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All Things To YouCan't Go Back2012
Amore SiCappuccino Songs1998
And I Think Of You - E penso a teThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Any ReasonEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
Back In Your ArmsCappuccino Songs1998
BloodlinesLovers In The City1995
Can't Go BackCan't Go Back2012
Cathedral SongAncient Heart1988
Cathedral SongThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Closer To The PeopleCloser To The People2016
Consider The RainThe Sweet Keeper1990
Cool WatersCloser To The People2016
Deliver MeEverybody's Angel1991
Don't Let The ColdSentimental2005
Don't Turn Your Back On MeCloser To The People2016
Don'tShake Me UpSentimental2005
Dust On My ShoesCan't Go Back2012
ElephantEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
Everyday Is NewSentimental2005
Feeding The WitchesLovers In The City1995
Food On My TableCloser To The People2016
For All These YearsAncient Heart1988
Glass Love TrainCloser To The People2016
Good TraditionAncient Heart1988
Good TraditionThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Got To Give You UpSentimental2005
Gris Gris TailsCloser To The People2016
Happy TaxiLovers In The City1995
Happy TaxiThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Harm In Your HandsThe Sweet Keeper1990
He Likes The SunAncient Heart1988
Heal YouEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
Heart In WinterSentimental2005
Heavy PressureCan't Go Back2012
Hot Pork SandwichesEverybody's Angel1991
Hot StonesEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
I Don't Wanna Lose At LoveCappuccino Songs1998
I Grant YouEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
I Knew YouCappuccino Songs1998
I Like ThisCappuccino Songs1998
I Love The Heaven's SoloEverybody's Angel1991
I Love YouAncient Heart1988
I Might Be CryingLovers In The City1995
I Might Be CryingThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
I Owe All To YouThe Sweet Keeper1990
I'm Going HomeEverybody's Angel1991
If I EverCappuccino Songs1998
If The World Should Want For LoveCan't Go Back2012
It All Came Back TodayThe Sweet Keeper1990
Keep It RealCan't Go Back2012
Leaving The PartyLovers In The City1995
Light Up The WorldCappuccino Songs1998
Little Sister Leaving TownThe Sweet Keeper1990
Little Sister Leaving TownThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Love Don't Need No TyrannyEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
Love Don't Need No TyrannyThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Love Is Just A WordSentimental2005
Love StoryThe Sweet Keeper1990
Lovers In The CityLovers In The City1995
Lovers In The CityThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Make The DayCan't Go Back2012
Me In MindEverybody's Angel1991
Men And WomenEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
Men And WomenThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Mud In Any WaterEverybody's Angel1991
My EnemyCloser To The People2016
My LoveSentimental2005
My Love TonightLovers In The City1995
My Love TonightThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Never KnownEverybody's Angel1991
Night Is A BirdCloser To The People2016
Once And Not SpeakThe Sweet Keeper1990
One KissCan't Go Back2012
Only The Ones We LoveEverybody's Angel1991
Only The Ones We LoveThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Out On The TownEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
Play Me AgainSentimental2005
Poor CowAncient Heart1988
Preyed UponAncient Heart1988
Rock And RollCan't Go Back2012
ScienceCan't Go Back2012
Sighing InnocentsAncient Heart1988
Something NewSentimental2005
Sometime With MeEverybody's Angel1991
Stop ListeningCappuccino Songs1998
SunfaceEverybody's Angel1991
Sunset's ArrivedThe Sweet Keeper1990
Swear By MeEverybody's Angel1991
The Cappuccino Song (All My Life)Cappuccino Songs1998
The Day Before You CameCappuccino Songs1998
The Dream Of HerCloser To The People2016
The Way You MoveCloser To The People2016
This Story In MeEverybody's Angel1991
This StrangerEverybody's Angel1991
Thursday's ChildThe Sweet Keeper1990
To Drink The RainbowEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
To Wish ThisEverybody's Angel1991
TroubleEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
TroubleThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Twist In My SobrietyAncient Heart1988
Twist In My SobrietyThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Radio)The Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
Valentine HeartAncient Heart1988
Way That I Want YouEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
We Almost Got It TogetherThe Sweet Keeper1990
Women Who Cheat On The WorldLovers In The City1995
Wonderful ShadowLovers In The City1995
Wonderful ShadowThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
World Outside You WindowThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996
World Outside Your WindowAncient Heart1988
Yodelling SongLovers In The City1995
You Make The Whole World CryEleven Kinds Of Loneliness1992
You Make The Whole World CryThe Best Of Tanita Tikaram1996

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