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And Heavens Cried BloodNew Moon2009
April 14thEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Cathedral WallsEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Clouds On Your SideWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
Deadly NightshadeThe Morning Never Came2003
Descending WintersGhosts Of Loss2005
Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 2)Hope2007
Doomed To Walk The EarthHope2007
Emerald Forest And The BlackbirdEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Falling WorldNew Moon2009
FirelightsWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
Forgive Her...Ghosts Of Loss2005
FragileGhosts Of Loss2005
Ghost Of Laura PalmerGhosts Of Loss2005
Gloom, Beauty And DespairGhosts Of Loss2005
Hate, Lead The WayEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Hearts Wide ShutEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Here On The Black EarthWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
Hold This WoeThe Morning Never Came2003
Labyrinth Of London (Horror Pt. IV)Emerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Lights On The Lake (Horror Pt. III)New Moon2009
Never LeftWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
New MoonNew Moon2009
Night Will Forgive UsEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
No Light, No HopeHope2007
Of Death And CorruptionEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Out Of This Gloomy LightThe Morning Never Came2003
Psychopath's LairGhosts Of Loss2005
Servant Of SorrowNew Moon2009
Servant Of Sorrow (Alternate Version)New Moon2009
Silence Of The WombThe Morning Never Came2003
Silent TowersEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Sleepless SwansNew Moon2009
Stone WingsWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
Swallow (Horror Pt. 1)The Morning Never Came2003
The Crimson CrownWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
The Empty SkiesHope2007
The GiantGhosts Of Loss2005
The Justice Of SufferingHope2007
The Morning Never CameThe Morning Never Came2003
The ShipGhosts Of Loss2005
These Hours Of DespairHope2007
These Low LandsHope2007
These Woods Breathe EvilNew Moon2009
This Cut Is The DeepestEmerald Forest And The Blackbird2012
Through Her Silvery BodyThe Morning Never Came2003
Too Cold For TearsHope2007
Under The WavesThe Morning Never Came2003
Upon The WaterWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019
Weight Of The DeadNew Moon2009
When A Shadow Is Forced Into The LightWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light2019

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