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Armies Of HellEternal Domination2007
Beggar Of ScornDead Again2010
Bleeding CriesBloodbath2012
Bleeding HolocaustDead Again2010
Bloody GroundYears Of Aggression2019
Born Of HateYears Of Aggression2019
Bullet In A ChamberDivision Of Blood2016
Capital Of WarDivision Of Blood2016
ChangesSanctify The Darkness2009
Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside)Bloodbath2012
Cold Blood MurderDivision Of Blood2016
Control The Twisted MindDivide And Conquer2014
CrematoryEternal Domination2007
Crypts Of MadnessProfane Prayer2024
D.I.V.AYears Of Aggression2019
DamnationDead Again2010
Dead AgainDead Again2010
DeathstalkerProfane Prayer2024
Demon's Blood WrathEternal Domination2007
Divide And ConquerDivide And Conquer2014
Division Of BloodDivision Of Blood2016
Endless WarYears Of Aggression2019
Eternal DarknessEternal Domination2007
Eternally To SufferDivision Of Blood2016
Every Now And ThenSanctify The Darkness2009
Evil AttackEternal Domination2007
Final DawnDead Again2010
From All The OneYears Of Aggression2019
FrontgateDivision Of Blood2016
Girl Like MeSanctify The Darkness2009
Guard Of The InsaneProfane Prayer2024
Hello (Turn Your Radio On)Sanctify The Darkness2009
I Feel YouSanctify The Darkness2009
Image Of The SerpentDivision Of Blood2016
In The GraveDivide And Conquer2014
Kneel To The GunDivide And Conquer2014
Legacy Of PainBloodbath2012
Livelong LovesongSanctify The Darkness2009
Lost DignityDivide And Conquer2014
Love On The RadioSanctify The Darkness2009
Marching Over BloodDivide And Conquer2014
Morbid Intention To KillBloodbath2012
Moshing CrewBloodbath2012
Of Thy Shall Bring The LightDivision Of Blood2016
On My OwnSanctify The Darkness2009
Order Of DeathYears Of Aggression2019
Pit Of SnakesDivide And Conquer2014
Profane PrayerProfane Prayer2024
Purified By FireProfane Prayer2024
Quench Your Thirst With Christian SoulsEternal Domination2007
Reborn In ViolenceDead Again2010
ReplaySanctify The Darkness2009
Sacred Prayers To ExpiationEternal Domination2007
ScandalousSanctify The Darkness2009
Screams Of HomicideEternal Domination2007
Search For RecreationDead Again2010
Seed Of EvilDivide And Conquer2014
SelfishSanctify The Darkness2009
Set The Cities On FireDivision Of Blood2016
Skinning The UndeadBloodbath2012
Slaughtering ChristianityEternal Domination2007
Suicide SolutionDead Again2010
Summoning Of The DeadBloodbath2012
Terror Is My ScreamDivide And Conquer2014
The Fire Paths Of FateProfane Prayer2024
The Lies Of ResurrectionDead Again2010
The ProphecyEternal Domination2007
The Return Of The ReaperProfane Prayer2024
The Roof Of RatsYears Of Aggression2019
The Sacred Dance With ChaosYears Of Aggression2019
The TrialDead Again2010
Too YoungSanctify The Darkness2009
Torment PaybackBloodbath2012
VictimizedDead Again2010
Violent AbuseDead Again2010
Virtues Of DestructionProfane Prayer2024
Vomit On The CrossEternal Domination2007
When The Lions DieProfane Prayer2024
White WizardDivide And Conquer2014
Years Of AggressionYears Of Aggression2019

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