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After ForeverFallen2015
All Over AgainFallen2015
BeautifulGod Damn Evil2018
Big Screen LiesFallen2015
BlackenedSecond Coming2013
Bleeding From Inside OutSecond Coming2013
Calling On You (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Can't Live Without Your LoveGod Damn Evil2018
First Love (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Free (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
God Damn EvilGod Damn Evil2018
Jesus Is Just AlrightNo More Hell To Pay2013
King Of KingsFallen2015
LegacyNo More Hell To Pay2013
Let There Be LightFallen2015
LostGod Damn Evil2018
Loud N Clear (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Love You Like I DoFallen2015
Loving You (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Makes Me Wanna Sing (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Marching Into BattleNo More Hell To Pay2013
More Than A Man (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
No More Hell To PayNo More Hell To Pay2013
Own UpGod Damn Evil2018
Reach Out (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
RenewedNo More Hell To Pay2013
RevelationNo More Hell To Pay2013
Saved By LoveNo More Hell To Pay2013
Sea Of ThievesGod Damn Evil2018
Sing Along Song (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Soldiers Under Command (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
SorryGod Damn Evil2018
Sticks And StonesNo More Hell To Pay2013
Surrender (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
SympathyNo More Hell To Pay2013
Take It To The CrossGod Damn Evil2018
Te AmoNo More Hell To Pay2013
The CallingFallen2015
The Devil Doesn't Live HereGod Damn Evil2018
The OneNo More Hell To Pay2013
The Rock That Makes Me Roll (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
The ValleyGod Damn Evil2018
The Way (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Till I Get What I NeedFallen2015
To Hell With The Devil (Version 2013)Second Coming2013
Water Into WineNo More Hell To Pay2013
You Don't Even Know MeGod Damn Evil2018

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