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5 Past 4Something In My Heart1986
African BloodFly With Me1979
African BloodSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
African BloodBest Of2008
Ain't Gonna FeelFly With Me1979
An Time Will ComeTerminal 20022001
And Time Will ComeBest Of2008
As Long As There Is YouMeets The Almighty1981
Aya Jah JahMeets The Almighty1981
Back HomeTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
BandmembersSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Bango BongoTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
Bango BongoSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Be What You AreWorld Of Today1977
Body HeatElectricity1983
BodyheatSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
CamilloWorld Of Today1977
CamilloSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
CamilloBest Of2008
Coconut ReggaeElectricity1983
Cuckoo-NationTerminal 20022001
Dance Dance DanceDon't Stop The Music1977
Dance Dance Dance (Pt. 2)Don't Stop The Music1977
Don't Let Me DownTerminal 20022001
Don't Stop The FunkTerminal 20022001
Don't Stop The MusicDon't Stop The Music1977
Don't Stop The MusicSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Don't Stop The MusicBest Of2008
Dreadlock GenerationSomething In My Heart1986
DubbrassOne And All1993
ElectricitySupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
ElectricityBest Of2008
Executor (Part I + II)World Of Tomorrow1990
Executor (Part I + II)World Of Tomorrow1990
Final SongTerminal 20022001
FlyWorld Of Tomorrow1990
FlyWorld Of Tomorrow1990
Fly With MeFly With Me1979
Fly With MeSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Funk It UpElectricity1983
Future TimeElectricity1983
Ganja GenerationTypes Of Skin1980
Going Back HomeSomething In My Heart1986
Good TimesOne And All1993
Good TimesSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Goodbye JanoTypes Of Skin1980
Got To LoveWorld Of Tomorrow1990
Got To LoveWorld Of Tomorrow1990
Gotta Be FunkySupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Gotta Be Something NewTypes Of Skin1980
GroovemasterWorld Of Tomorrow1990
GroovemasterWorld Of Tomorrow1990
HammerMeets The Almighty1981
Hara HaraSomething In My Heart1986
Heaven Of MusicTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
Heaven Of MusicSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Hey Max, Gimme A BeatTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
HollywoodTypes Of Skin1980
Honkey CurtOne And All1993
HotlineTypes Of Skin1980
I Am What I AmDon't Stop The Music1977
I Know You Gonna Dig ThisSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
I Wanna Be FreeWorld Of Today1977
I Want YouSomething In My Heart1986
In The Middle Of The NightTypes Of Skin1980
Interplanetary DaysWorld Of Tomorrow1990
Interplanetary DaysWorld Of Tomorrow1990
It Ain't EasyFly With Me1979
It Ain't EasySupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
It Ain't EasyTerminal 20022001
It Ain't EasyBest Of2008
It's A Long Way To Reach HeavenFly With Me1979
Jungle And The BeatWorld Of Tomorrow1990
Jungle And The BeatWorld Of Tomorrow1990
JungledanceSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Just Before The NightmareBest Of2008
Justice (For The Flowers And The Trees)World Of Tomorrow1990
Justice (For The Flowers And The Trees)World Of Tomorrow1990
Kick ItTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
Kick The NationSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Living In A WorldSomething In My Heart1986
Living In A WorldSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Living In A WorldBest Of2008
Long Way To Reach HeavenSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Love And ReasonsTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
Love Is DeeperElectricity1983
Love Is DeeperSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Love Is DeeperBest Of2008
LovemachineWorld Of Today1977
LovemachineSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
LovemachineBest Of2008
Lovers NightSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
LovetrainTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
MadnessMeets The Almighty1981
Magnetic RythmSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Max '96Supermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Miss YouSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
MusicexpressWorld Of Today1977
Never Gonna GiveTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
NightgrooveWorld Of Tomorrow1990
Nightgroove (Long Version)World Of Tomorrow1990
Nobody KnowsDon't Stop The Music1977
One And AllOne And All1993
Purple PeopleSupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
Push Me UpTerminal 20022001
Push Push (Sexy Chocolate Girl)Don't Stop The Music1977
RaindanceTypes Of Skin1980
RealityWorld Of Today1977
Reggae FeverFly With Me1979
Reggae On BabyDon't Stop The Music1977
ReggaesizerOne And All1993
ReggaesizerBest Of2008
SalongoSomething In My Heart1986
Scream Of A ButterflySomething In My Heart1986
Scream Of A ButterflyBest Of2008
Shine On MeOne And All1993
Shine On MeBest Of2008
Show Me Your LoveElectricity1983
Smoke Is UpOne And All1993
So IOne And All1993
Something In My HeartSomething In My Heart1986
SpookyTypes Of Skin1980
Sunshine PeopleMeets The Almighty1981
SuperdubMeets The Almighty1981
SupermaxDon't Stop The Music1977
Take Me SomewhereTerminal 20022001
Talking BullTerminal 20022001
TearsBest Of2008
Today I Fall In Love AgainMeets The Almighty1981
TonightMeets The Almighty1981
U The OneOne And All1993
User 71World Of Tomorrow1990
User 71World Of Tomorrow1990
VisionTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
VisionTerminal 20022001
VisionBest Of2008
Voodoo AssesTerminal 20022001
Voodoo AssesBest Of2008
WarriorsOne And All1993
Watch Out South America, Here We ComeDon't Stop The Music1977
We Are The GangMeets The Almighty1981
Welcome To The NightTha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya1992
World Of TodayWorld Of Today1977
World Of TodaySupermax - 20th Anniversary 19971997
World Of TodayBest Of2008
World Of Today (2001)Terminal 20022001
World Of TomorrowWorld Of Tomorrow1990
World Of TomorrowWorld Of Tomorrow1990

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