTitans Of Creation2020
Centuries Of SufferingBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
Chasing FearLow1994
Children Of The Next LevelTitans Of Creation2020
City Of AngelsTitans Of Creation2020
Code Of HammurabiTitans Of Creation2020
Cold EmbraceDark Roots Of Earth2012
Confusion FusionPractice What You Preach1989
Curse Of OsirisTitans Of Creation2020
D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)The Gathering1999
Dangers Of The FaithlessThe Formation Of Damnation2008
Dark Roots Of EarthDark Roots Of Earth2012
DeadlineThe Ritual1992
Demonic RefusalDemonic1997
Disciples Of The WatchThe New Order1988
Disciples Of The WatchThe Best Of Testament1996
Disciples Of The WatchFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Disciples Of The WatchThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Disciples Of The Watch (live)Live In London2005
Disciples Of The Watch (live)The Spitfire Collection2007
Distorted LivesDemonic1997
Do Or DieThe Legacy1987
Dog Faced GodsLow1994
Dog Faced GodsThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Dog Faced Gods (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Down For LifeThe Gathering1999
Down For LifeThe Spitfire Collection2007
Dream DeceiverTitans Of Creation2020
Eerie InhabitantsThe New Order1988
Eerie Inhabitants (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Electric CrownThe Ritual1992
Electric CrownThe Best Of Testament1996
Electric CrownThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Electric Crown (live)Live In London2005
Envy LifePractice What You Preach1989
Eyes Of WrathThe Gathering1999
F.E.A.R.The Formation Of Damnation2008
Face In The SkySouls Of Black1990
Fall Of SipledomeThe Gathering1999
Falling FastSouls Of Black1990
False ProphetTitans Of Creation2020
First Strike Is DeadlyThe Legacy1987
First Strike Is DeadlyFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
First Strike Is DeadlyThe Very Best Of Testament2001
For The Glory OfThe Formation Of Damnation2008
Greenhouse EffectPractice What You Preach1989
Greenhouse EffectThe Best Of Testament1996
Greenhouse EffectThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Hail MaryLow1994
Hail MaryThe Best Of Testament1996
Hail Mary (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Hammer Of The GodsThe Gathering1999
Hatred's RiseDemonic1997
Hatreds RiseThe Spitfire Collection2007
Henchman RideThe Formation Of Damnation2008
HypnosisThe New Order1988
Into The PitThe New Order1988
Into The PitFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Into The PitThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Into The Pit (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Into The Pit (live)Live In London2005
Into The Pit (live)The Spitfire Collection2007
Ishtar's GateTitans Of Creation2020
John DoeDemonic1997
John DoeThe Spitfire Collection2007
Killing SeasonThe Formation Of Damnation2008
Last CallLow1994
Last Stand For IndependenceDark Roots Of Earth2012
Leave Me ForeverThe Formation Of Damnation2008
Legions (In Hiding)Low1994
Legions Of The DeadThe Gathering1999
Let Go Of My WorldThe Ritual1992
Let Go Of My World (live)Live In London2005
Love To HateSouls Of Black1990
LowThe Best Of Testament1996
Low (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
MalpracticeSouls Of Black1990
Man Kills MankindDark Roots Of Earth2012
More Than Meets The EyeThe Formation Of Damnation2008
Murky WatersDemonic1997
Musical Death (A Dirge)The New Order1988
Native BloodDark Roots Of Earth2012
Neptune's SpearBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
New Eyes Of OldDemonic1997
Night Of The WitchTitans Of Creation2020
Nightmare (Coming Back To You)Practice What You Preach1989
Nobody's FaultThe New Order1988
One Man's FateSouls Of Black1990
Over The WallThe Legacy1987
Over The WallThe Best Of Testament1996
Over The WallFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Over The WallThe Spitfire Collection2007
Over The Wall (live)The Very Best Of Testament2001
Over The Wall (live)Live In London2005
Perilous NationPractice What You Preach1989
Practice What You PreachPractice What You Preach1989
Practice What You PreachThe Best Of Testament1996
Practice What You PreachThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Practice What You Preach (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Practice What You Preach (live)Live In London2005
Practice What You Preach (live)The Spitfire Collection2007
Raging WatersThe Legacy1987
Raging Waters (live)Live In London2005
Reign Of TerrorFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Return To SerenityThe Ritual1992
Return To SerenityThe Best Of Testament1996
Return To SerenityThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Return To Serenity (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Riding The SnakeThe Gathering1999
Riding The SnakeThe Spitfire Collection2007
Rise UpDark Roots Of Earth2012
Seven Days Of MaySouls Of Black1990
Seven SealsBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
Sewn Shut EyesThe Gathering1999
Shades Of WarLow1994
Signs Of ChaosThe Ritual1992
Signs Of ChaosThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Sins Of OmissionPractice What You Preach1989
Sins Of OmissionThe Best Of Testament1996
Sins Of Omission (live)Live In London2005
So Many LiesThe Ritual1992
So Many LiesThe Very Best Of Testament2001
Souls Of BlackSouls Of Black1990
Souls Of BlackThe Best Of Testament1996
Souls Of Black (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Souls Of Black (live)Live In London2005
Souls Of Black (live)The Spitfire Collection2007
StrongholdBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
SymptomsTitans Of Creation2020
Ten Thousand ThronesDemonic1997
The BalladPractice What You Preach1989
The Burning TimesDemonic1997
The Burning TimesThe Spitfire Collection2007
The Evil Has LandedThe Formation Of Damnation2008
The Formation Of DamnationThe Formation Of Damnation2008
The HauntingThe Legacy1987
The HauntingFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
The HauntingThe Very Best Of Testament2001
The Haunting (live)Live In London2005
The HealersTitans Of Creation2020
The LegacySouls Of Black1990
The LegacyThe Best Of Testament1996
The Legacy (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
The Legacy (live)Live In London2005
The New OrderThe New Order1988
The New OrderThe Best Of Testament1996
The New OrderFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
The New OrderThe Very Best Of Testament2001
The New Order (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
The New Order (live)Live In London2005
The New Order (live)The Spitfire Collection2007
The Number GameBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
The Pale KingBrotherhood Of The Snake2016
The Persecuted Won't ForgetThe Formation Of Damnation2008
The PreacherThe New Order1988
The PreacherFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
The PreacherThe Spitfire Collection2007
The Preacher (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
The Preacher (live)Live In London2005
The RitualThe Ritual1992
The RitualThe Very Best Of Testament2001
The SermonThe Ritual1992
Three Days In DarknessThe Gathering1999
Throne Of ThornsDark Roots Of Earth2012
Time Is ComingPractice What You Preach1989
Together As OneDemonic1997
Trail Of TearsLow1994
Trail Of Tears (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
Trial By FireThe New Order1988
Trial By FireThe Best Of Testament1996
Trial By FireFirst Strike Still Deadly2001
Trial By Fire (live)Live In London2005
Trial By Fire (live)The Spitfire Collection2007
Troubled DreamsThe Ritual1992
True American HateDark Roots Of Earth2012
True BelieverThe Gathering1999
Urotsukidoji (live)Live At The Fillmore1995
WWIIITitans Of Creation2020

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