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A Fool's ParadiseV: The New Mythology Suite2000
A Lesson Before DyingSymphony X1994
A Winter's Dream - Prelude (Part I)The Damnation Game1995
A Winter's Dream - The Ascension (Part II)The Damnation Game1995
Absence Of LightV: The New Mythology Suite2000
Absinthe And RueSymphony X1994
Accolade IIThe Odyssey2002
AwakeningsThe Odyssey2002
Bastards Of The MachineIconoclast2011
Candlelight FantasiaThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
Children Of A Faceless GodIconoclast2011
Church Of The MachineTwilight In Olympus1998
Communion And The OracleV: The New Mythology Suite2000
DominationParadise Lost2007
Dressed To KillThe Damnation Game1995
EgyptV: The New Mythology Suite2000
Electric MessiahIconoclast2011
Eve Of SeductionParadise Lost2007
Evolution (The Grand Design)V: The New Mythology Suite2000
FallenV: The New Mythology Suite2000
Frontiers (Bonus Track)The Odyssey2002
In My Darkest HourUnderworld2015
In The Dragon's DenTwilight In Olympus1998
Incantations Of The ApprenticeThe Odyssey2002
Inferno (Unleash The Fire)The Odyssey2002
Into The DementiaSymphony X1994
King Of TerrorsThe Odyssey2002
Kiss Of FireUnderworld2015
Lady Of The SnowTwilight In Olympus1998
MasqueradeSymphony X1994
Masquerade '98 (Bonus Track)The Odyssey2002
Oculus Ex InferniParadise Lost2007
Of Sins And ShadowsThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
On The Breath Of Poseidon (Segue)V: The New Mythology Suite2000
Orion - The HunterTwilight In Olympus1998
Out Of The AshesThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
Paradise LostParadise Lost2007
PharaohThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
PreludeV: The New Mythology Suite2000
PremonitionSymphony X1994
Prometheus (I Am Alive)Iconoclast2011
Rapture Or PainSymphony X1994
Rediscovery (Part II): The New MythologyV: The New Mythology Suite2000
Rediscovery (Segue)V: The New Mythology Suite2000
Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia)Paradise Lost2007
Run With The DevilUnderworld2015
Savage CurtainThe Damnation Game1995
Sea Of LiesThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
SecretsThe Damnation Game1995
Serpent's KissParadise Lost2007
Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies)Paradise Lost2007
SevenParadise Lost2007
Shades Of GreySymphony X1994
Smoke And MirrorsTwilight In Olympus1998
SonataTwilight In Olympus1998
Swan SongUnderworld2015
Taunting The NotoriousSymphony X1994
The AccoladeThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
The Bird-Serpent War - CataclysmV: The New Mythology Suite2000
The Damnation GameThe Damnation Game1995
The Death Of Balance - LacrymosaV: The New Mythology Suite2000
The Divine Wings Of TragedyThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
The Edge Of ForeverThe Damnation Game1995
The End Of InnocenceIconoclast2011
The Eyes Of MedusaThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
The HauntingThe Damnation Game1995
The OdysseyThe Odyssey2002
The Raging SeasonSymphony X1994
The RelicTwilight In Olympus1998
The SacrificeParadise Lost2007
The TurningThe Odyssey2002
The Walls Of BabylonParadise Lost2007
The Witching HourThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997
Thorns Of SorrowSymphony X1994
Through The Looking GlassTwilight In Olympus1998
To Hell And BackUnderworld2015
Transcendence (Segue)V: The New Mythology Suite2000
When All Is LostIconoclast2011
WhispersThe Damnation Game1995
WickedThe Odyssey2002
Without YouUnderworld2015

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