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2 Late 4 LoveMechanical Resonance1986
A Lot To LoseBust A Nut1994
A Lot To LoseTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Action TalksBust A Nut1994
All Of MeForever More2008
All The Young DudesReal To Reel 22007
Bad ReputationReal To Reel2007
Ball Of ConfusionReal To Reel2007
Be A ManThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Beer Drinkers And HellraisersReal To Reel 22007
Before My EyesMechanical Resonance1986
Before My Eyes (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Bell Bottom BluesReal To Reel2007
Break Of DawnSimplicity2014
Breakin' FreeForever More2008
Burnout To FadeSimplicity2014
Burnout To Fade (Writing Demo Version) (Bonus Track)Simplicity2014
California Summer SongShock2019
Call It What You WantPsychotic Supper1991
Call It What You Want (live)Replugged Live2001
Can't StopPsychotic Supper1991
Caught In A DreamInto The Now2004
Change In The WeatherPsychotic Supper1991
ChangesMechanical Resonance1986
ChangesTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Changes (live)Replugged Live2001
Come To MeInto The Now2004
Comfort ZoneShock2019
Comin' Atcha Live - Truckin' (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Cover QueenMechanical Resonance1986
Cross My HeartSimplicity2014
CryBust A Nut1994
Cumin' Atcha LiveMechanical Resonance1986
Cumin' Atcha Live (live)Replugged Live2001
Day Of The EagleReal To Reel2007
Dear Mr. FantasyReal To Reel2007
Did It For The MoneyThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Do You Feel Like We DoReal To Reel 22007
Don't De-Rock MePsychotic Supper1991
Down Fo' Boogie (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
EarthmoverBust A Nut1994
Edison's MedicinePsychotic Supper1991
Edison's MedicineTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
EZ Come, EZ GoMechanical Resonance1986
EZ Come, EZ Go (live)Replugged Live2001
Fallin' ApartForever More2008
Flight To NowhereThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Flip SideSimplicity2014
Forever Loving YouShock2019
Forever MoreForever More2008
Freedom SlavesPsychotic Supper1991
Gettin' BetterMechanical Resonance1986
Gettin' BetterTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Gettin' Better (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Gettin' Better (live)Replugged Live2001
Got No GloryInto The Now2004
Government PersonnelPsychotic Supper1991
Had EnoughPsychotic Supper1991
Hand Me Down WorldReal To Reel2007
Hang ToughThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Hang Tough (live)Replugged Live2001
Heaven NineInto The Now2004
Heaven's TrailThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Heaven's TrailTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Honky Tonk WomenReal To Reel2007
I Ain't Superstitious (Bonus Track)Psychotic Supper1991
I Wanna LiveForever More2008
I Want EverythingShock2019
I Want To Take You HigherReal To Reel 22007
I've Got A FeelinlgReal To Reel2007
In A Hole AgainForever More2008
Into The NowInto The Now2004
Is It My BodyReal To Reel 22007
Just In CaseForever More2008
Lady LuckThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Lazy Days, Crazy NightsThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Lazy Days, Crazy Nights (live)Replugged Live2001
Life Is A RiverSimplicity2014
Little SuziMechanical Resonance1986
Little SuziTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Lodi (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Look At MeInto The Now2004
Love Is A FireShock2019
Love MeMechanical Resonance1986
Love SongThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Love SongTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Love Song (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Make It LastReal To Reel 22007
Makin' MagicThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Mama's FoolBust A Nut1994
Mama's FoolTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Mighty MouseInto The Now2004
Miles AwayInto The Now2004
Modern Day CowboyMechanical Resonance1986
Modern Day CowboyTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Mother's Little Helper (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
My WayForever More2008
Need Your Lovin'Bust A Nut1994
Not FragileReal To Reel 22007
One Day At A TimeForever More2008
Only YouInto The Now2004
Other Than MeSimplicity2014
ParadiseThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Paradise (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Paradise (live)Times Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Party's OverThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Pvt. LedbetterForever More2008
RecognizeInto The Now2004
Rise And FallSimplicity2014
Rock BottomReal To Reel2007
Rock Me To The TopMechanical Resonance1986
Rock The Nation (Bonus Track)Psychotic Supper1991
RubberbandBust A Nut1994
Run Run Run (Bonus Track)Psychotic Supper1991
Saturday Night SpecialReal To Reel 22007
Seasons Of WitherReal To Reel 22007
She Want She WantBust A Nut1994
Shine AwayBust A Nut1994
Shooting StarReal To Reel 22007
Signs (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Signs (live)Times Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
So DivineSimplicity2014
So WhatForever More2008
SolutionBust A Nut1994
Song And EmotionPsychotic Supper1991
Song And EmotionTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Song And Emotion (live)Replugged Live2001
Space Truckin'Real To Reel2007
Stealin'Real To Reel2007
Steppin' OverTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Stir It UpPsychotic Supper1991
Street Fighting ManReal To Reel 22007
Taste LikeShock2019
Thank YouReal To Reel2007
The First TimeForever More2008
The GameForever More2008
The Gate - InvitedBust A Nut1994
The MissionShock2019
The Way It IsThe Great Radio Controversy1989
The Way It IsTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
The Way It Is (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
The Way It Is (live)Replugged Live2001
Tied To The TracksShock2019
Til That DaySimplicity2014
TimePsychotic Supper1991
Time BombSimplicity2014
Toke About ItPsychotic Supper1991
Tommy's Down House (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
Try So HardBust A Nut1994
Walk AwayReal To Reel2007
War PigsReal To Reel 22007
We Can Rule The WorldShock2019
We Can Work It Out (live)Five Man Acoustical Jam1990
We're No Good TogetherMechanical Resonance1986
We're No Good Together (live)Replugged Live2001
What A ShameInto The Now2004
What You GivePsychotic Supper1991
What You GiveTimes Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla1995
Wonderful WorldBust A Nut1994
Words Can't ExplainInto The Now2004
Yesterdaze GoneThe Great Radio Controversy1989
You Won't Take Me AliveShock2019

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