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15 Minutes Of FameBack To The Drive2006
48 CrashSuzi Quatro1973
48 CrashThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
48 CrashGreatest Hits1980
A Girl Like MeIn The Spotlight2011
A Shot Of Rhythm And BluesQuatro1974
All Shook UpSuzi Quatro1973
American LadyAggro-Phobia1976
American Lady (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Baby You're A StarOh Suzi Q1990
Back To The Drive (First Version)Back To The Drive2006
Bass LineNo Control2019
Best Thing In My LifeOh Suzi Q1990
Betty WhoThe Devil In Me2021
Born Making NoiseBack To The Drive2006
BreakdownIf You Knew Suzi1978
Breaking DishesIn The Spotlight2011
Bright Lights Big CityQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Broken Pieces SuiteQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Can I Be Your GirlUnreleased Emotion1998
Can The CanThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Can The CanGreatest Hits1980
Can The Can (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Can't Trust LoveYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
Candy ManMain Attraction1982
Cat SizeQuatro1974
Cat Size (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Cheap ShoMain Attraction1982
Close The DoorAggro-Phobia1976
Comes The NightUnreleased Emotion1998
Dancing In The WindBack To The Drive2006
Daytona DemonThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Daytona DemonGreatest Hits1980
Devil Gate DriveQuatro1974
Devil Gate DriveThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Devil Gate DriveGreatest Hits1980
Devil Gate Drive (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Do Ya DanceThe Devil In Me2021
Don't Break My HeartAggro-Phobia1976
Don't Change My LuckIf You Knew Suzi1978
Don't Do Me WrongNo Control2019
DualityBack To The Drive2006
Easy PickingsNo Control2019
Ego In The NightRock Hard1980
Elusive LoverOh Suzi Q1990
Everything I Ever WantedUnreleased Emotion1998
EvieIf You Knew Suzi1978
Fantasy In StereoMain Attraction1982
FeverYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
FeverQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Four Letter WordsSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Free The ButterflyBack To The Drive2006
Get Back MammaSuzi Quatro1973
Get Outta JailThe Devil In Me2021
Glad All OverRock Hard1980
Glycerine QueenSuzi Quatro1973
Glycerine QueenThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Glycerine Queen (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Going Down BluesNo Control2019
Going HomeNo Control2019
Good Girl (Looking For A Bad Time)Unreleased Emotion1998
Half As Much As MeAggro-Phobia1976
Half As Much As Me (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Hard HeadedRock Hard1980
Hard Headed WomanIn The Spotlight2011
Heart Of StoneMain Attraction1982
Heartbreak HotelAggro-Phobia1976
Heartbreak Hotel (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Heavy DutyNo Control2019
Hey QueenieThe Devil In Me2021
Hit The Road JackQuatro1974
HollywoodSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Hot KissIn The Spotlight2011
Hurt With YouIn The Spotlight2011
I Bit Off More Than I Could ChewThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
I Bit Off More Than I Could ChewYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
I Can Teach You To FlyNo Control2019
I Don't Do GentleBack To The Drive2006
I Go Wild (Bonus Track)Unreleased Emotion1998
I May Be Too YoungThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
I May Be Too YoungGreatest Hits1980
I Sold My SoulThe Devil In Me2021
I Walk On Gilded SplintersQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
I Wanna Be Your ManSuzi Quatro1973
I'll Walk Through The Fire With YouBack To The Drive2006
I'm A RockerUnreleased Emotion1998
I've Never Been in LoveSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
I've Never Been In LoveGreatest Hits1980
If OnlyQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
If You Can't Give Me LoveIf You Knew Suzi1978
If You Can't Give Me LoveGreatest Hits1980
In The DarkThe Devil In Me2021
In The SpotlightIn The Spotlight2011
Intimate StrangersOh Suzi Q1990
Isolation BluesThe Devil In Me2021
Just Like A WomanQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Just Like MommaUnreleased Emotion1998
Keep A Knockin' (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Keep A-Knockin'Quatro1974
Kiss Me GoodbyeOh Suzi Q1990
Klondquke KateQuatro1974
Late Nights Early FlightsQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Lay Me DownRock Hard1980
LipstickRock Hard1980
Little SisterQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Lonely Is The HardestRock Hard1980
Long Way From HomeQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Love HurtsSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Love Is ReadyRock Hard1980
Love Isn't FairNo Control2019
Love TouchOh Suzi Q1990
Love's Gone BadThe Devil In Me2021
Macho ManNo Control2019
Main AttractionMain Attraction1982
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)Aggro-Phobia1976
Make Me Smile (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Mama's BoySuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Mama's BoyGreatest Hits1980
Mend A Broken HeartQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
MichaelThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
MichaelYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
Mind DemonsSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Motor City RidersThe Devil In Me2021
Move ItQuatro1974
My Heart And Soul (Long Version)The Devil In Me2021
New Day WomanYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
No ChoiceBack To The Drive2006
No Soul - No ControlNo Control2019
Non-CitizenIf You Knew Suzi1978
Official Suburian SupermanSuzi Quatro1973
Oh BabyMain Attraction1982
Pain (Band Version)Quatro, Scott + Powell2017
Pain (Orchestral)Quatro, Scott + Powell2017
ParalysedYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
Pardon MeUnreleased Emotion1998
Primitive LoveSuzi Quatro1973
Prisoner Of Your ImaginationYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
Remote ControlMain Attraction1982
Rock and Roll Hoochie KooIf You Knew Suzi1978
Rock HardRock Hard1980
Rockin' In The Free WorldBack To The Drive2006
Rockin' MoonbeamSuzi Quatro1973
Rolling StoneThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Rosie RosieIn The Spotlight2011
Roxy Roller (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Savaqe SilkQuatro1974
Secret HideawayUnreleased Emotion1998
Shakin' All OverSuzi Quatro1973
She KnowsMain Attraction1982
She's in Love With YouSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
She's In Love With YouGreatest Hits1980
Shine My MchineSuzi Quatro1973
Singing With AngelsIn The Spotlight2011
Skin Tight SkinSuzi Quatro1973
Slow DownQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Sometimes Love Is Letting GoBack To The Drive2006
Southern ComfortOh Suzi Q1990
Space CadetsSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Starlight LadySuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
Starry NightUnreleased Emotion1998
State Of MindRock Hard1980
Stiks And StonesSuzi Quatro1973
Strange EncountersUnreleased Emotion1998
Strict MachineIn The Spotlight2011
StringsNo Control2019
Strip MeYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
Stumblin' In (Duett mit Chris Norman) (Bonus Track)If You Knew Suzi1978
SuicideIf You Knew Suzi1978
Suzi QUnreleased Emotion1998
Take Me In Your ArmsOh Suzi Q1990
Tear Me ApartAggro-Phobia1976
Tear Me ApartGreatest Hits1980
Tear Me Apart (live)Live And Kickin'1977
The Devil In MeThe Devil In Me2021
The Great Midnight Rock'n' Roll House PartyOh Suzi Q1990
The Honky Tonk DownstairsAggro-Phobia1976
The Honky Tonk Downstairs (live)Live And Kickin'1977
The Price of LoveQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
The Race Is OnIf You Knew Suzi1978
The Race Is OnGreatest Hits1980
The Wild OneQuatro1974
The Wild OneThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
The Wild OneGreatest Hits1980
The Wild One (live)Live And Kickin'1977
There She GoesUnreleased Emotion1998
Tired Of WaitingIf You Knew Suzi1978
Tobacco RoadQuatro, Scott + Powell2017
Tonight (I Could Fall in Love) (Bonus Track)Unreleased Emotion1998
Too BigQuatro1974
Too BigThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Too BigGreatest Hits1980
Tossin' And Turnin'Quatro, Scott + Powell2017
TransparentMain Attraction1982
Turn IntoIn The Spotlight2011
Two Miles Out Of GeorgiaMain Attraction1982
Victim Of CircumstanceOh Suzi Q1990
Wake Up Little SusieAggro-Phobia1976
Wasted MomentsBack To The Drive2006
We Found LoveOh Suzi Q1990
We Live ForeverOh Suzi Q1990
What's It Like To Be LovedAggro-Phobia1976
What's It Like To Be Loved (live)Live And Kickin'1977
Whatever Love IsIn The Spotlight2011
Wiser Than YouIf You Knew Suzi1978
Wish Upon MeRock Hard1980
Woman CryRock Hard1980
You Are My LoverSuzi... And Other Four Letter Words1979
You Can Make Me Want YouYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
You Can't Dream ItThe Devil In Me2021
Your Mamma Won't Like MeThe Suzi Quatro Story - Golden Hits1975
Your Mamma Won't Like MeYour Mamma Won't Like Me1975
Your Mamma Won't Like MeGreatest Hits1980

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