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666 Packs (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
A Girl Called CervezaA Girl Called Cerveza2012
Acid DeathZombie Attack1986
AlcoholZombie Attack1986
AlcoholChemical Invasion1987
Alcoholic NightmaresB-Day2002
AlienHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Alien (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Alien RevengeBeast Of Bourbon2004
Always ThemThe Meaning Of Life1990
Another Perfect DayDisco Destroyer1998
Arena Of The True LiesOne Foot In The Grave2017
Atomic TwilightThe Tankard1995
AwayDisco Destroyer1998
BarflyThe Meaning Of Life1990
Beck's In The CityVol(l)ume 142010
BeerbariansPavlov's Dawgs2022
BeermudaThe Meaning Of Life1990
Beermuda (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Behind The BackStone Cold Sober1992
Beyond The PubyardBeast Of Bourbon2004
Black Plague (BP)Vol(l)ume 142010
Blood, Guts And Rock'n' RollStone Cold Sober1992
Blue Rage - Black RedemptionThe Beauty And The Beer2006
Brain Piercing Öf DeathVol(l)ume 142010
Breakfast For ChampionsR.I.B.2014
Broken ImageStone Cold Sober1992
CenterfoldStone Cold Sober1992
ChainsZombie Attack1986
Chemical InvasionChemical Invasion1987
Chemical InvasionHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Chemical Invasion (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Cities In FlamesTwo-Faced1994
Clockwise To DeadlineR.I.B.2014
Close EncounterThe Tankard1995
CommandmentsThe Morning After1988
CommandmentsHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
CondemnationVol(l)ume 142010
Damage Inc. (Bonus Track)Kings Of Beer2000
Dancing On Our GraveThe Meaning Of Life1990
Dark ExileKings Of Beer2000
Dark Self IntruderPavlov's Dawgs2022
Days Of The GunTwo-Faced1994
Dead Men DrinkingBeast Of Bourbon2004
Death By WhipsDisco Destroyer1998
Death PenaltyTwo-Faced1994
Deposit PiratesThirst2008
DesperationThe Morning After1988
Diary Of A NihilistPavlov's Dawgs2022
Die With A Beer In Your HandBeast Of Bourbon2004
Dirty DiggerThe Beauty And The Beer2006
Disco DestroyerDisco Destroyer1998
Don't Bullshit UsOne Foot In The Grave2017
Don't PanicChemical Invasion1987
Don't PanicHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Don't Panic (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Echoes Of FearThirst2008
Endless PleasureBeast Of Bourbon2004
Enemy Of OrderR.I.B.2014
Ex-FluencerPavlov's Dawgs2022
F.U.N.The Morning After1988
Face Of The EnemyDisco Destroyer1998
Fandom At RandomA Girl Called Cerveza2012
Farewell To A SlutChemical Invasion1987
Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect)Vol(l)ume 142010
Feed The LohoclaThe Morning After1988
Fistful Of LoveBeast Of Bourbon2004
Flirtin' With DesasterKings Of Beer2000
Fooled By Your GutsR.I.B.2014
For A Thousand BeersChemical Invasion1987
Forsaken WorldThe Beauty And The Beer2006
Frankfurt: We Need More BeerThe Beauty And The Beer2006
FreibierStone Cold Sober1992
Freibier (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Fuck ChristmasThe Tankard1995
G.A.L.O.W. (Gods And Legends Of War)Thirst2008
Genetic OverkillBeast Of Bourbon2004
Grave New WorldThe Tankard1995
Hard Rock DinosaurDisco Destroyer1998
Hell Bent For JesusKings Of Beer2000
Help YourselfThe Morning After1988
HopeThe Tankard1995
Hope Can't DieR.I.B.2014
Hot Dog InfernoKings Of Beer2000
http: - - www.planetwide-suicide.comDisco Destroyer1998
I'm So SorryKings Of Beer2000
Ice-OlationThe Beauty And The Beer2006
Ich brauch' meinen SuffTwo-Faced1994
Incredible LoudnessKings Of Beer2000
IntroChemical Invasion1987
IntroThe Morning After1988
Jimmy B. BadTwo-Faced1994
JurisdictionStone Cold Sober1992
Kings Of BeerKings Of Beer2000
Land Of The FreeKings Of Beer2000
Lock 'Em UpOne Foot In The Grave2017
Lockdown ForeverPavlov's Dawgs2022
Lost And Found (Tantrum Part II)Stone Cold Sober1992
Maniac ForcesZombie Attack1986
Maniac ForcesHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Maniac Forces (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Masters Of FarcesA Girl Called Cerveza2012
Mechanical ManThe Meaning Of Life1990
Medley (Alcohol - Puke - Mon Cheri - Wonderful Life) (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
MementoPavlov's Dawgs2022
MercenaryZombie Attack1986
Mess In The WestThe Tankard1995
Metal Cash MachinePavlov's Dawgs2022
Metal MagnoliaA Girl Called Cerveza2012
MetaltometalThe Beauty And The Beer2006
Minds On The MoonThe Tankard1995
Minds On The Moon (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
MindwildStone Cold Sober1992
Mirror, MirrorKings Of Beer2000
Mon CheriThe Morning After1988
Mr. SuperloverDisco Destroyer1998
Nation Over NationTwo-Faced1994
Nation Over Nation (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Need Money For BeerB-Day2002
New Liver PleaseB-Day2002
No One Hit WonderR.I.B.2014
Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King)One Foot In The Grave2017
Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad)A Girl Called Cerveza2012
Notorious ScumB-Day2002
Octane WarriorsThirst2008
Of Strange Talking People Under Arabian SkiesStone Cold Sober1992
On The Day I DiePavlov's Dawgs2022
One Foot In The GraveOne Foot In The Grave2017
Open All NightThe Meaning Of Life1990
OutroThe Morning After1988
Pavlov's DawgPavlov's Dawgs2022
Pay To PrayOne Foot In The Grave2017
PoisonZombie Attack1986
Poshor GolovarThe Tankard1995
PositiveThe Tankard1995
PukeChemical Invasion1987
Queen Of HeartsDisco Destroyer1998
R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)R.I.B.2014
Rapid Fire (A Tyrant's Elegy)A Girl Called Cerveza2012
Riders Of The DoomR.I.B.2014
Rockstars No. 1The Beauty And The Beer2006
Rules For FoolsVol(l)ume 142010
Rundown QuarterB-Day2002
Running On FumesA Girl Called Cerveza2012
Screamin' VictimsZombie Attack1986
Secret Order 1516One Foot In The Grave2017
Serial KillerDisco Destroyer1998
Sexy Feet UnderThirst2008
Shaken Not StirredThe Beauty And The Beer2006
Shit-FacedThe Morning After1988
Shit-FacedHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Sleeping With The PastStone Cold Sober1992
Slipping From RealityBeast Of Bourbon2004
Sole GrinderOne Foot In The Grave2017
Somewhere In NowhereVol(l)ume 142010
Son Of A FridgeA Girl Called Cerveza2012
Space BeerThe Meaning Of Life1990
Space Beer (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Splendid BoyzDisco Destroyer1998
Stay ThirstyThirst2008
Stone Cold SoberStone Cold Sober1992
Syrian NightmareOne Foot In The Grave2017
Talk Show ProstituteKings Of Beer2000
TankardZombie Attack1986
TankardHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Tankard (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
Tankard Roach MotelDisco Destroyer1998
TantrumChemical Invasion1987
TantrumHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Tattoo CowardKings Of Beer2000
The AgencyVol(l)ume 142010
The Beauty And The BeastThe Beauty And The Beer2006
The Evil That Men DisplayOne Foot In The Grave2017
The HordeBeast Of Bourbon2004
The Meaning Of LifeThe Meaning Of Life1990
The Metal Lady BoyA Girl Called Cerveza2012
The Morning AfterThe Morning After1988
The Morning AfterHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
The Morning After (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
The Party Ain't Over 'til We Say SoR.I.B.2014
The Story Of Mr. CruelThe Tankard1995
Thrash 'till DeathZombie Attack1986
Time WarpVol(l)ume 142010
Total AddictionChemical Invasion1987
TraitorChemical Invasion1987
Try AgainThe Morning After1988
TV HeroThe Morning After1988
Two-Faced (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007
U-R-BDisco Destroyer1998
Ugly BeautyStone Cold Sober1992
Ugly, Fat And Still AliveB-Day2002
Under Friendly FireBeast Of Bourbon2004
Underground (Atmosphere: Hostile)B-Day2002
Up From ZeroTwo-Faced1994
Veins Of TerraPavlov's Dawgs2022
Voodoo BoxB-Day2002
War CryR.I.B.2014
We Are UsThe Meaning Of Life1990
We Still Drink The Old WaysThe Beauty And The Beer2006
We're Coming Back (Bonus Track)Beast Of Bourbon2004
Weekend WarriorsVol(l)ume 142010
Wheel Of RebirthThe Meaning Of Life1990
When Daddy Comes To PlayThirst2008
Witchhunt 2A Girl Called Cerveza2012
Wonderful LifeThe Meaning Of Life1990
Zero DudeB-Day2002
Zodiac ManThirst2008
Zombie AttackZombie Attack1986
Zombie AttackHair Of The Dog - The Very Best Of Tankard1989
Zombie Attack (Version 2007)Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers2007

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