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A GospelCafe Bleu1984
A Man Of Great PromiseOur Favourite Shop1985
A Solid Bond In Your HeartGreatest Hits2000
A Stones Throw AwayOur Favourite Shop1985
A Woman's SongThe Cost Of Loving1987
All Gone AwayOur Favourite Shop1985
AngelThe Cost Of Loving1987
Blue CafeCafe Bleu1984
Boy Who Cried WolfOur Favourite Shop1985
Changing Of The GuardConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
Come To Milton KeynesOur Favourite Shop1985
Come To Milton KeynesGreatest Hits2000
Confessions 1, 2, + 3Confessions Of A Pop Group1988
Confessions Of A Pop-GroupConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
Council Meetin'Cafe Bleu1984
Down In The SeineOur Favourite Shop1985
Dropping Bombs On The WhitehouseCafe Bleu1984
Fairy TalesThe Cost Of Loving1987
Have You Ever Had It BlueGreatest Hits2000
Headstart For HappinessCafe Bleu1984
Heavens AboveThe Cost Of Loving1987
Here's One That Got AwayCafe Bleu1984
HomebreakersOur Favourite Shop1985
How She Threw It All AwayConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
How She Threw It All AwayGreatest Hits2000
InternationalistsOur Favourite Shop1985
It Didn't MatterThe Cost Of Loving1987
It Didn't MatterGreatest Hits2000
It's A Very Deep SeaConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
IwasadoledadstoyboyConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
Life At A Top Peoples Health FarmConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
Like At A Top Peoples Health FarmGreatest Hits2000
Long Hot SummerGreatest Hits2000
LuckOur Favourite Shop1985
Me Ship Came In!Cafe Bleu1984
Mick's BlessingsCafe Bleu1984
Money Go Round Parts 1 + 2Greatest Hits2000
My Ever Changing MoodsCafe Bleu1984
My Ever Changing MoodsGreatest Hits2000
Our Favourite ShopOur Favourite Shop1985
Promised LandGreatest Hits2000
Right To GoThe Cost Of Loving1987
Shout To The TopGreatest Hits2000
Shout To The Top (USA Remix)Our Favourite Shop1985
Speak Like A ChildGreatest Hits2000
Strength Of Your NatureCafe Bleu1984
The Big Boss GrooveGreatest Hits2000
The Cost Of LovingThe Cost Of Loving1987
The Gardener Of Eden (A Three Piece Suite) - I) In The Beginning II) The Gardener Of Eden III) Mourning The Passing Of TimeConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
The Little Boy In A Castle/A Dove Flew Down From The ElephantConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
The LodgersGreatest Hits2000
The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter)Our Favourite Shop1985
The Paris MatchCafe Bleu1984
The Stand Up Comics InstructionsOur Favourite Shop1985
The Story Of Someones ShoeConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
The Whole Point Of No ReturnCafe Bleu1984
WaitingThe Cost Of Loving1987
WaitingGreatest Hits2000
Walking The NightThe Cost Of Loving1987
Walls Come Tumbling DownOur Favourite Shop1985
Walls Come Tumbling DownGreatest Hits2000
WantedGreatest Hits2000
Why I Went MissingConfessions Of A Pop Group1988
With Everything To LoseOur Favourite Shop1985
You're The Best ThingCafe Bleu1984
You're The Best ThingGreatest Hits2000

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