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... Ready For ItReputation2017
22 (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
?Tis The Damn SeasonEvermore2020
All Too WellRed2012
All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
All Too Well (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
All You Had To Do Was Stay19892014
All You Had To Do Was Stay (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Babe (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Back To DecemberSpeak Now2010
Back To December (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Back To December - Apologize - You're Not Sorry (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Bad Blood19892014
Bad Blood (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Begin AgainRed2012
Begin Again (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Best DayFearless2008
Bette Davis Eyes (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Better Man (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Better Than RevengeSpeak Now2010
Better Than Revenge (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Blank Space19892014
Blank Space (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Breathe (Taylor?s Version) [feat. Colbie Caillat]Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
But Daddy I Love HimThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Call It What You WantReputation2017
Castles Crumbling (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Champagne ProblemsEvermore2020
Change (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Clara BowThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Clean (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Cold As YouTaylor Swift2006
Come Back...Be Here (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Come In With The Rain (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Coney Island (+ National)Evermore2020
Cornelia StreetLover2019
Cowboy Like MeEvermore2020
Cruel SummerLover2019
Dancing With Our Hands TiedReputation2017
Dear JohnSpeak Now2010
Dear John (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Dear John (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Death By A Thousand CutsLover2019
Don't Blame MeReputation2017
Down BadThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Drops Of Jupiter (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Electric Touch (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
EnchantedSpeak Now2010
Enchanted (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Enchanted (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
End Game (+ Ed Sheeran + Future)Reputation2017
Evermore (+ Bon Iver)Evermore2020
Everything Has ChangedRed2012
Everything Has Changed (Taylor's Version) (+ Ed Sheeran)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Exile (+. Bon Iver)Folklore2020
False GodLover2019
Fearless (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Fifteen (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Florida!!!The Tortured Poets Department2024
Foolish One (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Forever And AlwaysFearless2008
Forever And Always (Piano Version) (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Forever And Always (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Forever Winter (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
FortnightThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Fresh Out The SlammerThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Getaway CarReputation2017
Girl At Home (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Gold RushEvermore2020
Guilty As SinThe Tortured Poets Department2024
HauntedSpeak Now2010
Haunted (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Haunted (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Hey StephenFearless2008
Hey Stephen (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Holy GroundRed2012
Holy Ground (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
How You Get The Girl19892014
How You Get The Girl (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
I Almost DoRed2012
I Almost Do (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (+ Chris Stapleton)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
I Can Do It With A Broken HeartThe Tortured Poets Department2024
I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)The Tortured Poets Department2024
I Can See You (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
I Did Something BadReputation2017
I Forgot That You ExistedLover2019
I Knew You Were TroubleRed2012
I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
I Know Places19892014
I Know Places (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
I Think He KnowsLover2019
I Want You Back (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
I Wish You Would19892014
I Wish You Would (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
I'm Only Me When I'm With YouTaylor Swift2006
Illicit AffairsFolklore2020
InnocentSpeak Now2010
Innocent (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
InvisibleTaylor Swift2006
Invisible StringFolklore2020
Is It Over Now (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
It's Nice To Have A FriendLover2019
Jump Then Fall (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
King Of My HeartReputation2017
Last KissSpeak Now2010
Last Kiss (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Last Kiss (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Lavender HazeMidnights2022
LomlThe Tortured Poets Department2024
London BoyLover2019
Long LiveSpeak Now2010
Long Live (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Long Live (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Long Story ShortEvermore2020
Look What You Made Me DoReputation2017
Love StoryFearless2008
Love Story (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Mad WomanFolklore2020
Mary's Song (Oh My My My)Taylor Swift2006
Me! (+ Brendon Urie)Lover2019
MeanSpeak Now2010
Mean (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Mean (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Message In A Bottle (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Midnight RainMidnights2022
MineSpeak Now2010
Mine (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Mine (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Miss Americana And The Heartbreak PrinceLover2019
My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite ToysThe Tortured Poets Department2024
My Tears RicochetFolklore2020
Never Grow UpSpeak Now2010
Never Grow Up (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
New Romantics (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
New Years DayReputation2017
No Body, No Crime (+ Haim)Evermore2020
Nothing New (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (+ Phoebe Bridgers)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Nothing New (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (+ Phoebe Bridgers)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Now That We Don'T Talk (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Our SongTaylor Swift2006
Ours (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Ours (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Out Of The Woods19892014
Out Of The Woods (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
OutsideTaylor Swift2006
Paper RingsLover2019
Perfectly Good HeartTaylor Swift2006
Picture To BurnTaylor Swift2006
Place In This WorldTaylor Swift2006
Red (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Ronan (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Run (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (+ Ed Sheeran)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Sad Beautiful TragicRed2012
Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Say Don't Go (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Shake It Off19892014
Shake It Off (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Should've Said NoTaylor Swift2006
Slut! (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Snow On The Beach (+ Lana Del Rey)Midnights2022
So It Goes...Reputation2017
So Long, LondonThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Soon You'll Get Better (+ Dixie Chicks)Lover2019
Sparks FlySpeak Now2010
Sparks Fly (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Sparks Fly (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Speak NowSpeak Now2010
Speak Now (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
Speak Now (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Starlight (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
State Of GraceRed2012
State Of Grace (Acoustic Version) (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Stay BeautifulTaylor Swift2006
Stay Stay StayRed2012
Stay Stay Stay (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Style (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Suburban Legends (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Superman (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Superstar (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Sweet NothingMidnights2022
Teardrops On My GuitarTaylor Swift2006
Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Version)Taylor Swift2006
Tell Me WhyFearless2008
Tell Me Why (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
The 1Folklore2020
The AlchemyThe Tortured Poets Department2024
The ArcherLover2019
The Best Day (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
The Last Great American DynastyFolklore2020
The Last TimeRed2012
The Last Time (Taylor's Version) (+ Gary Lightbody)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
The Lucky OneRed2012
The Lucky One (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
The ManLover2019
The Moment I Knew (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
The Other Side Of The Door (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
The Smallest Man Who Ever LivedThe Tortured Poets Department2024
The Story Of UsSpeak Now2010
The Story Of Us (live)Speak Now World Tour Live2011
The Story Of Us (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
The Tortured Poets DepartmentThe Tortured Poets Department2024
The Very First Night (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
The Way I Loved You (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
This Is Me TryingFolklore2020
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice ThingsReputation2017
This Love19892014
This Love (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Tied Together With A SmileTaylor Swift2006
Tim McGrawTaylor Swift2006
Timeless (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Tolerate ItEvermore2020
Treacherous (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Untouchable (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Vigilante ShitMidnights2022
Way I Loved YouFearless2008
We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherRed2012
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor's Version)Red (Taylor's Version)2021
Welcome To New York19892014
Welcome To New York (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
When Emma Falls In Love (Taylor's Version)Speak Now (Taylor's Version)2023
White HorseFearless2008
White Horse (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
Who's Afraid Of Little Old MeThe Tortured Poets Department2024
Wildest Dreams19892014
Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
Wonderland (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
You Are In Love (Taylor's Version)1989 (Taylor's Version)2023
You Belong With MeFearless2008
You Belong With Me (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
You Need To Calm DownLover2019
You're Not SorryFearless2008
You're On Your Own, KidMidnights2022
You?re Not Sorry (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021

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